Jun 11, 2010

Watch Michigan Summit keynote speaker live in your PJs

If you are unable to attend the Michigan Summit: “Blueprint for Change” tomorrow, you can still see and hear keynote speaker, green jobs pioneer Van Jones, live from the comfort of anywhere on your computer.

This year’s Michigan Summit, sponsored by Progress Michigan, is being held at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing. Registration begins at 8 a.m. June 12, and the first session will start at 9 a.m. Online registration is closed, but you can still register at the door.

Jones is just one of an impressive array of 43 speakers and panelists at the daylong summit that runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Also speaking is economist Dr. Robert Johnson, a senior fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, who took on “Too Big To Fail” banks in his testimony before Congress and helped shape the landscape for real Wall Street reform before Congress. He’ll lead discussion on a 2010 reform agenda for Michigan that creates good paying jobs, strengthens communities, improves education, protects families, enhances the environment and expands freedoms.

Other speakers include Catherine Orenstein, founder of New York-based The Op-Ed Project; Flint Mayor Dayne Walling and Dan Kildee, President of Community Progress. Michigan lawmakers Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Sarah Roberts, Rep. Ellen Cogen Lipton, Rep. Woodrow Stanley and Rep. Kate Segal will also speak.

Jones is currently a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. In 2009 he served as White House advisor on green jobs. Jones was named by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2009 and designated a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum.

The mission of Progress Michigan is to provide a strong credible voice that holds public officials and government accountable, assists in the promotion of progressive ideas and uses state-of-the-art web based new media to creatively build grassroots support for progressive ideas. Progress Michigan is a marketing department for progressive ideas. It works year round to challenge conservative propaganda in the media and make sure that progressive perspectives are heard.


Not Anonymous said...

A "truther" and a racist and a socialist and a marxist to speak. Why am I not surprised that the socialist Democrats would run to this guy for inspiration. What next, are you going to bring out ropes to throw over trees?

And people wonder why the socialist Democrat party is in so much trouble. The socialist Democrats don't have America's interests. They only believe in control and their own power, which is about to be lost.

Communications guru said...

None of the above, anonymous coward. Like many Americans, he doesn’t believe Bush told the entire story about the 9/11 attack. Based on how Bush lied us into Iraq, that’s understandable.

Once again, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a “socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point. The Democratic Party is in fine shape, thank you. In fact, much better shape than the Republican party that is being driven off the cliff by teabaggers. There is a good reason the Democratic Party is as old as the country. Republicans only care about controlling something they say they despise. Opposing everything the President supported just so he fails proves that.

Johnny C said...

blah blah right wing republican talking point blah something Glenn Beck told me blah.

Let's be honest about the real reason Glenn Beck went after Van Jones, Jones former group Color of Change went after Beck for calling President Obama a racist.. And thanks to them Beck lost a shit load of ads.

Not Anonymous said...

Let's see, do I believe a couple of Socialist Democrats that really do nothing but spout off their BS or do I believe dozens of reports? Tough choice...well not really.

Jones, who joined the administration in March as special adviser for green jobs at the CEQ, had issued two public apologies in recent days, one for signing a petition in 2004 from the group 911Truth.org that questioned whether Bush administration officials "may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war" and the other for using a crude term to describe Republicans in a speech he gave before joining the administration.
His one-time involvement with the Bay Area radical group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), which had Marxist roots, had also become an issue. And on Saturday his advocacy on behalf of death-row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of shooting a Philadelphia police officer in 1981, threatened to develop into a fresh point of controversy.

You can read the entire story here.

I didn't realize that Little Johnny listened to Glenn Beck. Even I won't listen to him.

Not Anonymous said...

You might want to read the rest of that link. Even the White House admits that the stuff Jones was involved in caught them flat footed. Sounds like the White House believes it even you two don't.

Johnny C said...

More faux outrage from father of Captain Burger McFlipper

Instead of wasting time respond to you I'll these do the talking..




Not Anonymous said...

media matters is socialist Democrat leftwing marxist opinion site. For all of your complaining about Fox being a right wing tool, media matters is the left wing tool. The difference is that Fox news is a news outlet, where media matters isn't. In fact, looking at it just today it really looks like an advertisement for Fox News and now the Fox Business Network.

Get some real sources.

Communications guru said...

