May 14, 2010

The Wrath of Kahn strikes again

The Wrath of Kahn strikes again.

Subscription only Gongwer is reporting that Sen. Roger Kahn, R-Saginaw, lost his temper again in the early morning hours on Friday following the vote on the teacher retirement bill, and he was seen “angrily shouting at an aide and then destroying a cell phone.”

Thus is not he first time Kahn has lost his temper, and he has a history of abusive behavior. Last June he verbally assaulted and charged Sen. Irma Clark-Coleman, D-Detroit, in a Capitol elevator following a hearing on the Department of Community Health (DCH) budget. Following a whitewashed investigation, Kahn was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Friday’s incident comes on the same day that Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop told reporters negotiating with Senate Democrats on the hotly contest early retirement bill, Senate Bill 1227, was like “negotiating with terrorists.”

According to Gongwer, Sen. Glenn Anderson, D-Westland, witnessed Kahn near the Farnum Building about 2:30 a.m. following a marathon Senate session. Anderson, one of his aides and a Senate employee, saw Kahn loudly shouting at his aide and at one point snatched a cell phone from him, throwing it on the ground, smashing it and stomping on it. He said he tried to calm Kahn down, but he was ignored.

Kahn then returned to the Capitol, where he did have a closed door meeting with Bishop that was described as "spirited."

Bishop mouthpiece Matt Marsden tried to downplay the incident, blaming Democrats for Kahn’s anger saying “ anger Mr. Kahn might have demonstrated was partially to be blamed on Senate Democrats who Mr. Marsden said delayed action on the final immediate effect votes on SB 1227.”

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