Jun 9, 2010

Drolet’s pig pinned

Republican Michigan Senate candidate and teabagger Leon Drolet continues to have ethical problems, and last week he finally got caught.

Those of us having the misfortune of having witnessed some of the fake, Astroturf Republican rallies disguised as teabagger events have seen the large plastic pink, pig Drolet brings to these events on a trailer. It is clearly a political sign, but nowhere is there a disclaimer on the pig as to who paid for it. Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer filed a complaint that Drolet ridiculed, but the Michigan Secretary of State agreed with Brewer.

She has ordered Drolet to put a disclaimer on his pig immediately or he will face penalties.

“There’s no doubt Leon Drolet will squeal like a stuck pig because of this decision,” Brewer said. “Drolet continues to think he is above the law. Violating the Michigan Campaign Finance Act is just his latest offense.”

The Secretary of State ruled Drolet must put a disclaimer on immediately and that disclaimer must read, “Paid for by” and be “followed by the full name and address of the person or committee that paid for the communication.”

Drolet - a former Republican state Representative, Macomb County Commissioner and executive director of the so-called Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) - headed up the recall effort against House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford, in 2007 because Dillon voted for a tax increase to avoid a state government shutdown. That eventual unsuccessful effort was ripe with corruption, and it led to the arrest and convention of two Drolet cohorts who forged signatures on the recall petition.


Brian Pannebecker ... On the Right said...

Tea Party members are referred to as "Tea Partiers" , only sick "progressive faggots" refer to them a "Tea Baggers".
You are disgracing the uniform you claim you wore by slandering a patriotic movement like the Tea Party.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, the rightwing extremists referred to themselves as teabaggers first, and so will I. Now, “faggot” is an offensive slur. So, are you implying I’m lying about my military service? I’m disgracing the uniform because I disagree with you? I don’t see teabaggers as a patriotic movement when many members are white supremacists, militia members, birthers, racists and people who want to secede from the union.

Slander is the spoken word; libel is for a published work. But the fact is neither applies because nothing I have written is false.

But I am glad to see you reading a quality publication that reports the truth.

Brian Pannebecker ... On the Right said...

You've obviously NEVER attended a Tea Party meeting if you honestly think " many members are white supremacists, militia members, birthers, racists and people who want to secede from the union".

You are obviously more interested in libeling the Tea Parties than being honest about what these patriotic Americans stand for.

Communications guru said...

I certainly have attended a few fake, Astroturf “tea parties.” You need to read further on the blog where white supremacists, militia members, birthers, racists and people who want to secede from the union were promoting them, as well as the two Republican Washington, D.C. think tanks that bankrolled them and organized them.

The defense against libel is the truth. I stand by what I wrote.