May 26, 2010

Reagan to skip Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery

Reagan to skip Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

Actually, I stole that headline from Michigan’s busiest rightwing blogger - “the Blogprof,” and I just substituted Reagan for Obama. Both headlines are accurate.

But the Republican noise machine has picked up on it to try and paint President Obama as anti-military. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

According to the AP, “The White House says Obama and his family will travel to their hometown on Thursday and stay through the weekend. It will be their first trip back home since a visit for Valentine's Day weekend in February 2009.
On Monday, Obama is scheduled to participate in a Memorial Day ceremony at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill.
In Obama's absence, Vice President Joe Biden will participate in the customary wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery outside Washington.”

Wow. His first time home in 15 months. How many times were Presidents Reagan and Bush II at their ranches clearing brush? I guarantee they never stayed away for 15 months. But, the Republican noise machine ignores that fact to falsely attack the President, just like it ignored the fact that at least two other Republican Presidents had their Vice-President or a proxy lay the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

In 1983 Deputy Secretary of Defense W. Paul Thayer laid a wreath at Arlington Cemetery during the Memorial Day ceremony, according to a May 31, 1983, Washington Post article. The AP reported that President Reagan attended a "summit meeting in Williamsburg, Va., with leaders of the industrialized democracies.

Vice President Dan Quayle laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, according to a May 26, 1992, Boston Globe article. The Globe reported that President George H.W. Bush attended a wreath-laying ceremony and made brief remarks at an American Legion hall in Kennebunkport, Maine, where he also played a round of golf.

I guarantee this; Soldiers, Sailors and Marines killed in battle are not just buried at Arlington, and their ultimate sacrifice is just as great as those buried at Arlington.


Not Anonymous said...

Actually, this will be Obama's fourth trip back to Illinois. Feb. of 09 and again in June and again in July.

I'm not the least bit offended by Obama not showing up for Memorial Day. I think it's inappropriate for him to be there. After all, this Commander in Chief is presiding over troops being sent on patrol without their ammunition being chambered.

It's probably a good idea for him to be out of Washington Dc for a few days. After all, he won't have to answer questions about the job offer to Sestak while on his second vacation since the oil leak began.

I wonder which of Obama's men will decide to sacrifice himself to save the President. Rahm Emmanuel maybe? Or maybe they'll find some nobody that is an underling of Emmanuels willing to go to jail so that Obama can say he knew nothing of it.

Obama should hope that the oil leak continues for another month. Then he can have two more vacations.

It's funny though that whenever someone starts questioning Obama's reasons for doing things like skipping Memorial Day, the socialist Democrats automatically compare him to Bush or Reagan. You all wanted Bush gone, but when Obama does something your answer is always "Bush did it first." Although this time, it's George H.W. Bush, not George W. Bush.

Johnny C said...

Fake outrage...Calling card of any good right winger.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, I’m not buying your timetable, anonymous.

Seriously, it's inappropriate for the Commander-in-Chief to honor the war dead? Only in your warped world, anonymous. I have no idea where you got this false talking point about “troops being sent on patrol without their ammunition being chambered,” but so what?

Who gives a dam about the alleged job offer to Admiral and Senator-Elect Sestak? Even if it were true, it was not the first time, it won’t be the last nor is it illegal. What about the oil gusher? What can he do in Washington that he cannot do in Chicago?

“Which of Obama's men will decide to sacrifice himself to save the President?” Save him from what, anonymous?

The reason I bring up Bush’s actions is it shows your hypocrisy. It’s OK if a Republican does it, but it’s the end of the world if Obama does it. That, anonymous, is the very definition of hypocrisy.

Once gain, anonymous, there’s no such thing as a “socialist Democrat” in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point.

How many times do I have to say that until you admit the truth, anonymous?

Johnny C said...

Piggy backing what guru said, from all the illegal things that went down during the eight years of George W.Bush, the Republicans didn't want to look into who leak a CIA agent, why we went to war based of false information, the Republicans didn't want to look into how did 9 billion dollars turned up missing in Iraq whatever Bush wanted to do the Republicans and their brain-dead followers went right along with it.

Now the White Supremacist party are demanding investigation because what Rep.Sestak is crowing about during his campaign and victory speech?

If I was a Democratic senator I would say this to the Republicans Ok Senator Gregg let's have an investigation but I also want to look into deals that were also made during administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

I'm guessing the Republicans would want the investigation to end if Reagan and both Bush white house have to be look into.

Megan said...

Yeah I have seen some conservative types expressing outrage about this and conducting polls on both FB and Myspace. Then I was like WAIT A MINUTE, didn't both Bushies and Reagan skip out on the ceremony too. Yep, 2007 GW did hand off duties to Cheney to go to Texas to clear some shrubs people.

And also some of you might recall Obama went to Delaware to honor some of our dead soldiers coming home from war. Something Bush NEVER DID!

Communications guru said...

Thanks, Megan, you are 100 percent correct. Republicans bank on the American people having short memories.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hi CG,

I can't remember how I came across your fine blog.

I'd like to ask your permission to put your Memorial Day post up on my blog for this weekend [with attribution and link, of course.] I was going to write one very similar, and then found that someone else did a great job already.

Why re-invent the wheel?

I'm also blogrolling you.

Good find on my part.

I'll be back.

Communications guru said...

I would be honored. Thank you, Shaw.

Not Anonymous said...

This misinformation (or lies) on this site are really fun to read.

First, there's Megan. She claims that Bush was clearing Brush on his ranch on Memorial Day 2007. I also saw this on some Democrat Socialist website and looked it up to verify. Turns out it's completely false.

