Mar 7, 2007

Local GOP continues to support Ann Coulter’s disgusting comments

In a classic case of understatement, the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus is reporting that Cleary University has no plans to cancel a planned appearance by right-wing hate-monger Ann Coulter at its Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series, despite Coulter's recent use of the word "faggot" when referring to Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards. Is anyone surprised?

In an exercise in futility the Livingston County Democratic Party is petitioning Cleary University to have Coulter cut from the series. If that fails, the local Democrats plan to mount a protest. I am one of those local Democrats, and I say let her speak. We support free speech no matter how vile and disgusting.

Every time she opens her mouth people realizes what the Republican Party really stands for. Calling Edwards a “faggot” is tame compared to some of her other despicable rants, and the more she makes them the more money she sticks in her pocket. She is making $30,000 plus expenses for two hours of work, and apparently that’s the reduced rate for colleges and universities

It pays very well to call leaders “fagots, calling the First Lady a lesbian, calling the President of the United States a homosexual and telling women who lost their husbands in the 9/11 attacks they enjoyed their husband’s deaths.

This entire situation is so full of conflicts of interest it’s not funny, and it illustrates she will speak even if the Pope asked Cleary not to invite her.

This is the fourth year for the series, and in the past they invited people who actually had something to do with business, like Florine Mark and other entrepreneurs and business people. Coulter is the first political person ever invited, and it’s not by chance. This year's guests include two journalists, and one rightwing whack job. Mike Jensen, a journalist and economic analyst for NBC Nightly News, the Today Show and The New York Times, is one speaker. The other is Steven Emerson, an internationally recognized journalist and expert on terrorism and national security. Emerson is known for having predicted, before September 11, 2001, that Islamists would launch a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil, and for having warned the U.S. Congress in 1998 of the danger posed by Osama bin Laden.

CORRECTION: Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick spoke at the series in 2004. He spoke on the relationship between the state’s largest city and its suburbs, including Livingston County.

Republican Congressman Mike Rogers is one of the sponsors of the series, so we know where he stands. The Press & Argus is also a sponsor, so we can expect no tough questions of Cleary University or its president.

The Press & Argus article also quoted Alan Filip, chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party, who denounced Coulter's comments, but not her appearance. Filip said Coulter doesn't speak directly for Republicans. Why is it they always denounce her disgusting comments, but shove dollar bills at her and fawn over her? Sorry, Mr. Filip, she does speak for you. We also know of Filip’s problem with the truth in the short time he ahs been chair of the county GOP.

We also know why Coulter is the only political figure to ever appear at Cleary. Filip’s wife, Janet Filip, is Cleary’s Director of Development and Alumni Relations, and she is responsible for booking speakers.

It’s funny that all these Republicans continue to be “appalled at her comments” every time she makes them, but they are still fans, like Bill Rogers — chairman of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners and brother of Mike Rogers. Bill is a good county commissioner, but I never suspected he respected Coulter. He told the paper he’s “…a fan of Coulter's no-holds-barred take on politics — said he was appalled by her recent remarks.”

Cleary University President Tom Sullivan said Livingston County is "healthy" enough to take any potentially offensive comments in stride.
"Our community is one that's healthy and one that is tolerant, and I would be surprised if anyone speaking within the county would change that," he said.

Maybe he hasn’t heard about the anti-gay hate group drawing national attention by trying to ban books.


Anonymous said...

Do you know for a fact that Janet Filip is responsible for picking the speaker??? Is that all up to her, I doubt it. Again, who has a problem with making things up without facts???? You also said Fyke is the TAR's chair. I went to the website and it says Stefani Zimmerman is. I think you have a problem with facts. But, who cares, any idiot can start a blog.

Anonymous said...

Did a little more checking on the net about your facts. Not defending Filip's mistake, but your not exactly being honest either. You must have missed this one. Don't know why, it was pretty easy to find.

Friday, February 02, 2007
Errors of fact will be corrected in this space

In the Jan. 26 edition of The Livingston Community News, Livingston County Republican Party Chairman Allan Filip was quoted as saying that U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Michigan, voted in favor of the Iraq war. But it turns out Levin voted against the 2002 resolution authorizing President George Bush to go to war against Iraq. Filip said in retrospect, when he made the comment he was thinking of Levin's vote after Sept. 11, 2001authorizing the use of force against the war on terror. Filip apologized for the misstatement regarding Levin. "I was clearly mistaken on that point, and I apologize to the Democrats,'' he said Tuesday.

