Sep 14, 2009

Protest planned against rightwing whacko Beck

Rightwing whacko Glenn Beck will be the keynote speaker at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday Sept. 15 at the Kellogg Center on the campus at Michigan State University, 55 South Harrison in East Lansing, and the MSU College Democrats are sponsoring a protest of his appearance.

Faux “news” host Beck is becoming more and more unhinged, and he made the ridiculous claim that President Obama has “a deep-seated hatred for white people.” That means he hates his mother and his maternal grandparents who helped raise him. The good news is people are starting to see through him, and to date some 50 advertisers have chosen not to advertise on Beck’s show.

But that didn’t stop the chamber from paying Beck $25,000 to spew his hatred.

Beck is cut out of the same cloth as hatemonger Ann Coulter, but only worse. He has been one of the prime promoters of the fake, Astroturf “tea parties.” His heated anti-government rhetoric has already led to violence, and it reminds of the mid-1990s when the same anti-government rhetoric led to the worst case of domestic terrorism.

It’s not by accident that the Michigan Militia has made a resurgence, and all you need to do is exchange Obama for Clinton and it‘s 1995. But it’s even uglier, and we have white supremacists groups in the mix now. The Michigan Militia went underground after August 10, 1995 with the indictment of Timothy McVeigh for the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. But they are back, and Beck is a major reason.

If you choose not to attend the protest or are unable to make it, remember this when the chamber endorses Republicans candidates next year, Is this is the kind of racist, rhetoric the chamber supports?

Tell Beck to get off of your phone.


kevins said...

I don't get it. Why is it a good thing to protest Beck but illegal to protest Dingell?

Don't get me wrong. I think Beck is a loon and I support the right to protest his appearance. But I just don't see why you won't extend that same right to those who were protesting Dingell.

You seem to feel that First Amendment rights only belong to those that you agree with.

Communications guru said...

I explained this back in July, brett.

Beck is more than a loon, he’s a racist loon. There is no way you can compare Dingell with Beck. Congressman Dingell has served his district for more than 50 years, and he was honored by being named as the Grand Marshal of the parade. He did not receive a penny for doing it. Beck, a looney racist, is being paid $25,000 to spread lies and conspiracy theories.

How am I infringing on anyone’s First Amendment rights? Better yet; how can I possibly infringe on anyone’s First Amendment rights?

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Inviting Beck to be a keynote speaker is just ridiculous.

He contributes absolutely nothing to the betterment of society. His baseless, ludicrous, attention-whoring diatribes damage our society. That he is allowed to contribute his bullshit over OUR airwaves is a testament to the strength of the First Amendment.

Johnny C said...

When I saw this last week I didn't believe it, other then ginning up the racists nuts that watch Fox News Beck has no value. The guy is a liar and he incite violence and when one of his faithful sheep commit violence he toss them under the bus and back away from the comments that gets the nut to commit violence.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Some sources claim that Glenn Beck may be responsible for the rape and murder of a girl in 1990. Classic Glenn Beck style reasoning suggests that he is responsible for clearing his name of these atrocious acts. A new site “exists to probe the vicious rumour that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.”

Communications guru said...

It speaks volumes that the more stupid, racist and outrageous things right-wing talking heads say, the more money they make, the more popular they are and the more in demand they are. Would anyone have heard of Beck, Malkin or Coulter if not for the outrageous, hateful crap they spew?

kevins said...

Dargo...will that new site also probe into those "stories" about guru? Just wondering.

kevins said...

It must be really frustrating to guru to see people make a lot of money and gain fame by saying "stupid, racist and outrageous things." Guru says stupid, racist and outrageous things and hardly anyone knows who he is. Hardly seems fair.

Communications guru said...

I think it would be distributing to anyone to see people get rich and famous by saying stupid, racist and outrageous things, brett, but then I remember you worship those kinds of people. I have never said anything racist or outrageous. But, on a rare occasion I have said something stupid, but never on this blog.