First, anonymous coward, I am a liberal Democrat. Second, there is no such thing as a “Socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point. As for “dozens of reports,” bat-shit crazy Glen Beck attacked him on his show like 14 times or so. You can watch Beck the conspiracy theorist on Youtube or Newshound.

Again, there are plenty of conspiracy theorists. I have no idea how “truthers” are any worse than birthers. The claim that Bush let 9/11 happen on purpose is ridiculous, but the fact is he has not told the entire truth about 9/11.That’s how conspiracy theories get started. But birthers like you have been presented with his actual birth certificate and tons of proof but still hold on to that lie.

He described Republicans as assholes. That is an accurate statement. He apologized. I don’t think he should have.

Jones actitivism has centered on the issue of police brutality after the deliberate, vicious and unnecessary beating of Rodney King. He joined STORM after law school, and it seems to me like a young guy trying to find his way and his views evolving. He finally came to saw capitalism is a better system, even though capitalism is rife with unfairness and corruption. Still, with regulation and watchdogs, it is the best system around, and maybe someday it will work again like it did years ago before the huge gaps between the rich and poor and we had a healthy middle class.

If true, so what if it “caught the White House flat-footed?” He resigned. He should have stayed and fought the false Republican noise machine, but he cared more for the Obama Administration’s goal of getting the country out of the ditch.

I thought I was no longer going to hear from you because I was so unimportant?

Communications guru said...

First of all, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a “socialist Democrat” in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point.

No doubt Media Matters is supported by liberals, and they are not trying to hide it like Faux “news” But what MM does is hold a mirror up to the conservative media via their actual video and audio.

“Faux “news” is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, and they lie about it with the claim they are “fair and balanced.” There is a reason the person in charge was the media advisor for Nixon and Reagan, and that every ex-Republican becomes a “contributor” or gets their own show.

Not Anonymous said...

So that's how it works. Tell a lie but if there is justification for it, then it's okay. I see how that works now.

I know it doesn't fit your mold, but regardless of how many times you say it, I'm not part of the 'birther" crowd. You can see that by my saying so in previous posts on other topics.

Say what you will about Fox News, but the fact is that it's been Number 1 for 9 of it's 13 years of existance.

I wonder if you realize that the so called mainstream media has the problem you claim that Fox News has but just in reverse. Let's see, George Stephanopolous was a Clinton lackey now he does ABC. I think I heard that he moved to Good Morning America but I don't know if he still does This week. But he's one of their top people. Hmm, liberal going to a liberal media outlet. Got it. Then there is the female that went to the Obama Administration from ABC.

Let's make a comparison here. 6:00 Report with Bret Baier and Wolf Blitzers situation room. Baier has a round table after the news. Two liberals (Juan Williams and either Mara Liasson or some other Socialist Democrat liberal babe with usually Brit Hume and Charles Krauthammer. Then you have Wolf. He'll have Paul Begala, James Carville, Donna Brazille all liberal socialist Democrats, all three that worked in the Clinton administration, and a moderate Republican, Alex Castellanos. Sometimes they'll throw in David Gergen, another socialist. Three to one on Wolf's situation room and two to two on Baiers news report. I think from that mix, I can see where Fox is fair and balanced as opposed to Wolf who has the token Republican, not even Conservative.

You don't have to read what I say. Just ignore me. Or ban me if you like. Your only problem with banning me is that you are unable to put my name and address out there like you did that other guy.

Have to give you credit for trying through. First you required an id. So I'm Not Anonymous. You couldn't find out real names from that, so you added word verifications. When that didn't work, you added the need to fill in a birthdate along with the word verification and the ID. Recently, I've been getting notices that require a mobile phone number. You really have this stalker mentality to you.

You can always ban me. But you won't have my name, address and phone number. What you did to the other guy was just plain sick. You exposed him and his family to any pervert out there. Although, I guess he said he used something that was fake, so you apparently exposed someone else to your sick actions.

Johnny C said...

Again Not this is nothing more faux outrage, I bet a vast majority of you idiots didn't know who Van Jones was before Beck decided he wanted payback since Jones' old group was costing him advertisers' money.

Communications guru said...

“Tell a lie but if there is justification for it, then it's okay? “ I have no idea what you’re talking about, anonymous coward. You certainly are a birther, anonymous coward.

