Apr 7, 2007

Coulter pales in comparison to other available speakers

Cleary University booked Ann Coulter to appear at the University’s Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series on Oct 1 through the Premier Speakers Bureau. For the two hours work they will have to pay her $30,000, pay for her travel expenses and lodging. However, it could be more because when you click on her booking details it says call for special travel arrangements.

The real staggering thing is why the school would book such a controversial and hateful person like Coulter when they had so many quality people to choose from for less money, at half the price in some cases. After seeing the list I would like to ask Janet Filip - the Cleary employee who booked Coulter and the wife of Alan Filip, chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party – why choose Coulter and embrace her racist and discriminatory ways when we have so many others to choose from? She has posted here before, so that should not be a problem for her to address the question.

The web site lists literally hundreds of speakers, broken down into categories and sub categories like Motivational speakers, Politics & Contemporary Issues Speakers or Business Issues, that are available.

Mr. Filip wrote on the blog back on March 7 “The advisory board agreed that we needed to spruce up the speaker selection in order to continue to grow the series. Attendance has declined some over the past few years.”

Well, how about bringing in Sparky Anderson at cost of half of what you are paying Coulter at $15,500. I guarantee you this: Sparky will fill any venue you choose to hold the event at. Or how about a class guy like Art Linkletter or Mort Crim?

If you want right-wingers, how about Michael Medved or Ben Stein? If you like hatemongers how about Sean Hannity or Michael Reagan? You could even have a couple of convicted felons in G. Gordon Liddy or Oliver North. All of these people don’t rely strictly on hate speech and saying the mot outrageous thing possible just to get attention. All of the people on the list below have actually accomplished things.

Listed below are just a few suggestions of people I have actually heard of who are available, and some actually list the cost of bringing them in and I listed it after their name. All are better choices than Coulter.

Politics & Contemporary Issues Speakers: Jim Abbott, Ellen Goodman ($20,000), David Hunt ($10,000), Jeff Kemp ($6,500), Michael Medved ($10,000), Rusty Wallace, Linda Chavez, Eleanor Clift ($8,000), Sean Hannity, Ed Koch, convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy, Deborah Norville, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Neil Cavuto, Bob Costas, Catherine Crier ($23,000), Lisa Myers, convicted felon Oliver North, Forrest Sawyer, Ben Stein, Dave Barry, Neal Boortz ($10,000), Anderson Cooper, Al Franken, Bryant Gumbel, J. D. Hayworth, Laura Ingraham ($28,000), Dick Morris, Michael Reagan ($20,000), William Safire, Joe Scarborough, Helen Thomas, Art Linkletter ($15,000), Alan Osmond ($12,500), Sarah Ferguson, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, David Hunt ($10,000), F. Lee Bailey ($12,500), Dick Armey ($25,000), Geraldine Ferraro ($20,000), Alexander Haig ($25,000), Norman Ornstein ($12,500), Brent Scowcroft, David Limbaugh ($7,500) or William Safire.

Motivation & Inspiration Speakers: Mario Andretti, Robert Ballard, Johnny Bench, Terry Bowden ($7,500), Ken Carter ($20,000), Dennis Conner ($15,000) Jim Craig, Len Dawson, Mike Ditka, Bill Bates ($10,000), Bobby Bowden, James Brown, Larry Csonka ($25,000), Larry Dierker, Hugh Downs, Linda Ellerbee, Julius W. Erving, Jeff Fisher, Jack Hanna, Wally Schirra, Lance Armstrong, Dave Dravecky, Don Shula, Wally Amos ($11,000), Billy Donovan, Jimmy Johnson and Mort Crim ($7,500)

Sports Speakers: Sparky Anderson ($15,500), Dusty Baker, John Calipari, Steve Garvey ($15,500), Mike Golic, AC Green ($10,000), Mia Hamm, Phil Jackson, Bela Karolyi ($12,000), Archie Manning, Mark Moseley ($6,000), Jim Palmer ($25,000), Rick Reilly, Ozzie Smith, Mark Spitz, Mike Eruzione, Roy Firestone ($20,000), Rowdy Gaines ($10,000), Greg Gumbel ($15,000), Orel Hershiser, Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, Meadowlark Lemon ($25,000), Curly Neal ($6,000), Gale Sayers ($20,000), John Smoltz, Gene Stallings ($10,000), Bruce Jenner, Anthony Munoz, Rocky Bleier ($12,500), Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Bob Love, John Naber ($8,000), Rudy Ruettiger ($20,000), Byron Scott, Joe Torre, John Kruk or Kenny Mayne.

Personal Growth Speakers: Spencer Christian ($25,500), Jack LaLanne, Bruce Jenner, Tony Perkins ($7,500) or Stedman Graham.

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