As for her comments about Bush not meeting with families when the dead returned home, I haven't found one specifically in Delaware, but I have found numerous references of him being there for the families when soldiers returned home. The difference is that he did it privately. He and his wife, met with families privately, cried and prayed with them. Megan might want to do a little more checking rather than just depending on one biased website.

There is so much in what Little Johnny said and hard to read because he's so poor at spelling and even speaking English. First, assuming you were right about the corruption in the Bush administration, are you really suggesting that it's okay for Sestak to break the law or someone in the white house to break the law in offering him a specific job because the Bush administration got away with it? If so, then you're more than just a sick person.

Second, the investigation into the Plame leakage proved nothing and achieved nothing. THey nailed Scooter Libby (who names their kid "scooter"?) not for outing her, but for telling a lie to investigators. His sentence was commuted, but Bush would not pardon him for the lie. By the way, the guy that leaked her name was revealed by the guy that did the leaking. Richard Armitage. He was not prosecuted.

And for the writer of this blog, who claims to have three jobs, but seems to always be online and still, despite having three jobs, claims he can't get health care for his family. You will have to either accept my characterization of Democrats being socialists, or you'll have to keep saying it or ignore it because I'm stating a fact the left is no longer just liberal, but now are socialists. If that's what you choose to be, don't run from it. Don't hide from being liberal and socialists by trying to call yourself progressive, embrace it if it's what you've decided to be.

Finally, if you really want to look at fascism, take a look at Secretary Salazars comments in Louisiana the other day when he said they would put their boot on the neck of BP. That action and threat smacks of the fascism you speak.

I've been reading this site for nearly a year now, I think. This is really comic relief for me. I've noticed you like to claim you're a former writer and that you're former military. Yet, you have an obsession with the Livingston County paper and you don't come across as a man with values because you make excuses for not providing your own family with the basic necessities. The military people that I know don't whine about what they don't have. They do what's necessary to provide for themselves and their families. They don't make up lies or spin things that go their way in government, they may disagree but they don't advance the assumption that anyone that disagrees is corrupt liars with no values.

Misinformation, lies and bias is all you have here. Wearing the uniform of a school system doesn't mean you're part of the military. But, you're welcome to your delusional world.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, anonymous, there is no “misinformation (or lies) on this site.”

First, Megan is half right. Bush never cleared brush on Memorial Day. But two facts remain, he did a lot of that, and you and right-wingers are bitching about President’s trips home every 15 months? That is called hypocrisy. Second, Bush did miss laying a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown on Memorial Day.

I don’t believe George Bush attended one single military funeral, and when you consider that the invasion in Iraq was unnecessary and useless, his absence is even worse.

I won’t comment on “Little Johnny” because there is no one by that name that posts here, anonymous. Admiral Sestak did not break the law, nor did anyone in the White House break the law if a job offer was actually made to Senator-Elect Sestak.

Reaching a conclusion of the investigation into the outing of an undercover CIA agent was impossible because of the lies and obstructions thrown up by Scooter and Dick. Your boy scooter was convicted of more than lying. The jury convicted Scooter on four of the five counts in the indictment: one count of obstruction of justice; two counts of perjury. It was that obstruction of justice that made it impossible to go after Dick and George. Bush commuted Libby's 30-month prison sentence, which he should have served, considering the damage he did to National Security. The fact is Scooter was the source for Judy Miller and the White House was the source for Novak.

“For the writer of this blog.” Here come the personal attacks because you have no facts to back up your positions. Once again, anonymous, there is no such thing as a "socialist Democrat" in this country, and that is just a fascist, Republican talking point. I’m a liberal and a progressive, just like the profile on this blog says, but I’m not a socialist.

I am looking at fascism, and I suggest you look up the meaning. It has nothing to do with putting a boot on someone’s neck.

You have been reading this site for a year, and you have yet to point out something untrue. I have had to put up with a year of personal attacks and zero facts. The best you can do is anonymous personal attacks and smears. Once again, the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus is the newspaper I subscribe to, the newspaper I read every single day and the paper where I worked six years and know the local issues and reporters.

You can make all the personal attacks you like, but I’m not hiding behind an anonymous name like you. My name is on my blog, I take responsibility for what I write and everything in my profile is correct and easy to verify.

“Wearing the uniform of a school system doesn't mean you're part of the military?” What the hell does that mean? You are nothing but an anonymous coward.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Not Anonymous admits that he/she has been coming to this blog for almost a year. And without any personal information or knowledge of the blog host, NA characterizes the blog as one that is full of misinformation, lies, and bias and further insults the blog host by calling him delusional.

BTW, Mr.or Ms. NA, blog hosts are not responsible for the opinions of the commenters. Also Megan was incorrect on what particular "honor the military dead" event Bush was absent from. It was Veteran’s Day 2007 that Bush spent in Texas. In any event, it has never been a requirement that a president be at Arlington

NA admits to coming to a blog for almost a year has nothing but disdain for it. I wonder what compels someone to continue such a weird behavior.

This is only my second time posting here, but may I offer an insult to NA to counter the one he threw at our blog host?

Pardon me, Mr. or Ms. NA, but your comments reveal you to be somewhat of a supercilious crank.

PS Kevin, the avatar I used in the previous post is the one I usually use when I post at The Swash Zone--a blog where most of the contributors hide behind the personas of beach critters. I change it back and forth with this avatar that was taken in Florida, and its background of Little Clearwater Bay.

William said...

Not taking any sides, but there is video proof that George W. Bush laying a wreath on the tomb of the unknown on Memorial day 2007. I'm pretty sure that H.W. never attended during his reign however.

Communications guru said...