As for your comment to KA, I welcome any probe into my background, See, brett, unlike you I have nothing to hide, and that’s’ why I use my real name and you hide.

Not Anonymous said...

Communications guru said...
I think it would be distributing to anyone to see people get rich and famous by saying stupid, racist and outrageous

It's funny how someone that claims to have been a professional writer thinks it's "distributing" to to anyone to see people get rich...

Ok, you've covered the "stupid" things in this post. Others will have to look back at the sexist, racist, homophobe comments. But then, you won't have to look far for the homophobe comments. How many times have you used the term "tea bagger"? That sort of takes care of hate speech and homophobia all at once.

kevins said...

It's really not surprising that guru welcomes "any probe."

Communications guru said...

Wow, anonymous, you really cut me; I wrote distributing instead of disturbing. Like I said to you/brett, my real name is on my blog. I’ve never made a sexist, racist or homophobe comment, and I don’t possibly know how calling you what you are, a tea bagger, can be called hate speech or homophobic, anonymous.

Communications guru said...

I’ve challenged you time after time to prove your false, cowardly smears and innuendo, and like the coward you are, brett, we get nothing.

kevins said...

I've challenged you numerous times to show how the Livingston County Republican Party broke campaign laws in the Brighton school election....and you've had nothing.

I've challenged you numerous times to show how people planned to stage an illegal protest when they were going to Monroe...and you've had nothing.

I've challenged you numerous times to show where I've ever made a false claim about you...and you've had nothing.

I've challenged you numerous times to retract your false claim that you were kicked off Michigander's site because he couldn't take the fact that you were "debunking" his arguments, when in fact you are still on his site and, in fact, what Michigander did was to prohibit "anonymous" postings, which didn't affect you (you even admit you had a user name other than "anonymous") and it is a practice that you have also implemented...and you've had nothing.

I challenge you one more time.. show me any false smears that I've made about you...and, again, I get nothing. You get angry about this subject, but you are the one who keeps bringing it up, exposing yourself as it were.

Communications guru said...

I’ve done it, brett, numerous times.

I’ve done it, brett, numerous times.

I’ve done it, brett, numerous times.

That’s true.

I’ve done it, brett, numerous times.

I’ve challenged you time after time to prove your false, cowardly smears and innuendo, and like the pussy you are, brett, we get nothing.

Not Anonymous said...

Looks like you've struck a nerve Kevins/brett. He's brought out the name calling.

Johnny C said...

Here's the problem if Beck, Malkin, Coulter and the Savage Weiner are just saying the things they say for a pay check and don't believe a lick of the shit that comes out of their mouth than they're no better than a drug dealer.

Because they know the type of people they're speaking to and how radical they can become if the right buttons are pushed. It only takes one of these losers to react such a way that something really tragic could happen Beck knows it that's why he back tracks anytime his wing nut followers does something crazy.

And call we call the 9-12 march for what it really was the world largest sheet-less KKK rally? Or the 70,000 right wing hypocrite march? They defended The Patriot Act, they defended warrant less wire taps, they defended suspending Habeas Corpus and they took part in punishing President Bush's critics i.e Dixie Chicks and protesting any Michael Moore movie that came out.

Another thing that should shame these people back into their rat holes: government spending they didn't say one thing when Bush and the Republicans were spending money like kids at Toys R Us. And why didn't they take to the streets when nine billion in tax payer dollars went missing in Iraq?

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

It's time to pile on type like an epileptic chicken having a seizure.

For that reason and that reason alone, I'm throwing my lot in with Beck, the birthers, the deathers, and embracing my right to white male victimhood, as stated in the 9th amendment to the Constitution.

Communications guru said...

I don’t see any name-calling, anonymous. I see me describing his actions.

kevins said...

There are none so blind, guru, as those who will not see.

Johnny seem to have a problem with the First Amendment. It's OK for the Dixie Chicks and Michael Moore to have their say, but it's not OK for others to disagree with them? That's a very odd interpretation of the right to free expression.

