Apr 24, 2007

Howell fights discrimination: Cleary promotes discrimination

If you are looking for a sharper contrast between one group trying to do the right thing and do away with racism and discrimination and another group promoting racism and discrimination you need look no farther than the Howell Education Foundation proposing to bring back Challenge Day and Cleary University promoting racism and discrimination by paying hatemonger Ann Coulter more than $30,000 for two hours work.

The Ann Arbor News reported Challenge Day is a daylong session to break down barriers of gender, race and anything that causes students to ridicule each other or people who are different. It works to reduce teen drug, alcohol and tobacco use, cut down on school absenteeism, and reduce bullying. It teaches teens and middle school students to be tolerant of others and their differences and to respect others.

The HEF board is seeking sponsorships and plans to spend $60,000 over three years for a pilot program that would involve Howell Public Schools teachers, counselors and a corps of community volunteers. It has been several years since Challenge Day was held in the Howell schools, and in light of the antics and divisiveness of the anti-gay hate group known and the “Love” PAC this is something that is sorely needed.

Former school board member and HEF member Sue Swartz said if enough money could be raised, the program could begin as early as the 2007-08 school year.

In sharp contrast, Cleary University’s Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series is paying Ann Coulter more than $30,000 to spread the very hate and divisiveness that Challenge Day is trying to overcome. Perhaps Cleary can find someone more popular than Coulter for less money that has an actual sane and uplifting message and use the money they save to sponsor Challenge Day.

Anyone interested in Challenge Day - either to contribute money to the program or to be put on a list to volunteer for it in Howell - can contact HEF board member Charlotte
at 517-546-2172.

Anyone interested in spreading a positive message of tolerance instead of hate can contact Cleary University President Tom Sullivan at

Cleary University
3750 Cleary Drive
Howell, MI 48843
Phone: 517.548.3670

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