Communications guru said...

I suggest you follow the links I provided with the post, and they will show you Janet Filip’s role in the Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series. Follow it where it says,

“For additional information on the LEC Speakers Luncheon Series or to purchase sponsorship or individual tickets, please contact Cleary University Director of Development & Alumni Relations Janet Filip at 734.929.9107 or”

You don’t think that’s involved or she has an influence in picking the speakers? You don’t see a conflict of interest there?

Show me where I made anything up without facts.

Granted, I don’t blame the Republicans in this county for wanting to distance themselves from Fyke, but you cannot deny she was the leader of the Livingston County Teen Age Republicans. I used that tag until the day you finally took it down from your web site, which was sometime after March 5, and that was the last time I called her the leader of the TAR. Now, I will use the words the former leader of the TAR. Are you disputing that? It’s nice to see I got the Livingston County Republicans to either update their web site or dump Fyke.
Just type her name in a browser along with Teen age Republicans and see what you come up with. Any idiot can do that. Here's a link in case you can’t
There is says, Vicki Fyke, Howell, TARS (teen age republicans) Sponsor and Founding Member of LOVE says ...

Well then why don’t you start a blog if any idiot can do it? You seem pretty qualified. I doubt you will because you don’t even have the courage to take ownership of the comments you write on someone else’s blog.

Anonymous said...

I still can't find where Mike Rogers is a sponsor, or at least has anything to do with speaker selection. I will keep looking. Bill Rogers denounced her use of the word.

Another lie... Kwame Kilpatrick was also a speaker at this series acording to the P&A back in 2004

Snip-The speaker series was launched in 2004 and featured Kwame Kilpatrick, mayor of Detroit; best-selling author Ken Blanchard; and marketing expert Maddy Dychtwald.

Seems you have a big problem with being accurate. Is that why you know longer write for the paper??? You keep writing false statements, and we will continue to check them!

Communications guru said...

I don’t see where I’m not being honest Filip's “mistake.” It would have stood unless Livingston County Democratic Chair Matt Evans and I called him on it. He lied and he got caught and then claims it’s a “mistake. Right.

Communications guru said...

Here’s the link where it says Mike Rogers is a sponsor. I don’t know why you can’t look for yourself, but I provided the link again. Look at the bottom.

Yes, Bill Rogers denounced her use of the word, so what? He’s still a fan, and that’s the least of the crap she has spouted.

Not a lie a mistake. I forgot Kwame Kilpatrick, a mayor of the largest city in our state in neighboring Detroit. You go right ahead and keep checking, and in the few times when I actually make a mistake I correct it. This is the only the second one in more than 246 posts and countless comments.

Republican Michigander said...

"We also know why Coulter is the only political figure to ever appear at Cleary"

BZZZZZZ. Wrong answer and you lose. Johnny has some parting gifts for you.

Unless you don't consider Kwame Kilpatrict a political figure.

Communications guru said...

Actually, I don’t consider him to be a political figure in this case because he was here to speak about the relationship between Michigan's largest city and its suburbs, including Livingston County.

But hey, clever piece of writing there, Johnny.

Anonymous said...

oh, you make mistakes, but everyone else lies??? You really are losing it! Now, go put your tin hat back on!!!

Communications guru said...

Yes. Welcome back, better red than dead. is trhat the best you have?

Anonymous said...

Your link says Mike Rogers was a founding partner, not a current sponsor!! Ha ha ha... you are losing it!!!!! This is the most fun I have had in months. You don't consider Kilpatrick a political figure??? That must be a great club of one you are a member of!!! Tin hat.. tin hat...tin hat!!!

Communications guru said...

And the difference is? Like I said before, I don’t consider him a political figure in his roles in the series. You need to get out a little more, red, if this is the most fun you have had in months.

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference. And you should know better. I guess that is why you write on a bog instead of in the real media. You are an even bigger hack than I thought. You are posting false info and then lying about it. Being a founding partner is a big difference from being a sponsor or advisor. He probably has not dealt with this since it was founded, other than maybe speaking at it. tin hat!!!