So anyone who disagrees with the president is not only a racist but a member of the KKK? Wow. That's convenient.

Question: Does that mean Hillary and her campaign staff were really part of the KKK? Because they came up with stuff equally vicious if not more so. Just wondering.

Communications guru said...

Answer: No, and stop playing dumb, brett. Oh yea, never mind.

Johnny C said...

Kevins it seems you right wingers are experiencing massive short term memory loss regarding the last eight years. Regarding the first amendment I don't know about you Kevins but I can remember the same people who took part in the 70,000 racist march telling liberals if they didn't like having Bush as president then they should leave the country, I also remember the same people that promoted the 70,000 racist march also mobilize the smashing of the Dixie Chicks cds, protest of Michael Moore's movies and the counter protest of Cindy Sheehan.

But here's the funny thing about this Fox News who six years ago ridicule and downplay the anti-war protest even tho they drew well over a million people each time a protest would occur, but leap ahead six years and the presidency changing from Republican to Democratic and Fox News has become the official 70,000 racist march channel from promoting events, only showing where and when Democrats were holding town halls and if you Greta Van Sustern you show home videos from tea baggers.

And going to the 70,000 racist themselves Kevins, look at their signs I'm willingly to wager that majority of their signs were either touching the racist theme around the edges or in your face racism such as "The Washington zoo has a lying African and the White House as a lying African" Or the ones with President Obama as a witch doctor with a bone through his nose.

And if they were truly upset with government spending again where were they when Bush and the Republicans were doing it? Oh yeah they supported it. Another theme I've seen in videos is that they're worried about civil liberties yet where were they when Bush rammed through the Patriot Act, Bush was warrant-less wiring taping American citizens and suspending Habeas Corpus? Oh yeah they was right with him on those as well. And lastly they screamed taxes even tho the only people that will see their taxes go up are those making 250,000 or more a year and dude I've seen the videos those folks don't have anything to worry about.

Alright Kevins after my long winded response everything breaks down like this how can they speak out against government spending when it was their party that bloated the government deficit, how can they talk about personal freedom when they didn't care when President Bush was taking white out to the constitution? And taxes again since they don't make 250,000 or over why are they protecting the upper class?

With all that said what are they really protesting? They can't protest these things without protesting themselves. And if they're protesting President Obama's health care plan they telling everyone else that yes it's ok for for the health industry to drop people when they become sick and it's ok for them to make money for denying people the care they need.

As for your question regarding Hillary Clinton, here's probably the shortest thing I've wrote: NO.

Not Anonymous said...

Tough to understand little johhnys words. English must be his second language. But I'll try.

There were not 70,000 racist marches. It was Alex Baldwin that said he was leaving the country along with a bunch of other liberals. They didn't go.

The protest against the Dixie Chicks was in the form of not buying their records. The reason for the protest? They went to a foriegn country and belittled the President.

Michael Moore's movie was proven to be full of lies. Cindy Sheehan had her meeting with Bush and just wanted more. She wasn't and isn't very coherent.

The Anti War Protests never drew over a million.

If there were signs calling Obama an African, I didn't see them. There was one that showed him as a witch doctor. Tasteless? Yes. But apparently, the socialist Democrats don't understand the irony of a doctor and health care relationship. Doctors will be retiring if national health care comes and there will be a huge shortage. Government death panels would be the equivalent of a witch doctor.

This country is more conservative than liberal. In fact, it's called Center right. When the Republicans spent and spent, less Republicans showed up to vote and less independents voted for them and in 2006, the Republicans lost. No, we didn't go along. We let them lose their seats.

People will begin paying more taxes and that includes those under $250K in income. It starts in October when the capital gains taxes increases and continues through various other taxes, fees.

Each of the health care plans includes tax increases. Maybe not today, but tomorrow. Who do you think is going to pay that $900 billion bill?

Nobody is saying that health care is fine as it is. We are saying it's the best but still needs some improvement. The Government takeover is not the solution, it's more problems.

