Mar 21, 2007

Anti-family party stoops to new low in grasping for straws

Recent events have led us to believe the Republic Party is anti-family, petty and means-spirited, and the newest thing they are up in arms about confirms that.

Stop the Presses? Alert the media? Governor Jennifer Granholm took an hour today from the budget meeting where Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop finally showed up for to have lunch with her teenage daughter on her birthday.

According to subscription only Gongwer and the Associated Press, Michigan Republican staff were also having lunch in the same Okemos restaurant – why it’s OK for them and not the Governor no one has an answer – as the governor.

The staffers immediately blew the whistle on this clandestine meeting by sending emails to reporters to alert them that the Governor was having lunch with her middle daughter. How dare she! The Governor went to the lunch after making only brief comments to the annual meeting of the Michigan Municipal League. The Governor’s spokesperson said the Governor had asked the group to allow her to keep the remarks brief so she could have lunch with her daughter. But “Ms. Granholm indicated to those attending the luncheon that she was leaving to return to the budget meetings.”

The fact that she did return to the meeting that lasted until 6 p.m. is apparently lost on the whistleblowers. The conservative blogs – well if you want to call that thing that Saul Anuzis operates a blog since he doesn’t have the nerve allows comments – were abuzz with the “breaking news.”

A poorly written, Michigan Liberal pretender called “Right Michigan” was accusing the governor of lying to the MML and that the governor slipped into the restaurant wearing a, God forbid, New York Yankees cap instead of a Detroit Tigers cap.

As everyone knows, the Senate Republicans rejected the Governor’s Executive Order to balance the budget without one of their own more than a month ago on Feb. 14. When they finally came up with this alleged Top Secret plan of their own they took such extraordinary measures to keep the plan from the public that Senators and staffers could not even write it down for fear of the public knowing any actual details about the plan

It’s sad that the anti-family party is making this an issue when Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop could not find one single hour in the 36 days since the Senate Republicans irresponsibly rejected the EO last month to meet with the Governor.

Can anyone tell me what Bishop was doing on Monday - or even one of the GOP flunkies on the Senate Appropriations Committee – that he could not drive to Lansing and meet with the Governor?

They’re also making a big deal abut the closed-door meeting and the doors of the meeting being locked. I’m sure that’s Bishop’s doing because the Governor’s plan has been public for almost two months, and she has been hammered for the cuts she needs to make. Bishop is giving us a song and dance about being able to balance the budget with cuts and budget gimmicks alone, but to keep you and I from knowing what he wants to cut he is keeping his alleged plan as Top Secret as the Manhattan Project. But we’re now supposed to believe it’s the Governor’s fault the meeting is behind closed doors.

This just shows how sad, desperate and bankrupt the Republic Party is in Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this exceptional analysis...I have being tracking the Michigan Budget and googled blogs and found the article:

It is unbelievable that our Governor could be attacked for having lunch after she returned to work with her daughter. Low blow Republicans, if you got nothing worth adding then attack, sounds like Cheney, Valeria Plame etc. etc.