May 14, 2010

Corriveau withdraws from Senate race

With the deadline to withdraw for the Aug. 3 Primary Election just hours away, the biggest name to withdraw so far was that of Rep. Marc Corriveau, D- Northville, in his race for the 7th District Senate seat held by term-limited Sen. Bruce Patterson, R-Canton.

Subscription only Gongwer reported Corriveau dropped from the race. The race in the 7th was one of the top five seats most likely to switch parties. It deals a blow to Senate Democrat’s hopes of taking control of the Senate. Corriveau did not give a reason for dropping from the race, but Gongwer said he is expected to release a statement later.

That leaves former Rep. Kathleen Law, D-Gibraltar, as the Democratic standard-bearer. The good news is there is still a good chance this swing district could land in the D column. There is a weak Republican field, and Law is a good candidate.


logman said...

Kathleen Law is a great candidate with the ability to draw business interests together in the name of job creation in clean energy industries.
The Michigan Democratic party should view this as an excellent opportunity.

Communications guru said...

I agree with you, and I look forward to knocking on doors for Rep. Law. However, I, and many other people, thought Corriveau may have been a stronger candidate. Either candidate is stronger than the weak GOP field.