Johnny C said...

Ah it's not anonymous chipping in with his own brand of right wing talking points. Again it's seem the right wing are suffering from a massive case of short term memory lost regarding the last eight years of the Bush administration.

As the Dixie Chicks so freedom of speech is only within the United States? Ok using your logic will you and your fellow right wingers go after Mike Huckabee for attacking President Obama in Israel? Michael Moore has been proven a liar? Ok Not anonymous who has proven Michael Moore a liar? Wait let me guess before you write these people names down I'm guessing it's Newsmax, World Net Daily, Fox News, Powerline, Drudge and the sane and rational people over at Free Republic. Am I right? Or I'm leaving out other far right wing media outlets?

And what are you talking about the anti-war movement didn't draw that many people? Oh ok I see I wasn't clear about that where there were anti-war in the various cities they heavily out drew these glorify klan rallies. And I stand by the million remark.

I'm going to issue another correction here I said there was a sign saying "the Washington zoo has a lying African and the White House has a lying African" the sign that old buzzard was holding said "The zoo has an African and the White House has a lyin' African!" Don't worry I link the video at the end.

As for the Witch Doctor sign Not Anonymous the average right winger get confused when they have to fix the clock on their microwaves so I know they didn't see the President Obama as a witch doctor ironic as you put it.

This country isn't center right or conservative that's been the big lie you guys been pushing for the last 30 years. On the important issues the country has proven to be a left center country. The problem is the Democrats don't explain their positions or at least make the conservatives defend their positions to compare and contrast.

To wrapped everything up the other things you said are nothing more than bullshit you can hear on Fox News and right wing talk radio.

I stand by the statement the 9-12 march should be called the biggest sheet-less Klan rally or the 60,000 right wing hypocrite march.. Again I understand why the right wing wants to push up the numbers think about if you had 60,000 or 70,000 people in attendance at a NFL game depending on the stadium that game would be in danger of being black out.
go to 5:04 of the video to see the sign.

Oh yeah the classy sign "Bury Obamacare with Kennedy" not the signs were racist they would hateful. Oh by the way I'll almost forgot almost caught what you guys have.. On the if you don't like Bush then get out comment, that was the right wing response when liberals got vocal in their criticism of Bush. You should know it Not Anonymous because you go to the right wing websites.

Not Anonymous said...

Little Johnny I really do understand your confusion. You don't speak English very well and it's very difficult to understand what you're trying to say. I hope it's just that you're such an angry person that you're banging away on the keyboard and not paying attention to the words you're typing.

You rail about Newsmax and the others (which I didn't use as a source) yet you give out democraticunderground discussion board as a source? I'm sure you don't see the idiocy of that.

I happen to think that "Bury Obamacare with Kennedy" was pretty good. Kennedy has just died. He was buried. Obamacare will destroy what's left of the economy and increase taxes.

You're very good at telling me where I get my views from, although you have yet to be correct.

You see, Little Johnny, I don't need others to tell me how or what to think. Please don't project your failings onto me. I can think. You even admit that your socialist Democrat friends can't when you say they don't explain their positions or at least make Conservatives explain their positions. By your own admission, you socialist Democrats don't think and can't think for yourselves.

You like telling people what they do, but you have yet to be correct.

As for your video website source, sorry. I'm not interested in seeing some socialist Democrat website. We've already seen this past week the honesty of the socialist Democrats in the videos on ACORN. Add to that all of the states (Including Michigan) that is investigating ACORN for voter fraud.

You people are not just morally challenged, but anyone sane person reading your posts would find you intellectually challenged as well.

Not Anonymous said...

By the way, Little Johnny, You did mention the Drudge Report. I realize that this will be difficult for you to understand, but the Drudge Report website gathers stories from around the world and puts those links on it's website. They rarely write their own stuff. For instance, today Obama threw national security to the wind and said that Iran is not a threat. Now the AP has it out that Iran does have the capability to create a nuclear bomb and are not that far away from having a delivery system.

