Sep 8, 2009

Don’t forget the counter protest to the fake Astroturf bus tour today

In yet even more free publicity and promotion from the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus for the promotion of the big money, Anti-Obama partisan “Tea Party Express” bus tour sponsored by the rightwing “Our Country Deserves Better PAC that will be in Brighton today, the paper let’s us know that Sam “the digital converter box promoter” Wurzelbacher will speak.

You may know him as "Joe the plumber," only he’s not a plumber. His 15 minutes of fame should have been up long ago, but for some unknown reason right-wingers continue to roll him out as some sort of prop at these fake, Astroturf events. You will recall that he gained instant celebrity status after a chance encounter with President Obama when Wurzelbacher asked him a question during a campaign stop in Toledo in October of last year.

The right has, for some reason, trotted him out as, I guess, an example of a regular guy. He’s living proof that the President’s economic stimulus plan is working because he is thriving despite being unqualified for just about every job he has held because of his chance fame.

Don’t forget the peaceful counter protest sponsored by the Livingston County Democratic Party. Be at the Mill Pond in downtown Brighton no later than 3 p.m. today, Tuesday. Plug in the address of Brighton City Hall for directions, 200 N. First St. Brighton 48116. The Mill Pond is between First and Main Street, and there is a large municipal lot near city hall. There is additional parking behind the stores on the opposite side of Main Street across from the Mill Pond.


kevins said...

Wow. Americans are going to show up in a public place and express their opinion.

Yes, that's exactly the type of activity that guru would criticize.

Communications guru said...

Stop playing dumb, brett. Oh, wait; never mind.

liberalshateusa said...
Argus says over 3000 and there were about 30 pro Obama astroturfers all with the same sign passed out on the bus .
There were several hundred elderly persons with home made signs against health care reform. I wonder why?

Communications guru said...

If Republicans can’t draw a crowd in Livingston County they should quit, especially when you consider the number of outsiders bussed in and the amount of promotion the local paper gave it. Funny, WXYZ said the crowd was 1,000, and they had a helicopter and video tape. I also didn’t see anything about 30 Democrats.

That was the first time in four stories that the paper mentioned a Democrat although this is supposed to be a nonpartisan event. It was nothing but another anti-Obama demonstration. The irony is idiots like are supposed to be talking about out of control spending and taxes, but it was held in a public park and required extra police. I wonder who paid for that?