Anonymous said...

Livingston County Democrats, the party of intimidation and censorship. The party of JFK and FDR is no more. This is a sad day for the left. The chief democrat is presuring a school of higher education to cancel an event on their campus because he was offended by her free speech. I think he should resign!

Johnny C said...

I wonder since you're preaching about honest media will you got to the Michigan Republican or whatever that loser call himself blog and correct the information he or she puts up? Or better yet when ever Fox News spin stories in the Republican party favor while trashing Democrats will you email Fox and tell them to be fair? Or will you call Rush Limbaugh and hold him accountable when he makes up facts? Speaking of free speech I could remember 03 when the right went ape crap crazy over what the Dixie Chicks said and I also remember the right was telling movie theaters they would boycott them if they showed Michael Moore's 9.11 movie.

As for Ann Coulter personally I don't care where she speak cuz she shows the rest of the country who's speaking for you and the Republican.

Anonymous said...

hey johny c, if you could put together a coherent sentance or make some kind of logical argument i would try to debate you. i don't have a direct link to any of the folks you mentioned, but i can point out the lies on this blog. the title is a lie, no republicans are defending what ann c said. cleary needs to be defended against the preasure of censorship from your chair.

Johnny C said...

Well Mr. Anonymous

Since you're giving out English advice maybe you should follow your own or better yet I have two words for you SPELL CHECK. Again I ask if you take great offense with Guru for this so call misinformation on his site I wonder will you also hold people on your side accountable when they post misinformation? Cuz if you do want a fact checking mission swing by the Michigan Republican because that's a all day gig.

Communications guru said...

The Livingston County Democrats are the party of intimidation and censorship? Are you for real? That’s almost funny, who-ever-you-are. I guess if I wrote that kind of BS I wouldn’t want anyone to identify me in anyway either.

Oh yea. There’s a lot of liberal arts education going on at Cleary. By the way, free speech does not cover hate speech and slurs. As you have read, I disagree with the chair of my party. Cleary U never should have invited a mean, hateful opportunist like Coulter, especially at the outrageous price of more than $30,000. However, once she’s here, let her spew her hate and vile because she represents the true face of the Republican party and speaks for you.

Communications guru said...

After that sterling essay, who-ever-you-are, I don’t think you have much room to criticize anyone else’s writing.

The title is accurate. I see all of you giving lip service to condemning her remarks as you cheer for that slim and make her richer. Ann Coulter represents the Republican Party very well, and the local GOP continues to support Ann Coulter’s disgusting remarks.

Johnny C said...


Dude u don't need to defend your post. As for free speech me personally let Ann speak the more she talks the more she proves our point about the Republican party.

Communications guru said...

Thanks Johnny. I agree we should let her speak. After all, she’s the voice of the repubs. My policy is if someone takes the time to post I will reply no matter how stupid, ridiculous and insulting their comments are, and this person’s remarks – who ever they are - fit into that category.

Anonymous said...


You made another mistake on your blog when you said the Argus executive editor donated money to Chris Ward. It was his wife who did it.

Just admit it was a mistake, because it was.

Communications guru said...

On Sept. 12, 2006 this is what I said: “Among the most interesting contributions from an individual was that from the wife of the Executive Editor of the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, Rich Perlberg. Granted, I know the people at the Press & Argus to be dedicated, fair-minded journalists, but it raises the doubt that there appears to be little chance of getting a fair shake there or receiving their endorsement.

There’s no mistake. I never said he made the donation, and I made it clear it was his wife. However, having a spouse make a donation for you so your name dos not show up in a campaign finance reports is the oldest political trick in the book. I still stand by the post.

Anonymous said...

the p&a cannot be fair because rich perlberg's wife made a campaign contribution?? gop's wife works for cleary, so the livingston economic speaker series is a gop conspiracy?? see a pattern here? are you hearing voices that no one else hears? i can recomend help if you need it. of course most crazy people don't know they are crazy. somebody should get you some help. you like to throw around a lot of allegations without a lot of proof. is that why the paper canned you?? or was it because you stoped taking your meds?

