Sep 28, 2009

Fight redlining with a rally on Wednesday

If you’re tired of paying some of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation even you have never had an accident or even a traffic violation, then the place to be is at noon on Wednesday on the Capitol lawn to fight the practice of redlining and the high cost of auto insurance and demand insurance reforms that will allow all residents to purchase fair and affordable auto and home insurance.

The rally is sponsored by Sen. Martha G. Scott, D-Highland Park. Michigan consumers pay the 12th highest insurance rates in the nation. Detroit consumers pay an average of more than $5,000 a year for auto insurance, the highest rates in the nation.

Scott has sponsored legislation a person’s driving record. Rates should not be set on zip code, education level, job title or credit score – all factors currently used to determine insurance rates.

The same rally was also held in 2007, and more than 2,000 people showed up. Speakers set for noon on Wednesday include Rep. Robert Jones, D-Kalamazoo, former Rep. Nelson Sanders and Butch Hollowell, the state’s insurance advocate.

Detroit residents pay the highest rates in the nation, and Scott has arranged buses for some Detroit residents, The buses leave at 9 a.m. from various points in the city. Contact Scott’s office at (517) 373-7748 for pick-up locations.

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