Sep 23, 2009

Walk with Marty Griffin and volunteers Saturday to take back the Michigan Senate

Rep. Marty Griffin, D-Jackson, is looking for volunteers to march in the annual Harvest Festival Parade that steps off at 10 a.m. Saturday in Parma.

Griffin is running in a special election set for November for the 19th District that represents Calhoun and Jackson counties that was vacated with the election of Sen. Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek, to the U.S. House last November. This is the first step in taking back the Senate like we did the House in 2006.

The Republicans enjoy a thin 21-16 lead with the vacant seat, and they are pulling out all the stops to win it back. They see it as the first step in keeping control of the Senate in 2010. More people voted for Senate Democrats in 2006, but they gerrymandered the districts so badly, they kept control.

The budget process has shown how important control of the Senate really is. Senate Republicans are pushing an irresponsible budget proposal that mortgages Michigan’s future just so they can stay in power.

The Senate Democrats have presented an alternative budget proposal that still includes some painful cuts, but uses reforms to protect the things that will make our state competitive in the future. The Senate Democrat’s budget proposal would maintain funding for many important programs and looks to other funding sources to soften the cuts to other state programs. But, the Senate majority refuses to even consider it because at least five in the Republican Caucus are running for statewide office next year, and they want to be seen as cutting taxes.

The Republicans are throwing money around in this race like it’s candy, and they are practically paying volunteers. This is from the state party web site:
“For your help and support at these events, the Michigan Republican Party will take care of all transportation to and from events down in the 19th Senate District along with all hotel accommodations.” It doesn’t say if the accommodations are 4-star, but it’s sad that they are so bankrupt of ideas they have to bribe volunteers. When you are out of ideas, spend lots of money.

This is what we are up against, so we need you Saturday, as well as on other days to knock on doors and to phone bank.

The gathering point for Saturday’s parade is the corner of Elizabeth Street and Grove Street in Parma, 49269. You can RSVP by calling (810) 623-3198 or visit the Facebook page. The campaign is trying to set up car pools for the parade.


Not Anonymous said...

Listing Griffin as a Republican is probably the only way that he'll win. Nice try. Nofs is the Republican. Griffin is one of the Socialist Democrats.

Communications guru said...

Thanks for pointing out my mistake, anonymous. Too bad there are two lies in that helpful reminder. First, considering U.S. Congressman Mark Schauer held that seat until last January, a Democrat can win that seat. Second, if that’s true, then why is Nofs is acting like a Democrat; signing a pledge that he will not vote for any right to work for less law to get a union endorsement when he knows he will break it as soon as they twist his arm in the Senate Republican caucus if he should get lucky and win? Third, there is no such thing as a “socialist” Democrat in this county, and that is just a tired, old false fascist Republican talking point. But, you already know that.

By the way, anonymous, what are you doing here? Didn’t you say you were not interested in seeing some “socialist Democrat” website, and you falsely claim that’s what I am? I thought I had heard the last of you, but I guess that statement was another lie.

Not Anonymous said...

Schauer will have lost two seats for the Democrats. One, by running for Congress he left the people unrepresented in the Senate for a year, and with the increased taxes he and the other socialist Democrats have voted for an enacted on the people of this country, the Socialist Democrats are in huge trouble in getting re-elected in the next election. Two, he's voted for Obama all along and as you can see from the Tea Parties, the town halls around the nation and Schauers fear of holding a town hall in August, he's going to lose his seat in November of next year.

The people voted out the Republicans in 2006 because they didn't cut spending and grew the government in a huge way. What do you think they'll do to the Socialist Democrats who have spent four times as much in 9 months than the Republicans spent all total? They will be dropping like flies come their next elections.

In a state with 15.2% unemployment and in a one state recession for the past five years only worsened by the election of Obama and his reckless spending, it's not likely that Griffin has a chance in hell. He'd be better off walking down to the Ohio/Michigan border and putting a sign up that says "CLOSED".

That will be the preview in Michigan. Then there's Virginia where the Republican has a huge lead for Governor and in New Jersey (one of the top three liberal states in the country) their Socialist Democrat Governor is about to be trounced into oblivion by the Republican.

As I age, the days seem to go faster, but it's not going fast enough to reach the elections of November 2010.

This is going to be a fun 13 months. I wonder if they will play taps on CNN for the Socialist Democrats as they fall next year. Probably not. They just won't report the results.

Not Anonymous said...

I see that you're back. Decided to unhide again huh? That was so funny going to look for your response and to find that you'd changed it to by invitation only.

It's just so much fun waiting to see what silly thing you're going to say or do next.