May 1, 2009

Another medical report points out harm caused by deadly secondhand smoke

We already know secondhand smoke causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia and non-fatal diseases, such as asthma, inner ear infections, major depression and other afflictions in non-smokers, but there may also be a link to breast cancer.

An international panel of researchers convened by the University of Toronto and chaired by the university's Neil Collishaw, M.D., found after its review of several recent studies and meta-analyses that exposure to secondhand smoke was causally linked to breast cancer in premenopausal women. It’s unbelievable that with all of these studies on the negative effects of secondhand smoke piling up, the workplace smoking ban in Michigan was delayed.

It’s ironic that Speaker of the House Andy Dillon, D-Redford, is the one who threw a monkey wrench in the works. Publicly he has said he supports the ban, but he is the one holding it up. He also said back in January during the swearing in of the members of the 95th Michigan Legislature that one of his goals was to pass a workplace smoking ban before the Legislature breaks for the summer next month.

But he is the one stopping it. It is the advocates of the working smoking ban, two-thirds of Michigan voters, that got Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop to finally allow a vote last year, and they are now directing their attention to Dillon. I have defended him numerous times, but it’s time for him to do what he said he would do. Call him today at (888) 737-3455 or email at and tell him to do the right thing.

Don’t let Bishop off the hook. He can act on Senate Bill 114 at any time. He can be reached at (877) 924-7467 and It’s ironic that he wants to be the Michigan Attorney General to protect the citizens, but he refuses to protect the almost 80 percent of Michigan residents who do not smoke from a health hazard that without a doubt causes harm and kills.

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