Apr 22, 2007

New school group hopes to trump anti-gay hate group

After more than a year of bad and embarrassing press that painted Livingston County and Howell as a racist community because of the antics of the anti-gay hate group known as the “LOVE” PAC (Livingston Organization for Values in Education), there is now a group out there that will negate some of that discrimination and hate.

The Ann Arbor News' Livingston County Community News is reporting on the formation of a loose-knit group formed in recent months to better share information about issues such as funding, programs and communication in the Howell area called Positive People.

Bonnie White, a district booster, is part of the group. She has spearheaded Friends of Howell Public Schools, a citizen’s organization that supports school bond issues. Since the Friends group has a specific mission, the new group was formed to offer more general information and facts to the community, she said.

I met Mrs. White once, but I had a long talk with her. I found her to be kind, gentle and passionate about her community. She is in sharp contrast to and the exact opposite of the leader of the “Love” group. I wonder why this new, positive group has not received a fraction of the press coverage the “Love” group got, but apparently harmony, respect and tolerance do not make good headlines.

With all the brouhaha in the district with the books and all, we decided to evolve the Friends group into the Positive People group,'' said Colin MacGregor, a retired school principal, a member along with his wife, Helen, who is a retired teacher. "There are so many negative things going on in the district. This (the group) is in the process of evolution right now.''

Anyone interested in the Positive People's group can contact Bonnie White at 517-548-9311.

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