You really need to get away from the socialist blogs and start reading some facts and learning things. But never fear, I have no hope that you have the ability to do that.

Johnny C said...

Again Not Anyomous you're proving those on the political right can't be honest on anything. Like Guru said there is no such thing as a socialist Democrat party in America and I do wonder do you guys on the right even know what socialism even mean? It's clear you and your fellow knee-jerk right wingers don't.

As for Drudge it's a right wing website from misleading headlines to its misleading stories. And come on Not Anonymous you repeat the same old right wing bullshit that are on these sites I mention.

I'm not projecting anything you're proving it by repeating these things it's not my fault you recycle stuff you read off right wing web sites and I catch you on it.
But I did get a laugh when you try to flip the tables I bet you went ah-ha Democratic Underground see he's doing what he accusing me of doing.. Dude did you even watch the video? I doubt it.

Another thing I never admitted to anything only that the problem with the Democrats is that they don't take time to explain things in ways people can say "ah I see" now conservatives have won by using two very effective tools hate and fear. Think about what if Ronnie Reagan or George W. Bush actually told people what they truly believe and not what they think people want to hear no one in their right mind would vote for them.

And anyone supporting the "Bury Obamacare with Kennedy" sign can't talk about who does or doesn't have morals it's one thing to have a disagreement it's another thing to use something like that.

These losers were promoted by the same industry that want to keep the status quo. This what I got from the protest: we hate that n-word in the white house and the health care industry should keep their profits from turning away sick people.

Not Anonymous said...

Your last sentence is exactly why you'll never be able to argue a point because you don't have an open mind. You can't consider any other position other than that which you are fed from the Socialist Democrats. You admit it yourself when you say the Democrats don't explain their positions. If they aren't explaining the positions, then your'e blindly following them. If they tell you to scratch your balls, you immediately reach into your mouth start scratching.

In other words, you're completely dishonest but quite entertaining.

Communications guru said...

What a load of crap, little anonymous. If you’re not interested in “some socialist Democrat website” then what the hell are you doing here? You call me that all the time, even though you know there is no such thing as a “socialist Democrat” is this country, and that is just a fascist Republican talking point. Speaking of talking points, I don’t think you missed a singe rightwing talking point, from boogyman ACORN to terrorism. Talk about not being able to think for yourself.

But I’m wasting my time: you can’t make a closed mind see reason, and Johnny doesn’t need me to defend him. But, it makes no difference because you are not interested in an alleged “socialist Democrat website.”

Since I won’t be hearing from you again, Goodbye

Not Anonymous said...

Between the two of you, you only prove that you can't fix stupid.

I'm glad to see that you admitted that you're a socialist Democrat.

I did notice that neither one of you addressed the issues that little Johnny brought up. You whine about racism, but you don't talk about the issue. You whine about over a million people showing up to protest high taxes, outrageous spending and the takeover of the health industry but you have you have nothing to say on the issues.

Of course, it's hard for you to discuss health care since you have it for yourself, but don't do what's necessary to protect your own wife.

You lie repeatedly on every issue which only tells me that you're afraid of facing the truth and afraid of finding true solutions. You'll blindly follow your god then complain when you bump your knee in the dark.

But as I said, you both are very entertaining even if irrelevent.

Communications guru said...

I’m stupid, yet it was you who said you’re not interested in “some socialist Democrat website” but here you are again. I’m glad to see that you admitted that I’m not a socialist Democrat, or else you would be gone.

I never admitted I’m a “socialist Democrat,” little anonymous. I never admitted it because it‘s simply not true; that’s your false accusation. Second, as I have said time after time, there is no such thing as a “socialist Democrat” in this country, and that is just a fascist Republican talking point.

You didn’t notice that “neither one of us addressed the issues that Johnny brought up?” Then you simply can’t read very well.

I have never lied on any issue, little anonymous, and you certainly have never demonstrated where I lied and never will.

Goodbye again, little anonymous.

Johnny C said...