Thanks William. I don’t recall saying George Bush II did not lay a wreath in at the Tomb of the Unknown in 2007. I’m about 99 percent sure he did. However in 2002, he did almost exactly the same thing as Obama is doing. In 2002, Bush spoke at a Memorial Day commemoration in Normandy, France, and that is just as honorable as Obama speaking at a cemetery in his home state. No one, I believe, said a peep about GWB not laying the wreath at Arlington in 2002, nor should they. He certainly was not called anti-military because of it.

mamaof4 said...

Just out of curiostiy, I am wondering why it is always assumed that if someone is critical of something President Obama does, they liked Bush, and all those. To justify things Obama does by saying Bush did it just enrages me b/c I thought we were looking for "change" not more of the same, and by justifying what Obama does by saying "Bush did it" means that apparently you liked Bush. Quite honestly, I don't see why it matters where he, or any other president, spends their Memorial Day, as long as he is honoring our military where ever he is. And for everyone else in the country, Memorial Day is about family gatherings I would be quite dissapointed if my President did not want to partake in the time with family also. But when right wingers attack, why justify by saying Bush did it? To me, that just sends the message that we liked what Bush did so much we want Obama to be the same.

Communications guru said...

Thank you for reading, Mama of 4, and taking the time to comment.

Once again, it’s the hypocrisy of the situation. The right is screaming about something President Obama has done or is doing, but they were silent when a Republican has done the exact same thing. President Obama is not anti-military. In fact, he is the exact opposite.

I agree with you 100 percent when you say, “I don't see why it matters where he, or any other president, spends their Memorial Day, as long as he is honoring our military where ever he is.” In fact, that is exactly what my post was about.

lindsey said...

CG you said "I don't recall saying George Bush II did not lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown in 2007" BUT you did tell Megan that she was 100% correct when she said "....2007 GW did hand off duties to Cheney to to to Texas to clear some shrubs". Same thing CG. Get your facts straight before spouting off.

Communications guru said...

“Get your facts straight before spouting off?” Are you serious? My facts are straight. Yes, Megan did say, “2007 GW did hand off duties to Cheney to go to Texas to clear some shrubs people.” That statement is 100 percent correct. On Veterans Day 2007, Cheney attended ceremony to pay tribute at Arlington as Bush remained in Texas. No where did she say it was on Memorial Day. Now, like I said, in 2003 Bush did not lay the wreath on Memorial Day. That is 100 percent correct, and I guess that entitles me to “spout off.”

Now, Lindsey, perhaps you can tell me why President Obama is anti-military for not laying a wreath at Arlington on Memorial Day, but Reagan, Bush I and Bush II are not anti-military for doing the exact same thing.

Johnny C said...

Again with this lame ass attack since you can't the content the whole English thing.. Which is ironic because you belong to a movement that carries around signs like "stundents 4 McCain" or "Get a brain moran".

Maybe Not you should be helping your right wing brothers and sisters before you try to lecture me.. Since you like giving out nicknames you don't mind I call you the mystery racist or Sir multiple screennames?

You missed a point guru made it's not about letting looking away because President Obama is a Democratic president it's about the glaring hypocrisy that you guys on the right display every time Obama does something..

During the Bush years, the Republicans would fight tooth and nail to stop any investigation that could hurt the Bush White House legally and politically.

If President Obama picks his nose the Orange Boner, his sidekick Eric the Weasel and the other various scum that makes up the Republican party wants to investigate that.

The Republicans rather let this country burn than doing things that possibly can move this country forward because they want power.

Not Anonymous said...

I guess you're not entitled to "spout off" since you lied to Lindsay. Bush did lay the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier on Memorial Day 2003.

Just to make it easy on you, this link even has pictures that even you might be able to understand.

Not Anonymous said...

Little Johnny,

You might want to try writing your complaints when you're sober. You'er not even making sense.

Communications guru said...

I am still entitled to spout off, anonymous. I made a mistake on the date. He did not lay the wreath in 2002, not 2003. I stand corrected.

Now, anonymous, perhaps you can tell me why President Obama is anti-military for not laying a wreath at Arlington on Memorial Day, but Reagan, Bush I and Bush II are not anti-military for doing the exact same thing.

Ah, the false, personal attacks. Like I said before, you are an anonymous coward.

mamaof4 said...

Anonymous, I would like to ask you, from a completely unbiased standpoint as I consider myself niether right wing or left, why is it so important that the pesident honor only those buried in Arlington? Are you telling me that the soldiers graves that I visit evey Memorial Day are less important than those soldiers buried in Arlington? Are you willing to tell the families of the soldiers burried in Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery that their loved ones don't deserve to have the President honor thier fallen soldiers because the ones in Arlington are the only ones that matter?

Johnny C said...

Again Not Anonymous, maybe you should help your friends on the right with their spelling errors on their signs. Again it's about the hypocrisy you don't care if President Obama goes or not the point is you guys would use anything against him.

If President Obama had return a DVD to Blockbuster three days late, shit blogs like the blogprof would raise hell about it.

Not why can't you people just admit you hate that N-word president. Because that's more real than how dare he doesn't show respect for fallen servicemen.

Not Anonymous said...

I'll answer these in order of posting.

CG-I never said that the Socialist occupying the White House was anti-military for not being at Arlington. I'm not going to presume to answer something for someone else. Whomever said that he was anti-military for not laying a wreath at Arlington would be the person to ask that question.

Mama-Whenever someone says that they are not biased, neither right wing or left wing, I see someone that is afraid to admit their beliefs regardless of which side they really are on. I can't answer your question either because I never said that he should be at Arlington on Memorial Day or any other day. You're asking me to answer a question that someone else stated somewhere else, but you didn't hear, nor read, me say that he should not be at Arlington only to honor the fallen.