That’s all you got, anonymous coward, George Stephanopolous? He hosts a panel show. Is a Democratic media consultant in charge of any of the three network news programs or MSNBC like Roger Ailes was the media advisor for Nixon and Reagan?

I don’t ignore you, anonymous coward. I answer all of your baseless lies with facts. I’m not going to ban you, and if I did I would give you lots of warning, like I did before. You’re the one who said what I write was unimportant; leading me to believe you weren’t coming back.

The other guy is probably you, and he told me it wasn’t his address anyway. Not only that, I posted my address, too. I never tried to ban you. Why would I? I didn’t add word verifications or a birthday you lying coward. A mobile phone number? You sir, are a bald face liar. You sure are a Republican for sure.

I required people register because I wanted you lying cowards to take ownership of the false personal smears. I had no idea which anonymous coward I was talking to. I know it’s you spreading false personal attacks, even if you continue to hide behind an anonymous screen name.

Like I said numerous times before, I would never write anything I would not say to someone’s face, but you are a coward. I challenge you to say some of the bullshit lies you write about me and my family to may face, but I know you’re too much of a coward to ever do that.

You’re false smears speak volumes, anonymous coward.

Johnny C said...

When right wingers like Not talk about the media you almost got to laugh at them. The majority of talk radio is right wing I posted a story about it few years ago, cable news treat both sides as equal even tho the right wingers that appear on cable shows are lying their asses off most of the time.

And as for printed media you got right wing rags like the "The Detroit News" but going back to cable news for a quick second look at the difference between MSNBC and Fox News.

With MSNBC you got three hours of right wing crap with Morning Joe with right wing Joe Scarborough and they balance it out with Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. another point I'll give them over Fox the in between stuff is straight news. As for Fox News it's right wing talking points in the morning, right wing talking points in the afternoon, right wing talking points at night and even right wing talking points late night with "Red Eye".

Not Anonymous you can't name one liberal on Fox News that host his or her own show and no "Greta Van Susteren does not count.

Not Anonymous said...

Oh man, you just gotta love that. You tell me to name one liberal host and then say Greta Van Susteran doesn't count. Well, she does count. She's on for an hour each night and then it's repeated later. In addition, Geraldo Rivera has his own show. Another liberal. Juan Williams has filled in for O'Reilly. Another liberal. There may be others, but I don't watch alot of TV. Apparently, Little Johnny watches much more of Fox News than I do.

Not Anonymous said...

Nope. I'm not a birther. You can claim it all you like, but it's just another of your lies.

You do answer everthing. You claim they are lies and you claim they are baseless, and you claim that you've debunked things. But having the last word doesn't make you the truth giver. Your assertion that I'm a birther for instance is a lie. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not, but I don't worry about what you think because as I said you are unimportant. I actually read this because you remind me of the court jester.

So before I was Jr. now I'm the other guy.

I've never smeared your family. I don't know them. Your words I've read. I have no idea who they are. And really, I don't attack you. Just your words and your lies unless you start the name calling first, which you have. Numerous times in various topics as well as the very first time I posted here. You get what you give.

Oh and by the way. You did have the chance to say something to my face at one point. You turned out to be nothing more than a wimp.

Oh, and Joe Scarborough is not right wing. Moderate, yes, but on the right? No.

I am glad that you brought up MSNBC. I'd completely forgotten about them. I don't watch them, so it's easy to forget about them. Obviously, you're one of the 13 people in this nation that does watch them.

I will make one possible correction. While you have required registration and word verification and now a birthdate, it may not have been you that required a mobile number. It may be google because it doesn't happen all of the time. But with your track record, I'm not willing to give you completely the benefit of the doubt.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, anonymous coward, you are a bither.

You need to go back and read your numerous false, personal smears, anonymous coward, before you make a false claim like that.

“You did have the chance to say something to my face at one point. You turned out to be nothing more than a wimp?” Really, when was that? That’s another lie, and the fact is every single word I write, anonymous coward, is to your face. See, my name is on my blog, and I’m not hiding behind an anonymous name like you. Not only that, I have not personally attacked you, other than your lack of intelligence, honesty and courage. The only wimp is you, anonymous coward.

Joe Scarborough is a former Republican Congressman. How many former Democratic Congressmen have a show on Faux “news?”