Not Anonymous it seems each time you get pressed you spit out more right wing bullshit. "over a million people" where you get that number from? Never mind I know the University out of Glenn Beck's ass the fire department said the racist marchers topped around between 60 to 70,000, well below a million.

Again I'm forced to ask the 60,000 racist if their protest was about government spending why didn't protested in the years of 2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007 and part of 2008? It's a simple question for simple people if they truly hated government spending and their movement has nothing to do with politics and race where were they during President Bush's term?

As for ACORN let's be real I'm willingly to bet you Not Anonymous a vast majority of you guys didn't know what ACORN was 40 months ago, let's be honest the real sin ACORN has done in the eyes of the right wing is that they was getting too many N-Words and other ethnic groups register to vote. Not excusing ACORN but let's be real Not Anonymous if ACORN was a right wing group like a Operation Rescue you wouldn't give a damn what they did.

Again I said the problems the Democrats have is that they don't explain things as simplistic as Republicans do. Unlike the Republicans followers we need more than a 30 second sound bite explanation on who the person is or what issues they stand for.

Unlike right wing Republican world everything is not black and white so you gotta explain things in shades of gray. Moving on from that Not why should bring up the bullshit you speak of?

The vast majority of the things that right winger say or write is a lie. These people protested for two reasons one the right wing media told them so and two it gives them a excuse to protest that N-word president they hate.

Not Anonymous said...

The only ones bringing up race are the socialist Democrats. The only one between us using the vulgar term for blacks is you. Congratulations on trying to mask it, but you've failed at least three times.

You're good at telling everyone why they do something and how many of them were there, but you're not good at explaining your own position, or even speaking coherently.

It's Congress that controls the purse strings, not the President. The President only signs or rejects the bills. REpublicans were warned to reverse the spending or they'd lose support. They lost their support and the socialist Democrats took over in 2007 and 2008. Still, the spending increased each year, as you acknowledged.

I've known about ACORN much longer than 40 months, unfortunately, I cannot speak as to how long others have been aware of their existance.

By the way, I didn't know that Donald Duck was black. I didn't know that Mickey Mouse was black. I always thought he was black and white. Yes, both of them were registered to vote.

Now ACORN has been advising two people how to skirt the laws of the land and giving ideas on how to avoid being caught and even advising on how to write off their taxes having underage teens in abuse and prostitution. I'm not surprised that you'd support them.

I am happy to hear that you're listening to Right Wing Radio and to Glenn Beck. It's unfortunate that you haven't figured out yet that when Beck does bring up something, such as Van Jones, the White House eventually gets rid of him. It's too bad that you can't see that once Beck brings up ACORNS advocating illegal activities, the Congress votes to rescind the money they get.

But all of these things seem to be way over your head. I'd suggest that you concentrate on a remedial English course before trying to speak. I mean, really. Do you really think that "where you get that" or "why should bring up " and "why didn't protested in the years" is intelligent sounding?

Perhaps your problem could be solved just by switching to decaf.

Communications guru said...

What do these words mean to you, anonymous: “I’m not interested in seeing some socialist Democrat website?”

The ones bringing up race are the idiots attending the fake, Astroturf “tea parties,” and there is no such thins as a socialist Democrat in this country, and that is just a fascist Republican talking point.

Not Anonymous said...

You're just repeating yourself. Try something new. Perhaps another topic that you can lie about.

Johnny C said...

Damn is that horse shit or is that Not Anonymous? Oh it's just not anonymous spitting out more right wing nonsense. Again the right wing don't care what ACORN did the sin ACORN committed was they was getting too many of those brown skin people to vote and you know what happens when too many of those brown skin people vote? States like Michigan remain in the Democratic column in elections.

It's funny well it's not but I notice the right wing don't put the same amount of outrage at groups or organization like Blackwater or Z when their fuck ups cause soldiers to lose their lives. I don't see Sean Hannity and that smart as a dog turd Michelle Malkin express outrage when faulty wiring shock troops in the shower or Glenn Beck crying off stage about blackwater charging American soldiers for polluted water to drink.