Little Johnny, You actually almost got something right. You went further than I went but then that seems to be your habit. If you look at the second paragraph of my first posting you'll find that I said, "I'm not the least bit offended by Obama not showing up for Memorial Day."

I really have no idea if anyone would raise hell about him returning a DVD late. As far as I know, he hasn't had that happen and I don't try to predict what others say without some evidence of such. In fact, the only incidence of anything happening about returning something late was recently it was discovered that George Washington failed to return a book to the library that he borrowed. To my knowledge, nobody said anything negative about Washington regarding his tardiness with a library book.

Finally, I don't hate the President. I don't know him personally so it is impossible for me to hate him. I don't like his politics, I don't like what he's doing to this country and I think he's going to make Jimmy Carter look like an intellectual before he's out of office in 2 1/2 years, if he hasn't already. But hate him? Not me. I actually like his ability to read. I believe he could sell concrete flippers to a guy about to go scuba diving. He's that good at reading.

Now I have a question for you, Little Johnny. Why would you describe President Obama with the "N" word? Do you hate people of color or are you just prejudiced against this President? That appears to me to be a racist comment on your part and I find it sad that you have to judge a man by the color of his skin rather than by the character of the man.

Johnny C said...

Let me do a right wing checklist
1. projection. check.
2. using talking points. check.
3. pulling stuff out your ass. check.

Really Not maybe you should stick to the right wing blogs,because repeating things you got from other right wing blogs is not helping you.

You got busted using a talking point and you're trying to back away from it. If you didn't care that President Obama goes or not why bring it up?

What Guru has done in his post is highlight two of the right's favorite past times hypocrisy and fake outrage. All the other insistence when Reagan, H.W.Bush and W. Bush sent someone there was no outrage from Republicans nor their allies in the right wing press.

But if President Obama does it you thought he he flipped a booger at the flag the way you guys reacted.. Again you guys defended outing an CIA agent, you defended an illegal war, you defended tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires, you didn't mind government spending when the Republicans were in charge, you supported corporate deregulation and you certainly didn't care for civil rights when things like the Patriot Act was being rammed through during of the night.

Yet you guys piss in your panties about making sure people have a chance to get affordable health care or at least their current health care provider can't kick them off because heaven forbid they got sick. How about creating a "movement" to defend the right of the top two percent not having to pay their fair share of taxes.

Finally nice try, trying to flip the n-word thing. One I'm a supporter of this president, two I find it odd the things you accuse this president of doing were the same exact things the guy you supported one George W. Bush actually done during his tenure as president yet I didn't see one tea party rally during the eight years Bush was in office. And thirdly I'm not the one that carry around signs with Obama as some witch doctor or have a sign saying "the Washington Zoo has a lying African so does the White House" it's you guys.

So simply admit the truth because while it may make you guys look bad but at least it's the truth.

Communications guru said...

First, anonymous, there is no “Socialist occupying the White House. “ There is, however, a centrist Democrat occupying the White House. You never said he was “anti-military for not being at Arlington?” You are so full of shit, anonymous. You said “it's inappropriate for him to be there.” It’s inappropriate for the Commander-in-Chief to honor war dead? You certainly did say he was anti-military.

Who is “Little Johnny?” Whoever he is, he doesn’t post here.

You “don't hate the President?” Again, you are a liar.

Not Anonymous said...

Little Johnny,

I don't think you'll understand this..well, because I just think you're stupid and show it each time you write something. But, being the optimist that I am, I'll give it one last shot.

I didn't bring up Obama going on vacation rather than attending the traditional Memorial Day laying of the wreath. It was the topic of this socialist liberal blog.

Reagan was attending an international meeting. I have no problem with that. GHW Bush attended a ceremony in Maine. I have no problem with that. GW Bush spoke at a memorial day ceremony in France. I haev no problem with that.

If Obama wants to attend "The Good Negro" on Memorial Day, I have no problem with that. THis was Guru's topic. Not mine.

Don't lump me in with you guys, because you'll never get it right. You claim to know why I support things and don't support things. You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to what I think about things. So I'll give you a brief assist here.

I didn't support the outing of a CIA agent. She wasn't an agent. She was a paperpusher. But I still didn't support it. In addition, I didn't support the witch hunt. Richard Armitage was the one that outed her and this became public knowledge prior to any charges being filed against Scooter Libby. But Armitage has still not been charged with the actual crime. In fact, the investigation is now closed despite this knowledge.

I don't consider the war on terror an illegal war. 3,000 Americans died because the terrorists came here and attacked citizens. They didn't have the balls to attack the military that would fight back. They attacked men, women and children. Yes, they were Saudi's, but they were trained in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Iraq. Some we've recently learned, others we learned back then. Second, Congress approved the war with over 80 votes and one of the reasons was because Iraq attempted to assassinate former President Bush. It's listed in the resolution. Get someone to read that to you.

I do support tax cuts because each time taxes are cut, the economy benefits. It wasn't taxes just for the rich, it was taxes across the board. Deny it all you like, facts are facts and they can be looked up. The economy grew at its' greatest level since the 80's. Again, another fact that can be looked up. I'm not ashamed to back tax cuts because they work. You should be ashamed to confiscate peoples money and redistribute it to others that haven't earned it(socialism) and cause the economy to slide.

I did not support spending and I think it's safe to say that most Republicans don't because they didn't show up at the polls in 2006 and the Republicans lost the majority because of their excessive spending. I also didn't support the Dubai ports deal, nor the prescription drug deal and I didn't support the amnesty for illegal aliens which was shot down because the American people rose up and got in touch with their representatives and shut it down.

