May 12, 2009

Livingston County Democrats and Labor step up for future college students

Livingston County Democrats will award three scholarships, totaling $1,300, to three Livingston County high school seniors for their essays on what organized labor has meant to them and their communities.

“These students have seen the benefits to families and communities when working people come together to support each other,” said Greg Stoey, chair of the union relations committee of the Livingston County Democrats. “In good times and in bad, organized labor has been there to help people.”

The Livingston County Democrats announced the contest in March, and originally they thought they would only be able to offer two scholarships, totaling $600. But because of the generosity and working people and unions, the party was able to award three scholarships totaling $1,300..

First place goes to Vivian Burgett, a senior at Pinckney High School, and carries a $600 scholarship. Second place goes to Tanner Gallant, a senior at Hartland High School, and carries a $400 scholarship. Third place goes to Marie Markell, a senior at Hartland High School, and is worth $300.

The essays were judged by Harold Stack, director of the Center for Labor Studies at Wayne State University.

Contributions to the scholarship came from individuals, the Livingston County Democratic Party, and the following labor organizations: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 252 of Washtenaw County; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 665 of Lansing; Michigan Building and Construction Trades; Washtenaw Skilled Building Trades; Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 190; International Brotherhood and Electrical Workers Local 58 of Detroit; United Auto Workers Local 1284; United Auto Workers Local 598, and United Auto Workers Region 1-C.

The essays will be published here soon.

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