MSNBC has good ratings. Just think how much better they were if it was on every cable system, like Faux “news.”

You area a liar. The only thing you need to post here is to register a screen name with Google. When I post a comment, as do you, all you need is to post is a user name, password and word verification.

When your boy Roger Ailes was asked who the token liberal was on faux “news” he named Greta Van Susteran. If she’s a liberal I’m a tea bagger. She fawns over Sarah Palin, and almost every story is about Natalie Holloway. Geraldo Rivera is a journalist, and Juan Williams is a Faux liberal. They only have weak or unknown liberals, and if those are too strong, they are not back. I would love to see people like Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Mike Papantonio, Barbara Ehrenreich or any other strong and well known liberals as a guest or host.

Not Anonymous said...

Msnbc is only ahead of CNN and sometimes they don't even beat CNN. But if you like to think that second from the bottom is good, you're welcome to it.

You can call me a liar all you like. Others have to do the same thing that I do and if I have to enter a birthdate, so do they and they know you're lying.

If you don't like Fox news, why watch it? I don't like MSNBC so I don't watch it. I just don't need to hear about that thrill going up Chris Matthews leg.

By the way, Fox did have another ultra liberal Socialist Democrat with his own show with Sean Hannity when it was Hannity and Colmes and that would be Alan Colmes. He chose to leave, but is still on various news programs debating the other side.

I did a search and couldn't find anywhere that Roger Ailes called Greta Van Susteran his token liberal.

If you don't think that Juan Williams is a strong socialist Democrat that's up to you.

But, why doesn't Fox have the same number of socialist Democrats as they do Conservatives? Because people don't listen to socialist Democrats. That's why Stephanie Miller is not a high ranked Radio show, nor is Ed Schulz. Air America went broke and no longer exists. People don't want to hear socialist Democrats. They want to hear Conservatives.

By the way, Anthony Wiener is a regular guest on Fox. I just saw him on Friday mornings program talking about ending some spending on sheep.

I'm not going to apologize for Fox not having more socialist Democrats on other than Rivera and Van Susteran and Colmes. I really don't want to hear them. I hear them too much when CNN is on or ABC or NBC or CBS.

Fox news is number one and according to a poll in January, people tune into them because they find them more accurate.

If you don't like Fox News. Stop watching it. It works for me with MSNBC. I have that channel blocked so that my TIVO doesn't record it when I'm not looking.

Communications guru said...

Again, anonymous coward, all you have do to post a comment here is a user name, password and word verification.

I don’t watch Faux “news.” The problenm is that the rightwingers use their false talking points. Besides, I don’t have to watch it; that’s what Media Matters and Newshound are for.

First of all, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a “Socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point. Alan Colmes proves my point, and he is a typical faux “news” liberal. I actually could stomach watching sean haitey for a short time when Colmes was one, but he never really debunked haitey’s false Republican talking points like he should have. It would have been a much different story with someone like Ed Schultz or even Bill Press.

That was my mistake. It was faux CEO Rupert Murdoch who said Greta Van Susteran was the token liberal.

Again, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a “Socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point. Again, Juan Williams is a Faux liberal. They only have weak or unknown liberals, and if those are too strong, they are not back. I would love to see people like Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Mike Papantonio, Barbara Ehrenreich or any other strong and well known liberals as a guest or host.

Again, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a “Socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point. But I thought faux “news” was fair and balanced? Apparently not.

No, people don’t want to hear conservatives. Liberal talk will do as well or better as rightwing talk, and it does in many markets, despite usually having the weakest signal in the market. Here in Michigan, I can’t get liberal talk unless I’m east of Brighton, but I can here drug-addled gasbag rush Limbaugh anywhere in the state. I have to pay $7.95 a month to subscribe to the Stephanie Miller pod cast. With all those radio stations carrying his show and ones with great signals, rightwing tool Bill O’Reily got his ass kicked.

There are no socialist Democrats on faux “news” because there is no such thing as a “Socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point. I’m not asking you to apologize, just admit the truth that it’s not “fair and balanced.”

That sure proves the 30-year strategy of the “liberal media” lie has worked better than Republicans thought.

I’m still waiting for you to tell me when I had the chance to say something to your face, or better yet, when you had the chance to say one of your anonymous false smears to my face.

Not Anonymous said...