I do support deregulation in areas that are useless and I support regulation in other areas. I do not support regulation just for the sake of regulation.

Not Anonymous said...

Little Johnny Part 2

I have always supported Health care reform, but not this health care destruction. The American people are perfectly capable of choosing how to live their lives and don't need to be baby sat by the likes of socialist Democrats. If you really think this health care bill is affordable than you're an even bigger fool than I give you credit for.

It's just come out that next year, if your employer provides you health care, that cost of the health care provided to you is going to be added to your W2. If your health care costs you $15,000 and that's how they list it on your W2, your income will go up by that amount. This could knock you up a tax bracket. In fact, it likely will. I probably have to explain to you what this means to you, but someone else will have to do it. I'm not going to.

Bottom line. This health care bill is not going to provide affordable health care to all. It's going to make the non productive people like Guru have health care at the expense of those of us that work for a living and provide for our families. In fact, I think since that's the case, those that pay for health care should be able to claim those that don't have health care as a deduction as if they were one of my children. I'm sure you'll not figure out what I mean by that.

As for the top two percent not paying their fair share, they pay 70% of the taxes paid. It's the 47% that don't pay taxes that are not paying their fair share. That would be people like you and Guru.

Finally, the only one on this site since the election that I've seen use any racist language whatsoever is you. You've repeatedly said "N" word when referring to the President. Yes, you try to say it's Republicans doing it, but so far, the only one that's referred to him as the "N" word has been you. That doesn't make me, or Megan or Linsay or anyone else on here a racist, it makes you the racist.

And that Mr. Fool is the truth.

Communications guru said...

Again, anonymous, there is no one posting here as “Little Johnny,” so you just wasted your Republican talking points.

Another lie from you. You certainly did bring up “Obama going on vacation rather than attending the traditional Memorial Day laying of the wreath.” You said, “this will be Obama's fourth trip back to Illinois. Feb. of 09 and again in June and again in July.” Second, this is a liberal blog, and there is no such thing in this country as a liberal socialist.

I can only go by your words, and yes you did “support the outing of a CIA agent.” When you defend those that did, you support it. Sorry, she was an agent, and an undercover one at that. Like I said before, your boy Scooter and Dick so muddied the waters and obstructed justice, that the Special Prosecutor could not get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

The invasion in Iraq had absolutely noting to do with 9/11. Not a dam thing.

Another false assumption. If tax cuts benefits the economy, then we would not be in the worst recession since the Great Depression, and all we would need to do is cut taxes to get us out of the Bush recession. The Bush tax cuts were for the richest 1 percent. Under President Obama, the middle class got a tax cut.

Talk about delusional. You think Republicans got trounced in 2006 because of spending and because of low voter turnout? I guess you forgot about the Republican corruption. What is your excuse for 2008?

“You have always supported Health care reform?” Wow. I guess if you’re going to lie, you might as well tell a big one. You sure are a Republican, anonymous. The only thing destroying health care was the current system. It was unsustainable. No one is being babysat, and there is no such thing as a “socialist Democrat” in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point.

Here comes a debunked lie. No, anonymous, the cost of the health care provided to you is not going to be added to your W2.

Ah, I knew the false, personal attack was coming, and here it is. I guess you ran out of debunked talking points, anonymous coward. And the health care bill is going to provide affordable health care to all.

I more than pay my fair share of taxes, and the fact is the middle class pays the most taxes.

You have seen racist language on this blog, and all you need to do is look at some of the photos that went along with posts on the teabaggers.

I’m still waiting for some truth from you, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Go here for a little balance.

Reagan and both Bush's were doing official president stuff, not going on vacation.

Nonetheless, I agree that too much is being made of this. He has no idea what sacrifice is and our military culture is alien to him. Probably best that he just stay away...

Communications guru said...

Thanks for comment. I don’t see much balance there.

Sorry, Bush I was not doing “official president stuff.” He was on the campaign trail, at least according to the article you linked to. I don’t condemn him for it, but I fail to see the problem with the President spending a few days with his school age children and laying a wreath at the graves of war dead in his home state.

“He has no idea what sacrifice is and our military culture is alien to him. Probably best that he just stay away?” That is an uncalled for cheap shot. And you think Bush II has an “idea what sacrifice is?” What world do you live in where the Commander-In-Chief should not honor those killed in battle?

It appears you are making too much of it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was a cheap shot, but I stand by it. He grew up privileged and knew nothing of the military before becoming president.

Bush also grew up privileged so your point is well taken.

Communications guru said...

It was not only a cheap shot, it’s untrue. I find it hard to call a man who was raised by a single parent and his grandparents privileged. I don’t see the relevance of he “knew nothing of the military before becoming president.” There are plenty of Presidents who never served in the military. In fact, 11 presidents, not including President Obama, did not serve in the military, including John Adams, John Quincy Adams and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Anonymous said...

His grandmother was a banker and he went to a private school in Hawaii. He also had a very cosmopolitan childhood that the working class (and even middle class) can only dream of. Ivy League college...

I guess it depends on how you define privileged...

FDR was at least Asst Sec of the Navy, if I recall.

Regardless, I agree with your original point that this is no big deal. People are using it to score political points. My larger point is that ordinary military people don't care, since there is little love for this man in the ranks.

I do commend him for killing more terrorists in Pakistan than Bush ever dreamed of. At least he's serious about that.

Communications guru said...

“His grandmother was a banker and he went to a private school in Hawaii?” So?
My next door neighbor when I was growing up was a banker, and my dad was a line worker at the GM Transmission plant in Toledo. My best fried went to a private school. So what?

