Sep 14, 2009

Right-wingers are trying to martyr radical anti-choice demonstrator

Right-wingers are becoming so predictable.

The body of radical anti-choice demonstrator James Pouillon was not even cold when a few Michigan rightwing bloggers were saying, ‘why isn’t the murder of Pouillon on Friday in Owosso receiving as much coverage as the murder of Kansas Dr. George Tiller this spring.’ It seemed pretty obvious why, but when Rightwing demagogue Bill O'Reilly asked the same question Friday night it was obvious the spin was in full swing and Pouillon was going to be the right’s next hero and a martyr.

Pouillon, 63, was shot Friday morning while protesting across the street from Owosso High School allegedly by Harlan Drake, 33, who also allegedly shot and killed gravel company owner Mike Fuoss. He was also on his way, allegedly, to shot a third victim when arrested. The Fuoss shooting is just getting a mention in the national coverage right-wingers are claming is not even occurring.

Make no mistake, this had nothing to do with abortion, and Pouillon was not killed because of his beliefs on abortion. The connection to abortion was that the alleged shooter claims that he thought it was wrong to subject high school kids to those graphic pictures every day.

The killing was a tragedy for the community and for Pouillon and Fuoss’s families. It’s a terrible thing for high school students to see a murder, and it was a 16-year-old student who was the first on the scene to provide first aid to Pouillon.

The attempts to make Pouillon a martyr are already underway. He was well known in the community as an offensive and confrontational but constant presence with offensive signs of alleged aborted fetus. It goes without saying that he did not deserve to die for his views and actions, no matter how offensive, and the shooter should never get out of prison if he is guilty.

The fact is this is getting national attention, and it shouldn’t. It’s even more hypocritical for O'Reilly to make the false claim this is not getting attention by the media. The differences between the shooting of Dr. Tiller and Mr. Pouillon are obviously clear, despite right-wingers attempt to make a political issue out of it.

Dr. Tiller was shot by an avowed anti-choice extremist; Mr. Pouillon was allegedly shot by a man who held a grudge against his two victims and had no known political affiliation. Dr. Tiller was nationally known after he was shot once before in 1993 by another extremist anti-choice zealot.

Dr. Tiller was nationally known because people like O'Reilly called him Dr. Death, said he had blood on his hands and would “kill a baby the day before it was born.” Mr. Pouillon was well known for his confrontational tactics and inappropriate protests at inappropriate places and generally ignored when possible by Shiawasee County residents.

O'Reilly hung a target on Dr. Tiller’s back, and Dr. Tiller was discussed in at least 28 O'Reilly episodes before his murder. Mr. Pouillon was mentioned on O'Reilly’s show once and only after his tragic murder.

This is another tragic, senseless gun crime, but it has nothing to do with politics or abortion.


Not Anonymous said...

Atta boy. You Anti Life people must justify the murder of a Pro-life supporter who hadn't hurt anyone. Your being Anti Life and doing this is the first time I've actually seen you stand up for your convictions.

Communications guru said...

So much misinformation in just two little sentences. Good for you, anonymous.

First, I’m pro-choice. Second, no where in my post do I justify the murder of an anti-choice extremist. And third, I always stand up for my convictions.

Johnny C said...

Before I comment on this story we should start calling the "pro"life movement for what they really are the forced pregnancy movement or just we only care about the fetus movement because once the baby is born the pro-lifers start screaming about not getting on welfare.

As for what went down last Friday I'm pretty amazed that Bill-O would mention anything that would bring up George Tiller after the amount of back peddling O'Reilly did.

Unlike George Tiller you had an entire movement going after this him and you had Bill O'Reilly inciting people by calling him nasty names. With James Pouillon there is no left wing equivalent I didn't see Keith Olbermann going after James Pouillon or Rachel Maddow. And the crime is unclear.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Johnny, that doesn't matter to the "Masters of Victimhood", those "Bathroom Stall Footknockers for Baby Jeebus", or the "Your Womb Is The State's Womb...You're Just Holding It For Us" folks.

They are the same people who think Obama is oppressing them, also, though, just between you and me, they are confusing oppression with losing.

Like someone once said, "Elections have consequences"...or in short form...Fuck You, Wingnuts. (h/t GWB)

Communications guru said...

It’s crystal clear that there is no comparison between the two shootings, other than a gun was used, but that simple fact will not stop the anti-choice crowd from making a martyr out of the victim.

Anon said...

One man sought to save babies.

One man sought to kill them.

Which one deserves to be a martyr?

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

One man sought to have the government control a woman's womb.

One man sought to allow a woman to control her own womb.

Which one deserves to be a martyr?

I tell you don't tell me and mine how to control our reproductive choices and we won't tell you how to control other words...key your filthy hands outta my pants and your disturbed mind outta my bedroom.


Johnny C said...

Actually Anon

The "pro"life movement only cares about the fetus once that baby is born they could care less what happens to the baby and the mother.

The pro-life movement don't believe in social programs for mothers who have these babies, they don't believe in sex-ed and they don't believe in birth control.

Communications guru said...

One man tried to make the decision for everyone, and one man overcame hate, intimidation and one previous attempt on his life to fulfill his oath and allow a woman the legal choice the law allows them. It’s pretty clear.