Apr 5, 2007

Rogers effectiveness and influence plunges

According to Congress.org, Mike Rogers influence in Congress fell considerably after rankings by the private, non-partisan company that specialize in facilitating civic participation were released.

Rogers fell from the 37th most powerful in 2006 to 274th.

Congress.org rated each current Member of Congress on various criteria that demonstrated power and the ability to be effective in Congress in 2007. This resulted in a Power Score that ranked members for overall power in each chamber of Congress in their Pre-Season Power Rankings.

Congress.org said general factors affecting his low score were “Average tenure and committee position, but did not advance any legislation in 2007.”

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virtuousWoman said...

The 8th Congressional District is made up of Livingston, Western Oakland, Ingham , Southern Shiawassee and all of Clinton County; all areas inadequately represented by Congressman Mike Rogers. Mike Rogers family owns a home building company; his Mom was the Brighton Chamber of Commerce cheerleader for years and his Dad was the Supervisor of Brighton Township which has been left with huge tax bills for water & sewage. Dad Rogers got out with a pension and health care too. The officials elected after his retirement have nothing. The people of Brighton Township don't know what has gone on. All Rogers press person Sylvia Warner does is spin & write press releases without saying anything that Rogers has doen. Sylvia has to write without saying anything because Rogers ahs not done anything for his constituents. He is all fluff and he flip flops on everything. Check out what he has doen & you will see - NOTHING. Mikes's brother is a Livingston County Commissioner too with Health benefits. I wonder if Rogers Home Builders gives health care to any or all of their employees? Someone please investigate that. Thank you.