Mar 7, 2007

Cleary University embraces Ann Coulter’s latest outrage

BRIGHTON - In a letter to Cleary University President Thomas Sullivan, Matthew Evans, Chair of the Livingston County Democratic Party, protested Cleary’s invitation to controversial pundit Ann Coulter. Coulter has been invited to address the Livingston Economic Club luncheon series in October; Cleary University sponsors the LEC luncheons.

Coulter’s offensive and derogatory remarks are well-known. She has referred to Arabs as “rag-heads,” 9/11 widows as “greedy,” and recently termed a presidential candidate a “faggot.”

In his letter to Sullivan, Evans pointed out Livingston County’s awareness of and sensitivity to this type of offensive behavior:

As you may be aware, Livingston County residents are often portrayed as racists due to Ku Klux Klan activity that occurred here years ago. Offering a forum to Ann Coulter would only further that inaccurate viewpoint, reflecting poorly on both our community and on Cleary’s reputation.

It is not just Democrats who are criticizing Coulter’s remarks. Well-known conservatives also condemned her comments at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference. A spokesman for Senator John McCain said the remarks were "wildly inappropriate" and the Romney campaign called the remarks “offensive.” Even some conservative media are unhappy with Coulter’s rabid attacks. A Pennsylvania newspaper has dropped Coulter’s opinion column, saying

“Our community is largely conservative and Republican. They expect insightful discussion of issues. Ann Coulter wasn't giving us that. We have lots of conservative columnists who do - Cal Thomas, Jonah Goldberg, Robert Novak and Michelle Malkin, among others.

In his letter, Evans invited Sullivan to talk with him about the community’s concerns.

She has already started to receive some backlash, but the pattern in the past has been the more outrageous and disgusting things she says the more she endears herself to rightwing nut jobs and the more money she makes. However, here in Michigan the Oakland Press had dropped her column, as well.
The Associated Press reports several major companies – such as Sallie Mae, Verizon and Washington Mutual, among others - have demanded that their ads be pulled from Ann Coulter's Web site after receiving complaints regarding the right-wing pundit's calling Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a "faggot."

I don’t know if Sullivan even had a chance to read the letter, but Sullivan has already given an answer; Coulter will speak. The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus reports Sullivan will not withdraw the invitation.
There was not much charge of her being uninvited. Sullivan is a big Mike Rogers supporter, and Cleary U in Livingston County has a history of backing Republican candidates. In fact, Rogers is a sponsor of the series.

"I think her comments were uncalled for and the university's invitation for her does not connote agreement with her perspectives," said Cleary President Tom Sullivan. "I think one of the important things for us to remember is that universities are intended to be a place of free exchange of ideas."

I say let her come and speak. She does more damage to the Republicans every time she opens her mouth. I guarantee you this; there will be a packed house.


Johnny C said...

Can anyone explain to me why would someone want to hear Ann Coulter speak? I guess you have to follow the money in these kinds of situations.

Anonymous said...

That makes sense... I guess????

Johnny C said...

Alright I make it easier outside losers like u Mr.anonymous why would someone sit there and listen to Ann Coulter?