Communications guru said...

Show me where I said anything about a conspiracy. I said, “This entire situation is so full of conflicts of interest it’s not funny, and it illustrates she will speak even if the Pope asked Cleary not to invite her.”

You honestly don’t see a conflict of interest? If you see conspiracy theory maybe you need help and meds?

Again, it’s common practice to have one spouse make a campaign contribution in their name to keep the other one’s name out of a campaign finance report, and often decisions are made jointly. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but of all the candidates in the last election only Chris Ward’s opponents did not get an endorsement interview before the newspaper endorsed.

Mrs. Filip does a little more than work at Cleary, and she is responsible for much of the Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series. In an article about Coulter’s appearance, we have a disingenuous quote from Mr. Filip saying he denounces what she says but thinks she should appear. Nowhere does he or the article say his wife is involved with bringing Coulter here. You don’t see a conflict of interest there?

Anonymous said...

I would like the set the record straight Communications Guru. Yes, I work at Cleary University - yes, my husband is Allan Filip, recently elected chairman of the GOP. I took over responsibility of managing the Livingston Economic Club last summer after another colleague who handled it left the University. The Livingston Economic Club was founded in 2004 as a way to bring different perspectives from all different types of speakers to help enrich our community. We received support from all three area chambers of commerce, the EDC, etc (I'm sure you've read who all the founding partners are so I won't list them all). We have a committee of 15 from the community who serve on the advisory board. The advisory board suggest and approve any and all speakers. Of the 15, two are employees of Cleary. Those would be President Tom Sullian and myself. Ann Coulter was recommended last fall, not by me, and approved by the committee. Take a look at last year's line up of speakers. The advisory board agreed that we needed to spruce up the speaker selection in order to continue to grow the series. Attendance has declined some over the past few years. I think economy may have something to do with it, but also, the speakers didn't appeal to too many people. I will note however, that we saw our best turnout to date when Kwame Kilpatrick was here in 2004. I don't always agree with his approach, but I found him to be an audience charmer and a very dynamic speaker. I enjoyed hearing his perspective on Detroit and the surrounding suburbs.

Our advisory committee stands behind the invitation to have Coulter speak. I think there is a HUGE difference in inviting someone to speak to a captive audience with no say- such as at commencement- and a "pay if you're interested" opportunity offered by a program that is poised to offer all types of perspectives. I think it is interesting to note that Bill Clinton is the commencement speaker at U of M on April 28th. I am sure there are soon to be graduates, who've invested a great deal of money into the University for their education, that don't agree/like Bill Clinton. However, they don't have a choice about hearing him speak - unless they decided not to walk and celebrate a day they should be proud of, they are stuck listening to his commentary, which I'm sure will take some sort of political tone.

The local GOP, specifically Allan, did not "pull any puppet strings". It's obvious you don't know me. If you did, you would know that I am an extremely independent and strong willed (often confused with stubborn!) woman. Perhaps it's my upbringing from a head strong Korean mother and grandmother.

And one last note, the only person that Allan has EVER asked the LEC to consider bring as a speaker is Mike Eurizione, captain of the 1980 USA hockey team - hardly what I'd call a partisan speaker. You are entitled to your opinion, as we all are, about any and everything. However, in the future, if you are concerned about conspiracy theories or anything else, feel free to contact me directly. I'd be happy to chat with you.

Janet Filip

Anonymous said...

wow, thank you mrs. filip. nothing like having to defend yourself against the politics of personal destruction!!

Anonymous said...

hey cg, i'm guessing your kind of a "guilty until proven innocent" type of person. you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. you write things as if they are facts, then check, or sometimes don't check, after the point. the nazis were pretty good at this kind of propaganda, maybe you are a closet fascist. you and your kind are the real danger to society.

Anonymous said...

"I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but of all the candidates in the last election only Chris Ward’s opponents did not get an endorsement interview before the newspaper endorsed."

your not saying it, just implying it. another ammature propaganda attempt.

Communications guru said...

It’s nice of you to “set the record straight,” Mrs. Filip, and I am glad to be able to offer you the venue to do that. However, I can’t help but wonder why it took a blog to revel the relationship before you set the record straight, and I wonder if the record would have been set straight if that relationship had not come out here.

