May 25, 2010

Republicans lies are not sticking to SCOTUS nominee Kagan

Republicans are spinning hard to find something to smear President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, with, but none of the lies are really sticking.

One lie the right is harping on that fulfills their strategy of, “if you tell a lie enough times people begin to believe it,” and that is that the policy on military recruiters made while Kagan was the Dean of Harvard Law School make her "an anti-military zealot." The lie is that she kicked military recruiters off the campus and that Kagan defied the so-called Solomon Amendment -- a statute requiring schools to provide the same access to military recruiters that they provide to other potential employers or lose federal funding.

According to the conservative New York Times, Kagan consistently followed the law, and Harvard students had access to military recruiters during her entire tenure as dean. In fact,throughout Kagan's tenure as dean, Harvard law students had access to military recruiters -- either through Harvard's Office of Career Services or through Veterans Association. The fact is Kagan consistently followed existing law regarding access to military recruiters. She briefly restricted - but did not eliminate - access to recruiters only after the U.S Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit ruled that law schools could do so. However, she continued a policy of allowing the military recruiters access to students.

The fact is the military’s discriminatory “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” violated Harvard’s anti-discrimination policy, but as the NYT said, “Her management of the recruiting dispute shows her to have been, above all, a pragmatist, asserting her principles but all the while following the law, so that Harvard never lost its financing.”

My military career taught me two things about this situation. First, there are gay men - women too, although I have never met any - serving honorably and in positions of leadership and responsibility.

Second, military recruiters were never at my high school, at least while I was a student, but I still managed to find the Navy recruiter’s office and enlist. When I found it, I didn’t have a high school education, let alone an Ivy League education. I think a Harvard Law School student would have no trouble finding a military recruiter. Would you?

The only thing that disappoints me about Kagan is that neither of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees are liberals. despite Republican’s crying wolf and saying otherwise. It makes no sense to me that Republicans have no trouble getting right-wing tools on the court, but we can’t get a true liberal on the court.


Not Anonymous said...

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The New York Times is conservative??

Thank you very much. I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time.

Communications guru said...

That is correct, anonymous, the media is conservative, and the conservative NYT is as conservative New York Times Company that owns it. Thee is a reason my blog is called the Conservative Media.

“This is a platform to comment on local, state and national politics and political news. A special area of interest is the role of corporate media in politics as we move closer and closer to one huge corporation owning all of the media outlets in the country and stifling all independent and critical voices. It will also focus on the absurd 30-plus year Nixonesque political strategy of the “liberal media” lie. The media is as liberal as the corporations that own them.”

I already have three jobs, and I would never work for a dishonest person.

I notice you can’t dispute anything written.

Johnny C said...

Over the weekend I posted stories about how the NYTimes run a hit piece on Richard Blumenthal. NY Times pushed the story that he lied about his service in Vietnam in his speeches yet they forgot to mention the source of their story comes from the campaign of Republican challenger Linda McMahon.

On top of that during the run up to the Iraq war, New York Times also reported about Iraq's WMDs and their source was Dick Cheney.

Lee Altwater(spelling) before he entered into hell via his death bed admitted there was no such thing as a liberal media.

Corporations own the media and corporations lean to the right to serve their own best interest.