Like I said, there is no way you can, legitimately, describe Obama as “privileged.”

Yes, FDR was “ Asst Sec of the Navy.” So what?

“My larger point is that ordinary military people don't care, since there is little love for this man in the ranks.” You would be wrong.

During the campaign, the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics debunked that lie when it released a report that said deployed U.S. troops contributed money Obama’s presidential by a margin of 6-1 over Navy legacy John McCain.

Anonymous said...

On the privileged thing: Whatever.

The military giving thing is BS. It includes all DoD worker stateside and overseas, not just deployed. It makes sense that government workers would contribute.

Overseas military absentee ballots tell a different story.

Communications guru said...

Glad to see you conceded on the “privileged thing.”

Your opinion of him by the troops is just that, and not based in fact. I have no idea where you are getting that it includes “all DoD worker stateside and overseas, not just deployed.” Apparently, you made it up. If you go to the link and read the report linked their, you will find it says, “…money from troops deployed overseas at the time of their contributions.”

By the way, the military are also “government workers.”

Anonymous said...

I didn't concede anything. We have different standards for what "privileged" means, and it's not worth arguing over.

Here's another view on the "Deployed troop giving" thing:

Basically, it is statistically irrelevant since the pool consists of so few donations, and only donations of over $200 are tracked.

The Hope and Change fever swept America, and some conservatives were caught up. So what?

Communications guru said...

“The Hope and Change fever swept America, and some conservatives were caught up. So what?”

So what? It’s President Obama, and the country is moving out of the worst recession since the Great Depression; that’s what.

As for the “wiz blog” he confirms that Obama led in contributions among deployed troops. As a retired enlisted man, I can tell you $200 is a pretty large contribution, especially when you are deployed. Like I said, your opinion of him by the troops is just that, and not based in fact.

I’m amazed you would consider a middle class upbringing privileged. I still don’t consider myself privileged.

Johnny C said...

At internet racist aka the poster formerly know as Not Anonymous:

Thanks for admitting you're stupid, but I already knew your capabilities were limited to recycling whatever you read or heard from the right wing media.

Again I'm pointing out the fact you guys on the right don't care if President Obama go or not or he sent Vice President Biden. This is small ball petty politics that's all about firing up losers like yourself for the elections.

Another point you're trying to make a big deal, Joe Sestak even the people on your side of the political scale have pretty much dismissed it as no big deal. This story in the grand scheme of Washington D.C. and the country in whole it's nothing but to the idiots that hoover around shit blogs like "The blogprof" or "Drudge Report" it's just another reason to mask the real reason you hate this man.

Again I.R you belong to a movement that misspell words on their signs "Stundents 4 McCain" "Get a brain moran" or my favorite "Abama" so maybe you should give those guys a tip.

Another point where was the outrage when Bush were doing the very things you accuse this president of doing? Government spending was at it highest when Bush had a rubber stamp GOP majority in both houses?

Th tea baggers are concerned about big government and threats to civil liberties where were they when the Patriot Act passed and why are they not protesting the Arizona bill?

If they claim they're about people power over corporate power why are they not standing outside the big banks protesting them?

I.R just admit the truth that you hate this president simply because he a black dude with a funny name.

Not Anonymous said...

Oh well, I tried, Little Johnny. Can't do much more than that, but some, regardless of the facts that are out there just flat out refuse to recognize what's before their eyes.

Once again, I don't care if Obama shows up or not. I happen to believe the day is better if he's not there, so you'll not hear complaints from me if he doeesn't show.

It was predicted earlier this week that the administration would come up with their answer over the Holiday weekend when everyone was gone and the news wouldn't reach as many. So when did it come out? Friday. The beginning of the weekend. Surprise surprise!

Actually, I was surprised at the answer. What kind of a moron does it take to trot out an former President who was impeached and had the most corrupt administration in history and say that he was the one that made the offer to Sestak from Rahm Emmanuel, which still makes it illegal. Obama thinks he's off the hook because he blamed it on Clinton? Hilarious. Stay tuned. Special prosecutor or investigator coming. Or maybe the FBI.

A correction. The Drudge Report is not a blog. It's a compilation of links to news stories around the world. So when you complain about the Drudge report, you're really complaining about the messenger, not the message.

You gotta love it when a guy that can't spell, and can't speak English complains about someone misspelling words. Although, this is the first time I've seen misspellings that you're referring to. It's even more interesting in that just before you complained about misspellings by someone, you said "but to the idiots that hoover around shit blogs". I'm assuming you meant "hover" but with what I've seen of what you've written, you could have been talking about a vacuum cleaner, I suppose.

It seems odd that you would continually mention Bush and the Republican Congress spending and Bush rubber stamping it. I just told you in a previous post that the Republicans were kicked out because of that spending and you seemed to think that that was silly. But now you make my point. And it's amazing to me that you'd bring that up when Obama rubber stamps his Congress (Democrat Congress) is spending even more than Republicans did (deficit now quadrupled, debt now doubled in less than 18 months.

Why the Tea Party would protest the Arizona bill is beyond me. That bill is being put in place because the Feds aren't doing their job. They aren't protecting their border. Arizona isn't even trying to protect the border, because it's not within their rights to do so. But they are protecting their state by saying that if you've slipped past the Feds and gotten into the state, the state will now turn you over to the feds to do the job that they didn't do in the first place. Citizens of other countries that come here without permission don't have rights. They aren't citizens. I wish Obama would grow some balls and do what Eisenhower did. Round them up, stick them on Trains and drop them off at the southern tip of Mexico.

