Jun 2, 2010

Democrat Kande Ngalamulume drops out of 8th District Congressional race

Apparently, Mike Rogers will be free to raise more corporate cash for other Republicans after his opponent, Democrat Kande Ngalamulume, announced today that he is ending his campaign for Congress for the 8th District seat in a press release. It appears Rogers will run unopposed for the first time since he practically stole the election in 2000 with the “Rogers law.”

The campaign office has closed and all campaign operations have terminated. Ngalamulume offers the following remarks.

“It is with a grieving heart that I must announce I am ending my campaign for Congress. After two difficult months of trying to get this grass roots campaign off the grounds, it is now apparent to me that there is not enough interest amongst the political establishment and many constituents in this district to replace Mike Rogers in Congress. As a result, I am suspending my campaign at once.

All along, I knew that trying to unseat a five-term incumbent would be a rather difficult proposition; however, I did not let that deter me from jumping into the trenches to fight for the future of this great state that I love. I will always be proud of what we were able to accomplish, with very limited resources, and in such a short period of time. There is no shame in having given this run a try. The causes for which I believe in, mainly a strong state economy with good paying jobs, affordable health care for Michiganders, fully funded education system and a renewed infrastructure, are not lessened by my leaving the race. Michigan is down right now, but I will always maintain that we can come back with strong leadership and sound policies. My passion and conviction is commensurate to the challenge we face, but at this point I am too physically, emotionally and financially spent to pursue these goals.

I want to thank everyone who believed in me and gave your support, I will be forever grateful to you. I wish for each and every one of you to enjoy great health and happiness.”

It’s hard to fault a Democrat for balking at running in a district hat has been gerrymandered to make it strong Republican, but at the same time it’s too late to withdraw so someone else can run. Ngalamulume’s name will still be on the ballot.


Not Anonymous said...

Of course it's gerrymandered. You'd never admit that a Republican could win. I'm really anxious to see what excuse you give this fall when the Republicans take over the House, and if they take over the Senate, you'll be writing on the wall of the cardiac ward at the local hospital.

Your guy dropped out after less than two months of running. Yet he claims that he's proud of what he accomplished. What did he accomplish? It was nice of him to thank those that supported him. All two of them.

Communications guru said...

Correct, is was gerrymandered. Are you saying it’s not? The Republicans will not take over any House in November; neither the Michigan nor the U.S. Like I have said many times, the party in the White House always loses seats in the mid-term election, and we will lose some seats in November. What we will not lose control of the House or Senate.

You’re right, he didn’t accomplish anything. “All two of them?” Considering the last Democrat running in that district in 2008 got more than 145,000 votes, two seems pretty low.

Not Anonymous said...

I'm not saying it is or it isn't. I'm saying that I'm not going to whine for the ones that are gerrymandered against my party. You guys have control, now anyway, which makes the ability to gerrymander in your guys control for the time being.

Oh, I know, Socialist Democrats would never do such a thing (shock!!).

I have no idea how the State House is going to end up. But the US House is going to have a record changeover. The comparisons to 1994 will end and the comparisons to 2010 will be the standard for years to come.

Even in Pennsylvania, Obama had to bring Specter (the loser backed by Obama). The Mayor is the only other one to accept his invititation to come. Sestak refused. Two guys (Casey was one of them) said that they were on a planned anniversary vacation with one of them saying "if I came back for that, I'd not be celebrating a 36th anniversary next year." I guess he's afraid of ending up like Al Gore if he's seen around Obama. Can't blame him.

Even Sestak refused to come. But then, I'm sure they don't want two criminals on the same stage. Obama AND Sestak.

Communications guru said...

It is. Yes, we do have control now, and that’s why we’re hearing all this talk from Republicans about having an independent commission to draw the districts, like the LSB.

The problem, as you know anonymous, is there is no such thing in this country as a “Socialist” Democrat, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point.

Like I said, the state House will stay in Democratic control, as will the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate.

The Pennsylvania paragraph makes no sense. Still, that election proved that people want real Democrats. The only head to head Democrat/Republican race – the seat held by the late Jack Murtha – was won by a Democrat. The face of the teabaggers won in Kentucky, and people are seeing how extreme these people really are. Of course, both Democrats for that seat got more votes than crazy extremist Rand Paul.

President Obama and Admiral and Senator-elect Sestak are criminals? That is simply ridiculous. Stop playing dumb.

Johnny C said...

For a person who claims he or she doesn't read the right wing blogs you do know a lot of their talking points.

The biggest problem your party have Not is that the Repubs doesn't have any leadership, no ideas other than giving the richest two percent tax cuts, no message other then OBAMA BAD, OBAMA NO and you have internal conflict with the racist tea party.

I'm not saying the Repugs won't win seats but I doubt it's going to be 1994 because of those factors. Any gains you get in the house would be gone in 2012 when President Obama is up for re-election against Mittens Romney or Red Queen Palin(if she believes her own hype).

Sorry guru the other things not wrote I'm not even going to bother to address because it's pure horseshit.