May 4, 2009

MRP’s radical agenda continues

We know the Republican Party is bankrupt of ideas and, based on their support of torture, morals too, but their quest for cash never ends.

Sharon Wise, Co-Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, recently sent out a mass fundraising email asking for money based on the news that Gov. Jennifer Granholm is being mentioned as a possible choice to fill the soon-to-be vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court with the retirement of Republican nominates Justice David Souter this summer. Ms. Wise is asking for your online contribution of “$25, $50, $100, $500 or $1,000 today.” I have no idea how money will stop President Obama from nominating her and the Senate to confirm her, but that is apparently irrelevant.

She throws out the usual terms, like “extreme Left line-up.” And “Her radical agenda has never been a secret.” When you consider the Governor’s margin of victory in 2006 and the amount of people who voted for Democrats in November, it appears that Ms. Wise is the extremists and the radical.

Her ending line is great, “Radicals like billionaire Jon Stryker and George Soros will be funding the Left's attempt to control the Supreme Court.” It amazes me that anyone can call George Soros a radical, and the right’s hatred of a self-made man like Soros baffles me.

Soros should be a poster boy for what Republicans claim are their ideals; a man who pulled himself up by his bootstraps. He escaped Nazi-occupied Hungary as a teen with nothing but the clothes on his back, and he managed to become a billionaire with his wits and hard work. He gives millions to charity, he helped end apartheid in South Africa by giving money for scholarships to black students there and he helped end Communism by funding dissident movements behind the iron curtain.

I have heard people say Granholm is not qualified, but she is as qualified as one of the best Justices in the history of the court: Chief Justice Earle Warren. His resume is similar to Granholm’s resume. He served three terms as the governor of California, the only person to serve more than two terms. Like Granholm, he also served a term as state Attorney General.

Granholm has repeatedly said publicly she intends to serve the remainder of her second and last term that ends next year. But realistically, if the President asks such a huge responsibility of her and offers such a massive opportunity how do you say no?


Republican Michigander said...

Soros is a convicted criminal who broke currencies in the world hurting the economy. That's what you call a self-made man nowadays?

Communications guru said...

Yes, a self-made man. That’s all you got on this guy is a French convection for insider trading more than 20 years ago? I would think that would make him a hero to the Republicans, like Bush crony Ken Lay. I was not aware that currency speculation was illegal.

But it’s nice to see that you agree Gov. Granholm would make a good Supreme Court Justice.