I am by training skeptical, and there is a clear and obvious conflict of interest here. The only thing HUGE is the misguided decision to bring in a hatemonger like Ann Coulter. Cleary University is going to receive a black eye over this, and, frankly, they deserve it. So what I’m hearing is the committee threw away taste, decency and decorum for the controversary someone like Coulter would bring. The question you have not answered is why Coulter instead of some other decent human being?

The difference between Coulter and the Mayor of the largest city in Michigan is many Livingston County residents visit Detroit, work there and probably pay city taxes there, and they want to hear from the mayor. How the city goes so goes the state. We are one of the surrounding suburbs you talk about, and many county residents are transplanted Detroiters. How do you spin Coulter’s appearance? What is she going to tell you didn't already know; that more than half of the U.S. population are godless traitors?

Also, was Kwame Kilpatrick paid $30,000 plus expense to appear? To me, that seems like a lot of money for anyone for two hours of work, especially someone like Coulter. For some people in this community that’s close to what they earn in annual salary.

Comparing President Bill Clinton to Ann Coulter is a disgrace. Coulter’s claim to fame is that she calls people faggots, lesbians and other vile names. Bill Clinton is the elected president of the greatest nation in the world and a humanitarian. I think George Bush is the worst president ever, but I would be honored to meet him because he is the president.

Think you for allowing me to have an opinion. I never said anything about a “conspiracy theory," but I did say there was a conflict of interest. That is still true.

Communications guru said...

Anonymous 1, can you explain to me how pointing out a conflict of interest they were not going to tell you or anyone else about is “politics of personal destruction?”

Anonymous 2. What did I write that is not a fact? If you’re calling me a Nazi and fascist I think you have me mixed up with your hero that will be here in October to say out loud the things Republicans believe at $30,000 for two hours of slime.

Anonymous 3
What I said was true. Where’s the propaganda?

Anonymous said...

where do I start?? you write hateful things about people. you are no better than coulter! your reply to mrs filip says there is a conflict of interest, where is it??? someone volunteering for a political party has to have each family member stay at home and not do a job??? where not talking about a us senator, just a county volunteer!! mr filip didn't have anything to do with bringing ann coulter, and appearently there is a committe to decide who the speaker is. unless you are calling mrs filip a liar, there is no conflict.

Anonymous said...

another thing... i think her pointing out the clinton thing is relevent. he took advantage of a naive young lady his daughters age, with disregard to the office or his wife or his daughter or the american tax payer and then tried to lie and cover it up! i think there are some woman out there that will be offended with him as a speaker. i think all feminists should be offended!!! oh, but at least he didn't call someone a name!! oh the horror! sticks and stones brother!

Anonymous said...

your also seem to be an expert on the constitution and what the 1st amendment covers. are you a constitional lawyer??? where you there in the 18th century, or did you have a spiritual experienc with the founding fathers??? since her speech is not covered by the 1st amendment do you propose she be arrested???? who gets to decide which "hate" speech is exceptable? does "jesus weirdo, or freak or religous nut" qualify as hate speech??? what coulter said was dumb and totally out of line, but unless you want to go donwn that slope then just dissagree with it and move on facsist boy! i don't know why the chairs wife gave you the time of day!

Communications guru said...

Where do you start what? Which person are you that is afraid to take ownership of what they write? Maybe you can list the alleged hateful things I write about people? It will be a short list.

I’ll explain it again, even though I know it’s a waste of my time because you don’t want to see it.

In the article in the Press & Argus this is based on, Alan Filip, chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party, says he denounces Coulter's comments – who also happens to be a conservative republican, but not her appearance. Nowhere in the article does it say his wife is the person who actually booked Coulter and coordinates the program. Of course he will not denounces Coulter's appearance. You didn’t think he would, did you? That is the very definition of a conflict of interest.

Communications guru said...

Anonymous No. ? The President had consensual sex with another adult. It was wrong, and it never should have happened. The one he should have to answer to is his wife and the voters. It did not warrant even more millions of dollars already spent in the taxpayer-funded witch-hunt to investigate every thing he ever did. What Clinton did pales in comparison to the illegal acts this president has engaged in that have left thousands dead.