Protest banks? What for? You don't keep your money in a bank? How do you cash checks if you don't use a bank? Or do you just live on handouts?

Finally and again, you inject racism into it. Not me. You. Not anyone else, just you. And you add to it by claiming that Obama has a funny name. What do you have against black people or mixed black people and what do you have against a persons name?

It's okay. I don't really want an answer. You're not coherent, not logical and certainly not one with any common sense.

Not Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys keep wanting to talk about the economy and how it was saved from the "Great Depression" by Obama. You're assuming that it would have gone into a depression. You can't know something until it's happened. It didn't happen. The recession hit. Obama was a part of that. Perhaps you've forgotten that he was behind the bailouts, along with Timothy (tax evader) Geithner. Obama then voted for the bailout. This all happened just prior to the election in September 08.

This economy is now owned by Obama. Even you admit that by saying he pulled us out of the "ditch". I just love those talking points where the same words are used over and over by this administration. "Ditch", "Day one", "95%".

So what will you say when we go into the double dip recession in the next year or less?

It could be one of two things. 1. It's Bush's fault or 2. It's Clinton's fault. I'm putting my money on the first.

Communications guru said...

Again, anonymous, there is no one who posts here named “Little Johnny.” As for facts, you have constantly presented nothing but your opinion based on nothing.

Once again, anonymous, President Obama is honoring war dead at another cemetery, and he has passed on the duty at Arlington like the last three Republican presidents did. Only someone like you thinks it’s inappropriate for the Commander-in-Chief to honor the war dead. What bullshit; you know dam good and well no matter what President Obama does you will find something to criticize him about.

As for the most corrupt administration in history, you might want to take a look at the Bush Administration. Once again, anonymous, any offer to Senator-Elect to Sestak is not illegal and a non-story.

The Drudge Report is a blog, and the National Inquirer is more accurate.

Nice try at re-writing history, anonymous, but Republicans were kicked out for the corruption and for running the economy into the ground.

Seriously, you don’t know why the teabaggers are not protesting the show-me-your-papers law? It’s exactly what they claim they dislike; big government and government overarch, but the fact is the teabaggers are just the racist wing of the Republican Party.

The tea baggers are the ones who put race into it.

Communications guru said...

The world was inches from the global financial system collapsing under George Bush, and you are trying to re-write history with the claims that we were not in the worst recession since the Great Depression? Just sad.

The economy owned by President Obama is improving. I know Republicans like you hate that, but it’s a fact you can’t deny.

Not Anonymous said...

Is that the best you can do? Copy and paste previous answers? You're a broken record. It's his fault. Blame him. My guy is a God.

You socialist liberal Democrats bore me after abit. Glad it's a long weekend. My grass is growing "liberally" so I guess I'll go cut out some liberals.

Communications guru said...

It makes no sense to keep writing different answers to the same talking points you post that have already been debunked. That’s how Republicans operate: they keep floating the same lies time after time, and the first time you don’t debunk it and answer, it starts to get accepted as fact.

Like this lie you keep floating. Let me set you straight, again, anonymous. There is no such thing as a “socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is just a false, fascist Republican talking point.

Nice excuse after I keep kicking your sorry ass. Next time, try and bring some facts to the debate. I guess you’ll have to stick to the cowardly, anonymous false smears.

Bye anonymous.

Not Anonymous said...

Nice try at turning my words. I tell you that you copy and paste the same old same old and you try to turn it on me. Then you try to play the tough guy and say you're kicking my ass. You misspelled the word kicking if you think that's what you're doing. You're doing nothing more than licking my ass and I wish you'd stop. I'm not that type of guy.

Beside, you're not big enough of a man. You prove it here everyday. If you disagree with someone, which is just about everyone that says anything other than "I agree", you try to berate them, accuse them of "false" comments or ideas. Oh, and the one that I like the most is when you accuse me of personal attacks whenever I mention that you don't care enough about your family to cover them adequately with health insurance. It's not me launching a personal attack. You stated it in one of your writings. Nobody accused you of it and nobody questioned you on it. You freely gave out that information. Then you call it a personal attack when someone says to go buy your own and you whine about having three jobs and not being able to afford it.

You're a moron. My son has one job. At McDonald's. Not only is he paying for his college out of it, but he's also paying his car payment, his car insurance and his health insurance. If he can do all of that working at McDonalds, you're doing nothing more than making excuses and whining when you say you can't do it with three jobs. Or, maybe better said, you're lying. You choose not to get your wife covered. You choose to do other things than to take care of your family as a MAN should. So should I worry about some asshole that claims he's going to kick my ass? Hell no. You play the tough guy all you like. You're nothing more than a mealy mouthed little boy who wants to thump his chest and try to sound like he knows what he's talking about and then tries to play tough guy when he can't prove it.

You're a wimp that probably can't get it up, and not taking care of your wife with the responsibility of health care nor with the personal desires a woman has. But then, who knows, you're likely not married and just living in the basement of your mommy's house banging away at a keyboard. God knows you're on here at all times of the day and night every day and night. Nobody that has three jobs could possibly be here that often. But then, the internet is a place that anyone can be anything they want to be. So I am Not Anonymous, while you're still just a little boy with fetish for being heard constantly.

There, now you have reason to say that I've launched into a personal attack. I thought you should know what one really looks like, asshole.

Communications guru said...

Wait, I thought you were bored with me and were cutting your grass, anonymous? The simple fact is I did kick your ass in a debate. Second, I’m not a tough guy, but then again I have the courage to use my real name when I write something, and I stand by it instead of hiding behind an anonymous name like you.

Ah, the personal attacks; I knew those were coming because you got your ass kicked on the facts. You might want to go back on your meds, anonymous.

