May 7, 2009

Come out for ‘Buy Bait Day’ Saturday

Bridge Watch Detroit is staging a protest this Saturday over the Ambassador Bridge Company’s heavy-handed tactics against a Detroit business owner who will not sell to Grosse Pointe billionaire and Republican benefactor Matty Moroun.

The Bridge Company has already begun building a second span right next to the current one; even though the Canadian government has said they will not issue a permit for the bridge company to land the bride on the Canadian side. But Moroun and company have already begun building that second span even though he has not received all off the needed permits.

The company began building the privately owned span with the construction of a massive six-lane entrance ramp. The company has razed every structure, home and business in its path, except one: The Lafayette Bait and Tackle Shop. In at attempt to freeze out business owner Dean Aytes, the company simply paved over all of the land in front of the bait shop. Finding out how to even find the front door is a harrowing experience, and it often leads people by accident over the current bridge to Canada with no way to turn around. The company has progressively landlocked the small shop.

The building is owned by Walter Lubienski, but rented by Aytes. Lubienski refuses to sell. Needless to say, the business is just hanging on, and that’s why Bridge Watch Detroit is sponsoring “Buy Bait Day.”

The event will kick off with a march at 2:30 p.m. from the shop at 23rd Street (inside the new bridge construction zone) to Riverside Park. People will meet at Delray Senior Pavilion 275 W. Grand Blvd. The event will run until 5:30 p.m.

Bridge Watch Detroit is an organization of concerned citizens coming together for the common goal of protecting Southwest Detroit's interests and making sure that the Detroit International Bridge Company does not stray from their original plan.

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