Sep 4, 2009

Rogers invents new lie about health care reform

Mike Rogers is a liar, but he is even taking the standard lie that the proposed health care reform plan will cancel your private health insurance and put everyone on Medicare even going farther and scaring senior citizens who love Medicare and telling them the lie that they will lose Medicare if the bill passes.

This makes you wonder if there is anything Rogers will not say to defeat President Obama? If Medicare is so bad - the government run health insurance program ran by the federal government - why would seniors be upset about losing it? Why would people then be upset if they went on it?

The Brighton Republican held a "tele-townhall" Wednesday evening because he is too sacred to hold a real townhall like all of Michigan’s Democratic Congressional delegation has, and in a story in the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, Rogers floated the outrageous lie that according to Section 102 people will lose both private health care and Medicare.

Not true. Factcheck says “The legislation wouldn’t require anyone to switch health insurance – though, in most cases, plans would eventually have to meet minimum benefit standards.” Factcheck also says Rogers scare tactic on Medicare is false, saying “And Congress isn’t proposing to cut benefit levels or to deny treatment to anyone who is "not worth the cost."

But I’m not the only one calling Rogers a liar, but they do it more nicely.
“Saint Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital doesn't share Rogers' views on the future of private health care and Medicare, said Tonya Nottmeier, director of Federal Advocacy for Trinity Health, which includes the Howell hospital.”
"Our health system has studied the House legislation and shared suggestions for improvement with many members of Congress. Congressman Rogers' comments do not reflect our understanding or interpretation of the legislation," Nottmeier said.

It doesn’t fit anyone else’s understanding or interpretation of the legislation besides tea baggers.

Rogers then tried to defend not holding townhall meetings like Democrats have.
“Rogers said he's found the phone forum eliminates the "shenanigans" seen at some in-person town halls, such as the presence of organized groups and people shouting down one another.
He said the phone forums have proven more cost-effective, and, unlike public town halls, allows thousands to listen in and participate.”

Did he say "shenanigans?” Well, there is no liberal lobbying group - or any liberal group - putting out a script on how to disrupt townhall meetings or shout anyone down.


Not Anonymous said...

Your lies continue.

Seniors don't love Medicare. It's just their only option. And it doesn't cover everything. To get additional coverage, they must be medicare supplement insurance plans that run over $1,000 per year and up.

Medicare is going broke. It will be bankrupt soon. Part of the Obamacare bill is to take money from Medicare to help pay for the new takeover of health care by the government. Read the bill.

People will lose their private insurance. If their employer doesn't provide access to coverage for them, they will go on the Obamacare plan. If an employee changes jobs, he can't get private insurance any longer. He must go to the obamacare plan. Read the bill.

There is a liberal group that was just caught on video giving instructions to their people on how to disrupt anyone that tries to speak up against Obamacare.

You continue the lie about Democrats holding town hall meetings on health care. Mark Schauer has not held a town hall meeting on this. Probably because he received such a hard time in February in the town hall meetings he held regarding the stimulus package when he said he was the only one in Congress that read the entire bill and was laughed at at every town hall he held. Now, during health care, he's been hiding. He's scared of the people. He will not make it past one term.

But your lies will continue.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, seniors do love Medicare. It’s the highest rated insurance plan by the users. If they didn’t like it, the Republicans would not be lying to them and scaring them by telling them they will lose Medicare under this proposal. I agree, it is the only option for many.

Medicare isn’t going broke. But the problem with Medicare, and any pool, is all of the people using Medicare already have health problems. Just think what expanding the pool will do. That’s why private insurers refuse to cover sick people because it cuts into their huge profits.

So many lies in one sentence. No, it will not take money from Medicare, and there is no takeover of health care. Read the bill, and stop getting talking points from “AFP” and “freedomworks.”

No, people will not lose their private insurance, and that has been debunked. Read the bill, and stop getting talking points from “AFP” and “freedomworks.”

Mark Schauer has held townhall meetings, many of them. How many have Rogers and Mad Thad held?

But your lies will continue

Not Anonymous said...

From the Washington Post: By 2017, Social Security will pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes, the trustees said in their annual report. The program's trust fund is projected to be exhausted by 2041, one year later than estimated last year.

Medicare, which serves more than 43 million elderly and disabled people, is in worse shape, with its hospital insurance trust fund projected to be insolvent by 2019, trustees said.

Regarding Mark Schauers decision not to hold town hall meetings on health care...

The only thing Schauer has done is have a teleconference call where he cherry picked the questions and questioners, and he's had private meetings with by invitation only partipants.

Your lies just keep mounting up. As for seniors health care, there are no options. You turn 65, you are on Medicare. This was set up in the 60's.

I've read the bills. You obviously haven't read them. Are you really Mark Schauer in drag?

Communications guru said...

socicial Security is fine, and the solution to making it solvent past 2041 is relatively easy.

Here’s what you ignored, Medicare’s problem are “fueled in part by rising health-care costs, have also been exacerbated by the new prescription drug benefit, which cost the government about $30 billion last year. “ Like the President said when he campaigned and won for health care reform, the current health care system is broken. Bush’s gift to the drug companies is costing us, and something as simple as allowing the government to buy drugs in bulk and negotiate price like the VA will help there.

Congressman Schauer has held five townhalls on health care in Charlotte, Coldwater, Jackson, Battle Creek and Tecumseh.

The only thing Rogers has done is have a teleconference call where he cherry picked the questions and questioners, and he's had private meetings with by invitation only participants.

I agree, for many seniors there is no other option than Medicare, but that is certainly not the only option.

I've read the bill. You obviously haven't read it.

Am I “really Mark Schauer in drag?” What the hell is that supposed to mean? I am who I say I am, and I provided my name and photo, in sharp contrast to your cowardly ways.

I’m still waiting for you to prove I have ever lied.