Johnny C said...

Internet racist Aka Not Anonymous,again you belong to a movement that can't spell worth a damn.. "Stundents 4 McCain" or "soclist" that's not me those are your people I.R. again if you want to give an English lecture I.R. maybe you should hook up your right wing brothers and sisters with one.

As for the Drudge Report, dude re writes the headlines from legit news service wires and he also links his blog to other right wing blogs. Double dishonesty there I.R. Check my blog I have that story that highlights my point.

Between 2001 and 2006 Bush and HIS RUBBER STAMP GOP controlled congress turned a surplus into a deficit.. The lie that's popular with the Republicans like yourself IR you want to throw well the Democrats took over in 2006, well they did but they didn't took power until January of 2007.. You still had a lame duck Republican majority that was still in charge after the election, the entire month of December and few weeks in January before the incoming Democratic majority took over.

As for President Obama "massive spending" he did what the Bush administration didn't do since 2002 and the start of the Iraq war added the cost of the Afghanistan and the Iraq war towards the budget.

The stimulus is working despite what you read from the Drudge Report, Newsmax and the local right wing shit blogs I.R.. And the CBO debunks the right's claim about the cost of this health care bill and the benefits are a few weeks away from kicking in.

On the Joe Sestak again the only people making a super stink about this are the Republicans in Washington D.C. and idiots like yourself who follow the right wing media..

To the tea party like Guru said if they hate big government why are they marching the streets with the Latinos who opposed the bill? So you think police have the right to stop someone because they look illegal? And what does illegal alien looks like? As for the banks again if they hate the bailout why are they're on the side of the banks regarding banking reform?

Oh IR the story about your son doing all that on a Mickey D's paycheck is pure horse shit.. I worked at a fast food place unless he's working around the clock he's not making that kind of cash who knows he might be doing something on the side..

jrfoleyjr said...

I am personally glad that he decided to skip services at Arlington and elsewhere that contain the remains of heroes that died so we can have the freedom to type these words. Our fallen servicemen do not deserve another "two handed crotch salute" from Obama.

I am sure that there is a golf course or a basketball hoop that is more richly deserving of his attention on this Memorial Day holiday. Or maybe he will celebrate by spending time with his wife and unaborted children.

Johnny C said...

What you talking about jefoley? Republicans view the army as cannon fodder. Bush went AWOL during his tenure at the Texas air national guard and made jokes about looking for WMD during one of his White House correspondence dinner.

And Bush hasn't even attended a service person funeral...

jrfoleyjr said...

What you talking about Jonny C? I thought that Bush should have been impeached/prosecuted and the pussy Democrats could not even follow through on that?

I am saying that our current Disgrace in Chief is better suited elsewhere than desecrating the memory of fallen heroes of the USA. Maybe he could go to Moscow and salute fallen Russian comrades again.

Communications guru said...

Are you serious? What world do you live in where you don’t think the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces should honor the U.S. war dead. Second, he is honoring the war dead buried in Illinois.

As for your "two handed crotch salute" bullshit, that has been debunked here and on numerous other reliable web sites, but that does not stop someone like you from using it. The sad part is people actually believe it’s true. Here are a few links.

“Or maybe he will celebrate by spending time with his wife and unaborted (sic) children? That statement is so stupid and disrespectful that I don’t know what to say.

jrfoleyjr said...

“Or maybe he will celebrate by spending time with his wife and unaborted (sic) children?" That statement is so stupid and disrespectful that I don’t know what to say.

Then don't say anything. Obama is a primo supporter of abortion in all its gruesome forms but also supports killing babies that survive a botched abortion. This last item dates to his days in the Illinois senate. That he and his wife decided to not abort his two kids... well, no accounting for abortionists.

Communications guru said...

I’ll say plenty, and so will you. You can start with a retraction on the bullshit "two handed crotch salute" lie you tried to float.

Second, no one is a “primo supporter of abortion.” It’s the law of the land. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. It’s as simple as that, and I’ll support your choice to say no.

Johnny C said...

Kev is it just me or has the right wingers got even nuttier since 2008?

Communications guru said...

Oh, there is absolutely no doubt they have gotten even nuttier. The Republicans Party has gone so far to the right in the last decade, and the teabaggers are going to drive it off the cliff.

scaz said...

Not Anonymous,you got these guys pegged,and as far as guru working you in this debate is about as delusional as obama is when it come to foreign affairs.Not Anonymous,as far as i can see you are the only one here that doesnt have his socialist head so far up his ass he can taste shoe leather.

Communications guru said...

The problem, “scaz, is anonymous has not presented a single fact, as usual. When he gets frustrated over that fact, he stoops to these personal smears. Also, there are no socialists on this blog.

Bosun said...

This is boring. The event was rained out anyway. If he had been serious, they would have had an alternate place available to hold it indoors.

The event was ill conceived and not thought out... This is typicial for the libs.

PS, I am not defending other presidents who skipped out of the event too. One thing about Bill Clinton, who I did like but would not vote for, is that he made it all eight times.... Bill was a gem of a guy, but as a political leader and husband, he sucked....

Communications guru said...

“If he had been serious, they would have had an alternate place available to hold it indoors?” That makes no sense. How many cemeteries have buildings that can accommodate that many people?

That was a cheap shot at liberals based on, well, nothing.

Bill Clinton was a very good political leader.

Johnny C said...

Boy I.R you're a desperate puppy that you need to create another screen name to back you up after getting your ass kicked. But I play along with it ok scaz, your boy Internet Racist aka Not Anonymous if he's going to debate politics he can't depend on "information" from the right wing media.