May 8, 2009

Come to Lansing for All American Lobby Day to stand against bullies

A coalition of Michigan organizations is banding together for All American Lobby Day in Lansing on Wednesday, May 13 to lobby for the passage of Matt's Safe School Law that would require public school districts in Michigan to establish bullying policies.

The anti-bullying legislation, Senate Bill 159, was introduced by Sen. Glenn Anderson, D-Westland, and it would amend the Revised School Code to require schools to adopt a policy that prohibits harassment or bullying at school, as well as prohibiting the harmful and potentially deadly bullying from telecommunications devices. The bill specifies that all minorities, including religious and racial minorities and youth with disabilities, are protected.

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, as many as half of all children are bullied at some time during their school years, and at least 10 percent are bullied on a regular basis. This year alone five students in the United States have died due to bullying.

A similar bill passed the House last session, but it died when the Senate declined to take up the bill. Anderson also introduced the same bill last session, but the Republican controlled Senate refused to give it a hearing. Although the bill had bipartisan support, it was killed by Senate Majority Floor Leader Alan Cropsey, R-DeWitt. The main opposition has come from extremist rightwing groups, such as the anti-gay hate groups the American Family Association (AFA) of Michigan because it extends protection to students who may be gay.

The law is named after Matt Epling, a popular East Lansing middle school student who committed suicide as a result of bullying in school.

Among those organizing All American Lobby Day include Project Light, National HRC, White House LGBT Task Force, Michigan Equality, University of Michigan College Democrats, Michigan Democratic Youth Caucus, American Family Committee and the Order of St. John the Beloved (Catholic Order).

He lobby day will kick off at 9 a.m. with training at Teamsters local 580, 5800 Executive Dr. in Lansing, and a press conference will be held at 1:30 p.m. on the glass floor rotunda in the Capitol.


Not Anonymous said...

I won't support anything that favors one group over another. If bullying is bad for one group, it's bad for another group. Any bill that gives special protection to some over others is nothing more than a racist bill.

This is just another example of the failure of the government led school systems.

Communications guru said...

That statement does not make much sense, but from what I can figure out, you agree with me. There is nothing wrong with protecting all people from harassment. What is wrong is allowing the very people who are singled out for harassment to be left out of the bill, like gays. There is nothing racist about this bill, and I have no idea how you reached that conclusion.

There is nothing wrong with “government led school systems.” It’s sad that you are anti-public school, where the majority of Americans are educated, including many U.S. Presidents.

Not Anonymous said...

If bullying is illegal (which seems silly to lock kids up that are kids and give them a record for the rest of their lives) how do gays get left out?

This is just as silly as someone getting the death penalty for killing someone, then adding on another penalty because it was racially motivated. What do they do? Give him a lethal injection for murder, then shoot him once more because it was racially motivated?

Speaking of bullying, it seems that your President bullied bondholders from Chrysler and now he's bullying California for not using the money the way he wants it used rather than the way Californians (you know, the people that live there) see fit.

He also forced out the CEO of GM. Isn't that bullying?

This government is in danger of going beyond socialism and right into communism.

If there is nothing wrong with government led school systems, then why is a bullying law needed?

Communications guru said...

This has nothing to do with law enforcement or “locking kids up.” It simply requires school districts to amend the Revised School Code to require schools to adopt a policy that prohibits harassment or bullying at school. The bill spells out every single group that gets protected.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Michigan does not have the death penalty.

My president? You’re not an American? Your claims are simply not true. Stop with the socialism bull shit. It’s also not true. Socialism is when the government takes over the control of companies when they do not want to be nationalized, not answering their call for help and giving them tax money to keep going.

Are you trying to claim there is no bullying in private schools, brett?

Not Anonymous said...

Ohhh, so part of the legislature wants to pass a law that has no violation sanctions included in it. Just a law telling the schools, "say something against bullying".

Funny thing though. Schools already have a policy about kids touching other kids inappropriately. So this new law is supposed to say "we really mean it this time"?

There really is a simple solution to bullying. Catch a bully. Bring his/her parents in. Tell them he is suspended for three days. Give him the upcoming work for the three days and gather up any late work that hasn't been turned in yet and tell them, 'your son/daughter, is suspended for three days. He/she has this homework due and this past due. All must be completed before he/she can return to the classroom. If the work is not completed, he/she will be suspended for the remainder of the year and will have to repeat their grade next year.

Normal people call that punishment that fits the crime and responsibility towards schoolwork which is what the child is supposed to be there for anyway.

Actually, Michigan does have the death penalty. It just hasn't been used, or it's been suspended the past 100 or so years.

But I see you don't understand the relationship that I tried to give, so let me make it easier for you. If you rob a bank, and you kill someone of your own color, you're charged with robbery and for murder. You get sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Got the example so far?

But another guy, at the same time as you, in another city, but still the state of Michigan, robs a bank and kills someone of a different color. He is found guilty of robbery, guilty of murder and gets life in prison without parole. But, just to be safe, the state also charges him with a hate crime because he killed someone of a different color. So they tack on ten years to the end of his life sentence without parole.

So we get to the end of the guys life. He dies. What good does the added ten years do?

I guess he could miraculously come back to life after a few days. It hasn't happened in a couple thousand years, so I guess we're due again. That must be what the additional ten years is for. Just in case.

I will stop with the socialism when the socialist is no longer in the White House.

Socialism is when they take over companies. You got that right. Can you say "Government Motors"?

Giving them tax money to keep going? You mean like AIG? Chrysler? Government Motors?

Communications guru said...

It requires a policy on bullying to be in place, which would include disciplinary procedures. That goes without saying. I hope you’re just playing this dumb, brett. Why don’t you read the bill, brett, before you make yourself looked dumber? It says the policy will include “Age-appropriate consequences and remedial action for a person who violates the policy.” Here is a link,

Bullying is more than “kids touching other kids inappropriately.”

Honestly, that sounds like a decent solution you proposed. Why don’t you propose it to your local school board after the bill is approved?

I have to disagree with you on the death penalty. It is unconstitutional in Michigan.

Well, I’m not a lawyer, but a hate crime would change the degree of murder or assault, as well as the penalty.

Barack Obama is not a socialist, and once again that is just a fascist Republican talking point. No, I can’t say Government Motors, because the government doesn’t have it and never wanted it. The banks, insurance companies and car companies went to the government for help, the government didn’t come to them. Plus, they came to the government and got tax money from the previous administration as well.

Yes, giving them tax money to keep going. Yes, I mean like AIG, Chrysler and General Motors. The tag “Government Motors” makes no sense.

Not Anonymous said...

You've convinced me. You're dumber than a stump.

I have a sister. When we were younger and television shows were just starting to be filmed in color, we were sitting there in front of our black and white television. The advertisement came on that said "The Fugitive, Next, in Color."

When it started it was in black and white, which only made sense because we had a black and white television. She started complaining that the advertisers had lied because it wasn't in color.

I'd still consider her just a bit brighter than you.

Communications guru said...

Great rebuttal, brett. “The Fugitive?” I guess when you have no argument this is what you have to stoop to. Thanks for the compliment, brett.

kevins said... are the worst at not having a good argument. Most of the time you just get angry, make a big deal of how you've already "debunked" every argument -- even when you clearly have not -- and then resort to name-calling. Then there is you infantile penchant for calling someone brett when they best you in an argument.

I still don't know who brett is. I just hope he isn't a young boy.