Apr 8, 2007

Coulter-wannabe pushes anti-Muslim agenda

Hatemonger and bigot Ann Coulter is leading by example, and she has proved to mindless drones everywhere that the most outrageous things you say the more money you make and the more famous you become.

That has spawned people like Coulter wannabe Michelle Malkin, and she has learned the lesson well. I’m sure anyone who has ever had the misfortune of watching her on the faux “news” channel or read her column in the conservative Detroit News has come in contact with her brand of hatemongering.

Her latest column in the increasingly right-wing Detroit News takes some pot shots at the Muskegon Intermediate School District and says we should really hate Muslims more here in the U.S. The Muskegon incident in question took place in 2004, and the school district conducted a lock-down drill that are common and mandated by state law using a scenario that said an "attack by a fictitious radical group called Wackos Against Schools and Education who believe everyone should be homeschooled” was in progress.

To their credit, the Superintendent and the Muskegon County Emergency Services director apologized, but that is not enough for Malkin. In Malkin’s quest to be like her big sister, Ann, Malkin also points out New Jersey's Burlington Township High School also used a similar scenario last month.

Malkin claims we should really be using a scenario that has bomb-vest-donning jihadists shouting "Allahu Akbar." Red bandana-wearing martyrs with visions of 72 virgins dancing in their evil heads. America-hating plotters enraged by the existence of Israel or driven to establish a worldwide caliphate. Want she really wants to do is rewrite history like she tried to do with her book that claims the internment of Japanese Americans in WW II was justified, just like her hero Coulter wants to rewrite history that Sen. Joseph McCarthy was a misunderstood hero.

Can you point out one school shooting or attack on a school in the U.S. that was carried out by Muslim terrorists? I could be wrong, but I believe the answer is none.

All of the attacks in schools were carried out by kids who were picked on, felt like outcasts and were bullied. Now, I don’t believe any home-schooled kids ever carried out any school shootings, but I’m sure some felt like and have been treated like the kids who actually did the shootings. The scenario Malkin is rallying against is more likely to occur than a Muslim terrorist attack. With all that evidence for why kids commit the shootings it also makes you wonder why the Michigan House Republicans recently opposed anti-bullying legislation. I’m against any kid being bullied for their faith or their sexual orientation.

Malkin attempts to say it’s wrong to use scenarios where right-wing views are the culprit, but the largest terrorist attack in the U.S. prior to 9/11 was conducted by a person in Oklahoma City who had rightwing views.

I think a scenario is a scenario, and they should be varied. But they should also be plausible. A lone or a few disenfranchised kids are more likely to do the shooting than a Muslim terrorist. Why even use a scenario? Who cares why a person is in a school with a gun firing on students.

Just a quick look at the actual cases proves that the scenario Malkin is up in arms against is more plausible than Islamic terrorists.

Richland High School in Tennessee, 1995. One student and a teacher were killed, and another teacher was seriously wounded by a shot to the head by a 17 year-old student.
Frontier Junior High in Washington, 1996. A 14-year-old student killed a teacher and two students.
Pearl High School Mississippi, 1997. A 16-year-old student kills two students and wounded seven others.
Unfortunately, the list goes on, and includes Heath High School in Kentucky; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Columbine High School; Santana High School in Santee, CA.; Red Lake High School, Minnesota; and Platte Canyon High School Colorado.

See any Islamic terrorist shootings in that list?

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