May 10, 2010

Right is spinning out of control over oil leak

Republicans have been spinning out of control trying to blame the explosion of the giant BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and the resulting oil spill on President Obama.

Shortly after the explosion on April 20, Drug addled gas bag Rush Limbaugh said the President was rushing in to play the hero. Shortly after that, he and other conservatives were saying he had not done enough, and it was his Hurricane Katrina.

Limbaugh even said there is no need to do a clean up of some 4 million gallons of oil There is no tragedy that Limbaugh will not use to bash Democrats. But, this is not about the drug addled one.

Discredited Right-wing tools from Sean Hannnity to Karl Rove have been spinning hard to try and sell it as President Obama’s Katrina, despite the fact that the Obama Administration was there from day one. Apparently, this will now be Hanity’s version of “where were the buses.”

I hate to go back to the drug addled gas bag, but he and others are even trying to push the myth that it was the work of environmentalists who sabotaged it to make their point that off-shore drilling is unsafe.

Stay tuned because the spin from the right is far from over.


Not Anonymous said...

First, I'm surprised that you listen to Rush. Second, it's too bad that you can't get what he says correct.

Limbaugh did not say that there is no need to clean up the 4 million gallons of oil. He did read where someone else had said that.

Rush also did not say that Obama was rushing in to play the hero. He did say that Obama would, when he does go, play the hero.

Lastly, Obama was not there from day one. Napolanitano didn't get there until 7 days after the leak occurred. Obama didn't show up until May 2 and he wasn't planning to go there then, but when the various news outlets were saying that this was turning into Obama's Katrina, he changed his plans and went on Sunday morning, May 2. The night after the correspondents dinner.

Finally, Rush did not say that environmentalists set off the explosion.

If you're going to listen to Rush and others, you really ought to hear all of what they say rather than just editing parts of it out.

Or maybe you didn't listen and are relying on MSNBC. I've listened to Rush twice in the past week and he replayed those comments by others claiming that Rush said these things and he went back to the day that he supposedly said them and replayed those parts. I double checked the transcripts and sure enough, Rush had it right, the liberal media had it wrong and you are saying the same things that are being said on MSNBC.

Nice to know that you're listening to conservative talk radio though. You might learn something if you stay with it long enough.

Communications guru said...

I don’t listen to the drug addled gas bag; I pay to listen to Stephanie Miller, and she has a segment called “Rightwing World” where she plays the ridiculous clips of right-wingers.

How can the President “rush in and play the hero,” and in the next breathe he says he was not there? Oh well, facts have never been a strong point of the right. Sorry, the Obama Administration was there from day one, and he did suggest environmentalist sabotaged the rig.

I’m suspired you are trying to defend him. Saying outrageous bullshit is what made him a millionaire.

Considering how rightwing the media is it’s hard to avoid listing to conservative talk radio, but I manage.