Ok. One at a time.

Paragraph 1. You're wrong or a liar.

P 2. Media matters tells you what to think? No wonder you have no clue.

P3. I don't care what you can stomach. The funny thing is that I don't know how you can know what's being said on Fox if you don't watch. Oh wait, you already said. You let media matters decide for you.

P4. I'll look it up later if I deem it worth my time.

P5. You don't watch Fox, so your opinion of anyone on Fox really means nothing. Or were you lying?

P6. Let's see, you think Fox News is not fair and balanced and I challenge CNN's claim to have the best political team on Television. Gee, what a great and worthwhile debate.

P7. Talkers Magazine recently put out the most listened to talk show hosts compiled from Arbitron. The Rush Limbaugh Show – 20+ million
The Sean Hannity Show – 16+ million
The Savage Nation – 9+ million
Glenn Beck Program – 9+ million
The Dr. Laura Program – 9+ million
The Mark Levin Show – 6.25 million
The Laura Ingraham Show – 6.25 million
The Dave Ramsey Show – 6.25 million
Neal Boortz – 4.25+ million

Where's that liberal again?

Unbelievable!!! You're paying $7.95 per month for a Stephanie Miller podcast and complain that you can't afford health care for your wife? And you expect people to take you seriously?

P8. CBS, NBC, ABC. If you tune into any one of their newscasts, the only difference between them is the anchor. They have the same stories, in the same order for the same segment time. They're paying Katie Couric to be Brian Williams and they're paying whomever is in the revolving door at ABC to be Katie Couric. Fox news is the balance to the other threes socialism and still manages to beat out CNN, MSNBC, CNBC. Fair and balanced? Yes. They very much are. Their news staff is professional.

P9. You still don't get it. Everything to you is a lie. Perceptions are a lie. Mistakes are a lie. Opposing thoughts are a lie. Opinions are a lie, unless they are your opinions. I've been trying to point this out for weeks by using the same tactic as you and still, you don't get it. The media is tilted left. America is tilted right. Numerous polls show it on both subjects.

P10. You'll figure it out eventually. Or maybe I'm giving you too much credit.

Communications guru said...

Paragraph 1. Neither.

No, Media Matters presents the video and transcripts of faux lies.

Again, anonymous coward, Media Matters presents the video and transcripts of faux lies.

I doubt you will, anonymous coward, but the pointy is I back up my opinions with facts, unlike you.

Of course I don‘t watch faux, but again, anonymous coward, Media Matters presents the video and transcripts of faux lies.

Correct, anonymous coward, faux “news” is not fair and balanced, and you even said as much. CNN is a real news organization, unlike faux.

Once again, anonymous coward, conservatives are on more stations and more powerful stations, so common sense says there will be more listeners. In the few markets where things are equal, liberal talk does as good or better.

“Where's that liberal again?” I have no idea what you’re talking about. I know where they aren’t.

Ah, the personal smears. I knew that could not be far away. It’s $7.95 well spent, and worth every penny. Where can I buy health insurance for $7.95 a month, anonymous coward? Most of the 50 million Americans without health insurance are in the same boat as I am; working multiple jobs and can’t afford to buy it. I never thought I would have to worry about it after retiring from the military with the promise of lifetime health care.

Faux “news” staff is professional? That’s a good one.

No, you are the one constantly accusing me of lying, which is the lie. The media is conservative, and “liberal media” bullshit is nothing but a false political strategy. America is not tilted right, and if it were we would not have Social Security, the FDIC, Medicare or numerous other great things. How does a poll show the media is liberal?

“P10. You'll figure it out eventually. Or maybe I'm giving you too much credit.”
Why don’t you stop playing games, anonymous coward. You can’t mean the guy who used to run the “suburban voice.” I didn’t know that blog was still up. The personal smears are similar, but I don’t think that’s who you are talking about. Besides, if I “turned out to be nothing more than a wimp” then so did you. Plus, me and the suburban voice guy left with an understanding that we would agree to disagree, but he would stop with the false personal smears like the ones you are using, anonymous coward. Regardless, you know where I live, and I don’t hide behind an anonymous name.

Not Anonymous said...

Nope. I'm not the guy from suburban voice.

Nope. I don't know where you live. Well, other than Howell because you've said it so many times.