As for Van Jones I bet before Beck open his mouth about him the vast majority of average right wingers couldn't point out his picture in a book. And speaking of Captain crocodile tears, I guess he didn't tell you the group Van Jones helped found is causing him to lose sponsors. You say tomato I say petty payback.

I view that vote today as the Democrats not having the guts to call the Republicans out on their bullshit. If a right wing group did something and the Democrats threaten to pull funding for said right wing group the Republicans would be howling mad.

How about this Not Anonymous instead of ducking the question answer it if this protest that was held last Saturday was about government spending where were you people at from 2001 to early 2008?
And if this protest was about tax increases can I ask you do you make 250,000 or more a year? If so why don't you want to pay for your fair share? And if that protest was about the threat to civil liberties where was the outrage when the Patriot Act was passed, the suspension of Habeas Corpus and American citizens being wire tapped without a warrant or just cause?

I didn't see you guys take to the streets when Bush was president why is that? After all President Bush actually did the things you guys are accusing President Obama has done in his eight months in office.

Communications guru said...

Why are you still here? And show me a lie.

Not Anonymous said...

Little Johnny is now repeating himself almost using the exact same poor English. Are you here legally?

Communications guru said...

Why are you still here, little anonymous? I guess I can ask you another question: Are you here legally?

Johnny C said...

Not Anonymous why can't you simply answer the question? I know you're a pussy but damn they're very simple question and if you don't like them to say I'm right wing hypocrite and I hate that N-word in the white house.

1.If that protest was about government spending? Where was you and the other 59,000 klansmen during the years between 2001 to 2008?

2.If the protest was about tax increases? Do you and your fellow klansmen make 250,000 or more a year? And if so why don't you want to pay for fair share?

3.If this protest was about defending civil liberties? Why do you and the other 59,0000 klansmen defend wire tapping without a warrant, why did you and your fellow 59,000 klansmen supported the Patriot Act, why did you and your fellow 59,000 klansmen supported the suspension of Habeas Corpus? And why did you and your fellow 59,000 klansmen cheer when people were getting yanked out of George W. Bush's rallies only because they wore a t-shirt that didn't express support for Bush.

4. If you care about the corruption of ACORN why aren't you, your fellow klansmen and those people who tell you guys what to think on a daily basis are not equally upset with corporations like Blackwater when they charged soldiers to drink polluted water and due to their own faulty wiring it cause soldiers to be electrocuted to death?

But then again you're going to wuss out and give some half ass little dick response and I'll just ask you the same questions again, again, again, again, again, again and again until couple of things happen either you sack up and answer the questions on why the conservatives didn't mind the excess of the last eight years but chose to protest affordable health care for 40 million uninsured Americans or you just flat out leave Anonymous klansman.

Not Anonymous said...

Each of your comments and questions make assumptions which are not facts. If you want these questions answered, you'll have to remove the assumptions. If you can't be factual, then your questions aren't real. I'm not sure why you ask questions anyway, because you give answers your answers to the questions rather than really asking for a true answer.

A little bit of English might help as well. Let me guess, you call yourself a professional writer as does guru, don't you?

Johnny C said...

Again Anonymous Klansman,

If the protest was about government spending how come you and your fellow klan brothers and sisters didn't protest the last administration?

second question Anonymous Klansman if that protest was about defending civil liberties? Why did you support the Patriot Act, Wire taps without a warrant and the suspension of Habeas Corpus?

Third question Anonymous Klansman if that protest was about taxes, again do you and your fellow klansmen make 250,000 or more a year? And if you do explain why don't you want to pay your fair share in taxes?

Fourth question if the "actions" of ACORN upset you so much, why are you not mad at Blackwater you're paying them with your tax dollars and in return they're charging soldiers to drink polluted water and electrocuting them with faulty wiring.

Come on Anonymous Klansman just admit you hate that N-word being your president... I know you want to. I doubt Guru would boot you from his site if you admit the truth.

