Sep 1, 2009

Join the Livingston County Democrats for a peaceful counter protest

BRIGHTON – The Livingston County Democratic Party is planning a counter protest to the big money, Anti-Obama partisan “Tea Party Express” bus tour sponsored by the rightwing “Our Country Deserves Better PAC that will be in Brighton on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The farce will make a stop at the Mill Pond in downtown Brighton at 3:30 p.m., and the party is mounting a real grassroots counter protest that will be in sharp contrast to the fake, angry “tea parties” we have been subjected to.

Bring an American flag or wear an Obama pin or tee-shirt. The protest will be rational, and non confrontational.

The so-called “Our Country Deserves Better PAC” was formed in August 2008 by veteran Republican California political consultant Sal Russo and former GOP California Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian. The PAC’s mission is to oppose Obama and the "Democratic Congress." It boasts on its web site that "we must stand up to Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress." The PAC also solicits contributions by stating, "Help us fight the Democratic Congress!"

The stated “mission” of the bus tour is to “highlight some of the worst offenders in Congress who have voted for higher spending, higher taxes, and government intervention in the lives of American families and businesses.” What they really mean is Democrats and only Democrats.

They will have no problem drawing a crowd in predominantly conservative Republican Livingston County, but that has never stopped Livingston County Democrats from fighting back. We welcome help from people who care about real health care reform and the environment we must live in.


kevins said...

Odd to see this coming from you, but you seem to be saying that Democrats and only Democrats are responsible for "higher spending, higher taxes, and government intervention in the lives of American families and businesses."

Quite an admission from you.

kevins said...

Another thought...Does this mean that you are encouraging Democrats to break the law...You considered it an illegal act when protesters were going to show up at the Monroe parade. What's the difference?

Communications guru said...

No, that’s a quote from the Washington lobbyists sponsoring the alleged non-partisan bus tour. But, the fact is they are only targeting Democrats, so how can they be bipartisan, brett?

Communications guru said...

No, the City of Brighton has no rules about gathering peacefully in a city park, you do not have to pay an entry fee like you do to be in the fair parade and they are not harassing people.

kevins said...

Well, I do not believe the Express organizers are nonpartisan or bipartisan. Their web site clearly IDs them as conservative Republicans. I believe many of the people showing up are fed up with government, rightly or wrongly, and aren't fans of either party.

It's odd though that you accept the fact that it is the Democrats who support higher spending, higher taxes and government instrusion. That's consistent with your philosophy, but you haven't admitted it so clearly in the past.

What people were harassed in Monroe? What rules did the protestors break? What is the significance of a parade entry fee when the protesters were not in the parade? More lies from the guru. Stay tuned.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, brett, you’re wrong again; they and Republicans are trying to make the claim that these Astroturf “tea parties” are just people showing up that are fed up with government, and aren't fans of either party. That is an outrageous lie.

The problem with your logic, brett, is that Democrats do not support “higher spending, higher taxes and government (sic) instrusion.”

I still have never lied, brett.

kevins said...

Every time you say you've never lied, you tell another lie.

Of course Democrats support higher spending, higher taxes and government intrusion. You already said so, and now you are strangely trying to pull back from that position. But you were right the first time. How could any intelligent person say differently? If you deny that, you deny the purpose of the Democratic Party.

Are you saying Democrats aren't pushing to raise taxes in Michigan?

There is no doubt that the Tea Party Express is organized by conservative Republicans. But the people who show up are people who are attracted by the message. They may be misinformed and I may not agree with most of them, but it is arrogant to dismiss their thoughts and feelings. They are not hired extras from central casting.

You have tried to diminish these people before which, again, shows me the lie of some Democrats who say they support the "common people." You have great disdain for them. Just like the guy with his son in the wheelchair who showed up at the Dingell townhall meeting. You vilified the guy, suggested he was a plant, questioned his real identity, and even wanted him arrested for having the nerve to express his opinion. You are the closest thing to a fascist that I've seen in a long truly want strong central government control with the power to silence anyone who doesn't speak "the truth."

The folks showing up at the tea party express are by and large real people. They may not always have a grasp of the issues. That's hardly knew. The people swooning over Obama at the convention were drawn in about "hope" and "change" without being able to articulate a single substantive policy or change that Obama was going to bring.

Communications guru said...

I’m still waiting for you to prove I ever lied, brett, and it will never happen. No, Democrats do not support higher spending, higher taxes and government intrusion, and I never said they did or that I support that. It wasn’t a Democratic President who took a budget surplus and ran up a huge deficit. It wasn’t a Democratic President who spied on U.S. citizens, but it was a Democratic President who cuts taxes for the middle class.

What the Democrats are trying to do in Michigan is save things like early childhood education and the Promise scholarship that really contribute to our economic well-being, and they will have to raises taxes to do so. If I recall, in 200, like now, the Republicans controlled the Senate, unfortunately for Michigan.

But the problem is those conservative Republicans are using lies and outright racism to rile people up. It’s attracting secessionists, racists, white supremacist and militia members among the few who are sane and just disagree with the President. They should be honest and just say it’s a GOP campaign rally and stop with the farce that it’s nonpartisan.

The guy with his son in the wheelchair who showed up at the Dingell townhall meeting was 100 percent wrong, and absurdly so, but I vilified his behavior not the man. His behavior was still inappropriate, and he should have been arrested for his threatening behavior, not for his opinion. Why are you not up in the arms when the woman Dingell had speak was called a prop to her face? Not once was she disrespectful or threatening to anyone like the guy with his son was. Why were you silent?

If I want to silence people, I would not let you spew your false garbage, brett. It’s the tea baggers at the townhall meetings trying to silence people. We already have “a strong central government,” and that’s why we did away with the Articles of Confederation and adopted the Constitution.

I disagree that the people “showing up at the tea party express are by and large real people.” There are many, but the majority are a just members of fringe groups. Saying “they may not always have a grasp of the issues” is being generous, and a lot of money was spent to ensure they don’t.

Are you saying It’s wrong to be inspired by a leader? Are you comparing the racist and disgusting signs these people at the “tea parties” are displaying to people who are inspired enough for the first time in their lives to get involved on the political process? There is no comparison.