You see, I don't have to dare or challenge people to meet face to face with the implication that there will be a fistfight to prove I'm a man. That's nothing more than schoolyard crap.

You and I were nearly shoulder to shoulder once and I heard a couple of the comments you made to whomever it was you were with. So I made my comments to my date. I have no idea if you heard them or not and I didn't really care, but it was funny that as we were walking away from you, you had a pissed off look on your face. Now, maybe you are always just pissed off at life in general and it had nothing to do with me. After all, you come across on here as being pissed off at the world everyday. So maybe I'm taking too much credit.

All of you socialist Democrats are pissed off all of the time, but I understand it. I mean really. Look at what you have to work with.

Today must be even more difficult since that zogby research on who uderstands the economy better came out. 4,835 people were involved and socialist Democrats came off as knowing very little about economics. NOw the socialist Democrat groups are coming out of the woodwork making excuses for their ignorance.

Johnny C said...

Seriously Not Creditable you're projecting what you do unto others, as for media matters again you guys rather debate what's in it. Before you go well you did that with my links, here's a difference Media Matters back there stories with audio, full transcripts and actual facts and figures. While as your "sources" are opinion pieces or "information" lifted off other right wing sources.

As for MSNBC/Fox News debate here's another difference while you got liberals like Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow they have been critical of President Obama.

But when you look at Fox News other then the immigration debate to pander to the white racist males in the audience Fox News has acted like a spin department for the Bush White House. Outside immigration when have you heard Sean Hannity being critical of the Bush white house or how Bush handled a particular issue?

It never happens. As for Juan Williams the typical Fox News liberal has no strong opinion of their own. As for Greta how many liberals do you know who host their own show would book the likes of Karl Rove, Newt, Rick Santroum and every elected GOP official under the sun as guest and pretty much nod in agreement everything they say?

To Guru I believe Greta's husband has some business interest with SarahPAC but I gotta look into it.

As for rating between Fox News and MSNBC: Glenn Beck has been losing viewers since late winter.. But back to the subject when you got every right wing freak in the country while us normal people are split watching different things it creates the rating unbalance..

Further more bragging about cable news ratings is ridiculous more people are probably watching re-runs over on Tv Land then watching "Hannity" on any given night.

Communications guru said...

Who really cares who you are? You’re the one who made the false charge I “wimped out.” My name is on my blog, and like I said before, you know where I live.

You see, I don't make false, personal smears hiding behind a false name. If I can’t say it to their face, I don’t say it or write it., and that’s why you are an anonymous coward.

Funny, you claim we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once,” but they you claim; “Nope. I don't know where you live. Well, other than Howell because you've said it so many times.” I have no idea what you’re talking about, but then again, I’m accustomed to your lies.

I’m pissed off? Apparently you have never been to a gathering of teabaggers; which is strange because you are one, anonymous coward.

Once again, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a socialist Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point.

I don’t know what you’re talking about with this alleged poll, anonymous coward, but I know history. History proves Republicans plunge the country into a recession or depression, and Democrats get the country out of it, just like President Obamna is doing with the worst recession since the Great Depression that he was left with.

Not Anonymous said...

Speaking of pissed off socialist Democrats. I must be a psychic. Representative Bob Etheridge attacked a college kid? I can't wait to see how the socialist Democrats spin this. First they elect a guy that didn't even campaign in South Carolina to run against Senator DeMint and now they are upset that they didn't know he was about to go to court for some felony and can't figure out how he got elected without campaigning. Now they are claiming that something must be wrong with the voting machines. Then second, you have Etheridge attacking young college students who asked a very simple question.

I wonder how long before Etheridge says that he and his family discussed it and he needs more time with his family and is not going to run after all.

Communications guru said...

Speaking of anonymous cowards, I’m still waiting for you to prove how I “wimped out” and to back up your lie of when we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder.”

As you know anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a “Socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point.

Perhaps you can tell me what Representative Bob Etheridge has to do with Val Jones speaking on Saturday. But this is you MO, anonymous coward, because you have such a short attention span and zero facts. First, Etheridge didn’t attack a college kid. He attacked a minion of Andrew Breitbart, the money man behind James O'Keefe and the pimp and hoe lie.

Etheridge apologized, and Breitbart’s flunky needs to file chares. You’ll have to enlighten me about the DeMint story.