Apr 6, 2007

No takers for lawmaker’s foreclosed home

The Detroit News reported on Thursday that no one made a bid to buy state Rep. Chris Ward's Brighton Township home, which was being sold at sheriff's auction because of a mortgage foreclosure. The lawmaker's home on Old U.S. 23, jointly owned by his ex-wife Nicole, was being sold for a minimum bid of $160,961, which includes the $158,292 owed in principal and interest to Chase Home Finance LLC and various legal fees.

The news reported the auction was one of 21 in the Livingston County Courthouse, and there were no bids received on any of them. I’m not sure exactly want this means. Because no bids were received on any home; does this just mean that home sales are slow? Does it mean the foreclosure is off?

The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus reported on it Friday as breaking news on their web site in one paragraph that said “…responsibility for it will be returned to the mortgage company now that no purchaser was found at the auction.” Does that mean the mortgage company is responsible for the mortgage?

The interesting thing, again, is that it took the Detroit News to report on this before the Press & Argus decided to mention it. Even though the required legal ad ran in the Press & Argus last month when this story broke, it was a week before it was reported. It took the Detroit News to finally report it before the P & A ran with it after sitting on it for a week. It seems like the local newspaper has bent over backward to not ask any tough questions or be critical of Ward.


Anonymous said...

Interesting site here. I find your topic and purpose very interesting. Would you consider looking into Tim Walberg's hiring of a local radio host as a staffer? Joe Wicks, Walberg's Chief of Staff has said it is ethical according to the rules of the House, but it doesn't pass the smell test in my opinion.

The staffer has been on the radio for a few years and runs a call-in talk show which usually deals with political issues. He probably thinks of himself as the next Rush, Bortz or Hannity (all shows which run on the station.) He is part-time on both payrolls. I am also interested in your take on what it means for the media outlet to have a staffer who is also on the federal legislative payroll.

Communications guru said...

Thanks for commenting and for the compliment.
I don’t know about the rules of the House, but it seems to me what’s left of the Fairness Doctrine says Walberg’s opponents should at least get equal time.
You may recall that in 1996, Doug Spade was the program director at radio station WLEN in Adrian, and he also hosted a popular afternoon call in show. When he ran for the state House he had to stop going on the air. I also believe it was Walberg he ran against in 1996, and Spade lost by just a few votes following a recount before he won the seat two years later.

Also, in 2002 Buddy Moorehouse was the editor of the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, but because he ran for the Michigan House as a Republican he was forced to quit his job. The newspaper management said he could never work for the newspaper again, but after he lost the primary election the newspaper gave him a job there.

I would lodge a complaint with the FCC first, and at least ask for equal time. I don’t know as much about radio, but every newspaper has an employee handbook and a code of ethics for staffers, and it says you cannot take part in any political activities other than to vote. I would suggest you remind the radio station of those ethical and professional standards, and also request equal time if they refuse to fire him.

I agree with you; it does not pass the smell test.

virtuousWoman said...

It seems that the Local newspaper the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus protects Republican Legislators. The Detroit News is blatently Republican but chose to be fair and report about Chris Ward and his not meeting family obligations by keeping a roof over the head of his three children. Does Chris Ward even stay in the Brighton place he claims to rent of is he staying with his girlfriend out out of the district? So much for the so called family value State officials Livingston County has. State Senator Valde Garcia is now divorced too. Amazing.