Mar 8, 2007

We ain’t faking, whole lotta denouncing going on

We have lots of denouncing going on of right-wing hatemonger Ann Coulter and her use of the word "faggot" to describe a former U.S. Senator and current Presidential candidate, but no one seems to know what that really means.

The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus reported today the Livingston 2001 Diversity Council is the latest group or person to denounce her latest outrageous outburst – actually pretty tame compared to some of her other whoppers - but the group with the mission of “making the community ever more welcoming, harmonious and prosperous for people of all races, creeds and backgrounds” said it would not protest her fall speaking appearance at the county's Cleary University campus. Then why bother?

The blond – to bastardize the nickname of a former Detroit Red Wing and Dallas Star – little ball of hate is scheduled to speak at Cleary University’s Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series in October for the princely sum of $30,000 plus expenses for two hours of hobnobbing with all those people in Livingston County who are denouncing her slurs.

Candye Hinton, vice president of the Diversity Council, said the council's mission supports acceptance of all forms of sexual orientation in Livingston County. She said the council may host a program about accepting all forms of sexual orientation later this year.

I’m really torn about this. I detest all forms of censorship, so I have no problem letting her speak. She actually turns my stomach when I see her on Faux "news," and I wonder why someone so rich, popular and attractive is so hateful and sick. On the other hand, I am a big supporter of Cleary University because it’s a huge asset to this community. My wife’s family even sponsors a scholarship in her parent’s name. I think Cleary made a huge mistake by inviting her, especially at $30,000, and I would like to know why they made that awful decision. I don’t want to see Cleary hurt, but I think if all of the publicity stopped today they would still have a full house because this sick woman represents the real views of the Republic Party.

I don’t believe hate speech and slurs are protected by the 1st Amendment, but I do not support censorship. Let her speak.

I think the best thing we can do is to treat her appearance like the City of Lansing did a few years ago when the Klan staged a protest on the Capitol steps. After all, there’s not a lot of difference between Coulter and the Klan. Lansing held diversity rallies away from Downtown and ignored the Klan as much as possible.

However, I see nothing wrong with people with handmade signs near the campus letting her know what we think of her vicious, mean attacks. But let her speak. She helps sane and reasonable people realize the difference between the Republic Party and the Democrats.

Let her speak.

What I would like to see is for her to give back the $30,000 and just take the money for her expenses. She can just get on Faux "news" the next day and call some one a dyke, faggot or call Sen. Clinton a lesbian and make another million bucks.

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Stram said...

Hello CG.

Let's face it, my man. Howell Michigan is the armpit of Michigan.

You are surrounding by a bunch of Vicki Fyke and Wendy Day Neanderthals and that's the image of your community.

Inviting Ann Coulter just fits in to that tired old pattern.

Move. Escape while you still can.

Howell Michigan is the pits. And the rest of the country knows it.

Can you name a single other community with a collective iq above room temperature, in the U.S. that is trying to ban The Freedom Writers Diary or Slaughter House Five?

Stupid is, as stupid does.