Communications guru said...

Well, I can’t speak for Johnny, but I was a reporter for more than 10 years. When you get paid for something that makes you a professional. Are you seriously criticizing my writing style for an occasional typo, anonymous? You might want to look in the mirror before you make that ridiculous statement again.

Not Anonymous said...

Little Johnny, again, your questions assume facts that aren't true which makes the questions unreal. Do not ask me a question assuming that I've done or not done something. Do not ask me a question assuming that I am of a particular race or race preference.

If you're seriously interested in answers, then you'll have to ask serious questions. Until then, all you are is a baiter. Not a very good one either. You maybe a great masterbater, but you're really very poor at baiting.

Johnny C said...

1.Anonymous Klansman again during the years where Bush had a solid GOP majority in both houses from 2001 to 2007,Bush didn't veto ONE spending bill nor did the Republicans object to budgets laid out by the Bush administration. And with reckless spending on both ends it increase government spending and it blew up the federal debt.
With that said if last Saturday protest was about government spending where were you guys at from 2001 to until the Democratic takeover in early 2007?

Another point these people made was they was complaining about their civil liberties. Yet during the Bush years these people defended the Patriot Act, defended wire tapping and interception of emails without people knowledge, defended suspending Habeas Corpus and the kicker anytime Bush had a rally protesters had to stand hundreds of yards away and those who had on t-shirts that supported John Kerry or didn't show support for Bush they got yanked out of that rally while those same people cheer and chanted "four more years" again the question is why didn't you protest then?

Again another theme was that they was complaining about being taxed too much, again do you or anyone else that align themselves in the 60,000 racist march make 250,000 or more a year? And if you do why do you people refuse to pay your fair share after the eight year break you had under the Bush regime?

And if the right is pissed about ACORN, why aren't they taking Blackwater to task they're taking tax payers money and in return polluted water for soldiers.

All those question is rooted in facts
1. Government spending higher during the Bush administration.

2.civil liberties and the constitutional rights were in danger during the Bush administration.

3.Under the Obama plan the only group of people that will see tax increases are those who make 250,000 or more a year.

4. Blackwater,Z or whatever they call themselves now have been getting tax payers money and in return they treat the American soldiers like shit.

One more why didn't you guys march in Washington when 9 billion dollars went missing in Iraq?

Again how can you protest things now when you supported them back then?

Not Anonymous said...

Again little johnny, you insist on your racist comments and race baiting comments. If you expect to address me and get a civil response, you'll ask honest questions, without answering them, and without comments about racism or my own race, which you know nothing of.

Johnny C said...

I'm not race baiting Anonymous klansman your buddies at the 60,000 racist march brought in race with their signs. Again these questions are legitimate if these people are so concerned about government spending where were they during Bush's term in office?

If they protested because they're worried about their civil liberties why didn't they protest things like the Patriot Act or warrant less wire tapping?

If the protest was about taxes the question remains do these people make 250,000 or more a year and if so why do they refused to pay their fair share after the eight year break they received during Bush's term?

As for ACORN, why aren't they equally upset with Blackwater for the crappy treatment US servicemen?

These people can't protest things they supported under the Republican flag..

Not Anonymous said...

I'm not Scottish either. Again, you're answering questions in your questions without having heard my answers. This only tells me that you're looking to yell out liar or make up other stuff including the stuff you've made up in your so-called questions.

Until I get honest questions, with facts behind them, it's not happening.

Johnny C said...

1. Fact the Bush administration and his GOP controlled congress are responsible for the growth in government spending.

2. The Patriot Act, phone wire taps, the interception of email and the suspension of Habeas Corpus happen during the Bush administration and there was no out cries from conservatives and those right wingers that attend the world largest klans rally last weekend.

3. And under the Obama tax plan only those who make 250,000 or over a year will see their taxes increase. And those attend the rally surly don't have to worry about that.

Anonymous you don't have facts what you have is what Newsmax or Fox News tells you.