Jun 21, 2010

Republicans roll out false talking points over BP escrow account

The latest Republican talking point on the BP oil spill and worst ecological disaster in U.S. history is that President’s Obama’s securing of a $20 billion escrow account from BP to pay for the clean up and compensate Gulf Coast residents who have lost their livelihoods and way of life is that it’s unconstitutional.

Like everything else President Obama does, the Republicans will criticize him no matter what he does for any reason, and they are throwing around words like “tyranny” and “strong-arm” to describe the President’s move to ensure Gulf residents are properly compensated, unlike the victims of the Exxon Valdez disaster where victims waited years to be properly compensated.

I saw rightwing tool and TV pitchman Ben Stein was on the Larry King show pushing the lie that the escrow account was unconstitutional. Considering BP voluntary created the fund, I have no idea what constitutional principal was violated.

Drug addled gas bag Rush Limbaugh has already criticized the President for not doing enough and then doing too much recently made the ridiculous charge that the fund was “Organized Crime in White House.”

But the worst remarks were those of U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, the ranking Republican on the House and Commerce Committee, apologized to BP for its treatment by the President and having to pay for the damage they caused. Fellow Republicans ran away from him as fast as possible, and Barton apologized for the apology within minutes, but that’s how Republicans really feel.

Here is the scary thing and what voters need to remember in November: if Republicans controlled the House, Barton would be the one regulating oil companies like BP, and people in the Gulf who have lost the way of life they have enjoyed for generations would get nothing.


Grung_e_Gene said...

republicans and conservatives can not speak fast enough to defend their plutocratic overlords.

They can't be anymore explicit about their abject hatred for the Poor and Working class and their deference and desire to succor the rich.

Not anonymous said...


You're welcome to ask me any question you like. You make assumptions that aren't true. If you really want to know what a Republican thinks, it's wise to ask. When Socialist Democrats start deciding what Republicans think without finding out first, they never get it right.

For example, you're very wrong about Republicans hating the poor and working class. Most of us are the "working class".

Communications guru said...

I could not agree more, Gene. Republicans ran far and fast away from Barton’s apology, but the fact is that is the official Republican position. Despite Barton’s apology for his apology, that is the position of the House Republican policy committee.

I can’t wait to see how they spin that fact.

Communications guru said...

Like a bad penny. Republicans demonstrated how they feel about the working class and the poor.

Once again, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a socialist Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point.

Grung_e_Gene said...


It does not matter if you are working class. The majority of people who vote for the Republican party are, but the majority, by far, of working class people are not republicans.

And republicans don't care why you vote for them. Most often they laugh that their fear mongering , religious discrimination, gay bashing gets working class people to vote themselves in to abject slavery.

the republican party exists for the primary purpose of oppression of the American people and defense of the plutocratic class.

Not Anonymous said...

That's what I thought. No questions. You just make your assumptions and have no facts to back it up.

You say the majority, by far, are not Republicans. What's your source for this information?

Again, fear mongering? Where's your source? Religous descrimination? Where's your source? Gay bashing? Where's your source?

I'd also like to see your source for the primary purpose being oppression of the American people and defense of the plutocratic class.

But alas, you won't be able to source that either.

Communications guru said...

Actions speak louder than words, anonymous coward.