Apr 24, 2007

Listen to the Howell School Board candidate debate on important election

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the forum Monday night for the Howell Public School Board candidates. I didn’t get into town late from Lansing, and I read that the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus that was sponsoring the forum was giving out tickets because the venue was so small. They said you needed to get there early to ensure admittance. With all the controversy surrounding the race because of the anti-gay hate group know as “Love” I thought the 150 seats at the Howell Recreation Center would be filled.

Unfortunately, I was wrong, and the turnout was rather sparse. Apparently, the change in venue because the newspaper refused to bend may have contributed to the lower turnout.

Despite the low turnout, this is an important race. The “Love” group is pushing hard to get two more candidates on the board in addition to Wendy Day last year, and everyone saw the damage and embarrassment they caused with their book-banning censorship campaign. The backlash against them is so hard they are keeping their endorsements secret, but they are stealthily pushing hard for Doug Moore and Bob Harvey. At this point I know I am not voting for those two, but until today I had not decided between the other candidates.

This is also an important race because some special interest groups have jumped in. This is a nonpartisan race, but the Livingston County Republic Party has made an effort to recruit, train and throw their resources behind candidates. At this point they haven’t told us who to vote for, but I’m sure they will let their members know if not the general public.

So it’s very important to vote on May 8, and here are the candidates you have to choose from:
Incumbent, Jeannine Pratt, 46, City of Howell; Dan Fondriest, 49, Genoa Township; attorney Edwin J. Literski, 52, Genoa Township; and write-in candidate Phil Nicholas.

The good news is if you want to be better informed you can listen to the debate on radio station WHMI. I just listened to it. After listening I have made my decision, and I suggest you do the same.

UPDATE: The Press & Argus is reporting the so-called “Love” Pac is not endorsing in the race. At best this is a cowardly act, and the negative backlash against this anti-gay hate group is so great they realize an endorsement is the kiss of death and no candidate actually wants it. But on this blog and other blogs the leader of this hate group has made it clear they support Bill Harvey and Doug Moore. That should tell you who not to vote for on May 8.
The best thing that could come of this is that this group dries up and goes away.


den said...

It kills me that LOVE won't endorse their candidates publicly. It would be the kiss of death for Harvey and Moore.
You can spot their campaign signs on street corners, always right next to each other, one is dark blue and the other is dark brown. Maybe they avoided bright colors so they wouldn't resemble the so-called gay flag.
I'm voting for Edwin Literski and Jeannine Pratt because they are competent people who firmly oppose LOVE. And right now that's important, because we can't let that anti-gay hate group grab any more school board seats.
If we can beat them down in the next few elections and get rid of Wendy Day in the meantime, then LOVE will wither away and become just another sorry footnote in the history of Howell.

Communications guru said...

I think it shows that peps have caught on to what this group is really about. It would be nice if it went away now that it’s so ineffective and it has been exposed as an anti-gay hate group. But they are doing it stealthily. But Vicky Fyke has made it very clear on this blog that they are pushing and endorsing Harvey and Moore.

den said...

Lord help us if they manage to sneak a couple more onto the board. You think they were embarrassing before, watch what happens if they grab a majority.
I'm a little concerned about this election. Most people seem to be disgusted with the whole thing and wont turn out to vote, except the LOVE legion. We might end up with Harvey and Moore by default, and that would be a shame. I would like to sell my house someday and do not appreciate LOVE driving potential buyers (families) away, who avoid this area with disgust and contempt.
The Concerned Taxpayer Pac sounds like LOVE in sheeps clothing, they may be in cohoots with the head loudmouth (I won't even mention her name, she gets enough coverage from the Argus she doesn't need any more publicity from me).