The comparison between Coulter and the President of the United States is not only irrelevant, it’s a disgrace. Coulter only accomplished what she has by calling more than half of the U.S. population vile names, lying and speaking for you.

Communications guru said...

I don’t know how to reply because I looked at my posts again and at the comments I made here, and I can’t find where I said anything about the 1st Amendment. However, I do know somewhere on this blog or elsewhere today I said I don’t think hate speech is protected free speech. I said I didn’t think it was; I never said it was 100 percent true. Now, I am not a Constitutional expert, but I can read.

I know that speech meant to “incite violence or prejudicial action against a person or group of people based on his or her race, gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, language ability, moral or political views, socioeconomic class, occupation or appearance (such as height and weight)” is not protected. The courts get to decide what hate speech is acceptable and what is not.

I do want to restrict Coulter. Like I have said many times, the school made a huge mistake in both inviting her and paying her the outrageous sum of $30,000. Now that there's a contract, I welcome her to come here. The residents of Livingston County will get to hear the real views of the Republicans in this county.

I also have no idea why the chair’s wife “gave me the time of day” either. Perhaps she would be better off reveling the conflict of interest to a wider audience, like the Press & Argus. I encourage her to do so.

Anonymous said...

do you think a feminist could be offended by clinton's apperance or not? do you think he treats woman with respect??? does he treat woman with more respect that coulter does homosexuals? if bush had done this the feminazis would have eaten him alive!

Anonymous said...

now you want judges to decide which words are bad and which words are really bad? what then? lock them up in our overcroweded jails??

Communications guru said...

Anonymous 1
No. Yes. Yes. Bill Clinton was eaten alive, and the sad part was millions of taxpayers dollars were used to do it. How could you have missed that? Again, bush has done much, much worse things. No one died when Clinton made his mistake. It’s funny someone talking about respect for women who calls them "feminazis," Rush.

Communications guru said...

Anonymous 2
It’s not just me who wants judges to decide which words are not protected by the 1st Amendment, so do the Founding Fathers. That’s the function of the judiciary. Who said anything about jail? This has to be the first time a Republican has ever cared about who is in jail. I guess all the criminal prosecutions of Republicans have you worried about that now.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Gotcha, Guru!

Yes, you lied. You lied about accusing the Argus executive editor of making a donation to the Ward campaign.

This is what you wrote on this post:

"There’s no mistake. I never said he made the donation, and I made it clear it was his wife."

And yet, this is what you wrote on Nov. 24, 2006:

"We know that the executive editor of this newspaper contributes to the Ward campaign."

You never said he made the donation? You most certainly did, my friend.

So, I caught you in a lie, and now you need to acknowledge it.

Communications guru said...

Wow, you did a lot of research because I don’t remember that sentence and the exact words I wrote four months ago. Good for you. At least you got to read some quality writing and heard the truth. If you think I lied, that’s fine. I really could care less what you think.

I will clarify my position. On Sept. 12, 2006 this is what I wrote and here’s a link : “Among the most interesting contributions from an individual was that from the wife of the Executive Editor of the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, Rich Perlberg. Granted, I know the people at the Press & Argus to be dedicated, fair-minded journalists, but it raises the doubt that there appears to be little chance of getting a fair shake there or receiving their endorsement.”

On Nov. 24, 2006 this is what I wrote and here’s a link “We know that the executive editor of this newspaper contributes to the Ward campaign, but this piece is worth more than the cash he gives to the campaign. All it really costs is the integrity of the editorial board, and we know that’s long been compromised.”

As I have said before, the oldest political trick in the book is to have a spouse make a contribution if you don’t want your name on the campaign finance report, and in many families the money comes from a common pot. That being said, I believe the Executive Editor of the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus contributed to the Ward campaign.

You can spin that anyway you want who-ever-your-are. It’s sad it took you four months to reply. Also, I’m not your friend.

anon for now said...

What is Cleary College, Republican U.

I wouldn't send my dog there.

I have to laugh at Mr. Flipioo.

He got his wars mixed up? That's the big problem with theses fools! That's exactly why we didn't finish the job in Afghanistan and ended up in the needless quagmire in Iraq.

He's the best the GOP has? Dumber than Bush and that's real dumb!