May 26, 2009

Lansing insiders are aware of Bishop’s incompetence

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, took the biggest dip in approval ratings from Lansing insiders in a survey conducted by the subscription only Capitol newsletter MIRS and EPIC/MRA last week.

The Capitol insider's survey was e-mailed to well over 1,000 lawmakers, lobbyists, association executives and executive branch officials over a three-week period that ended last week. The last one was conducted two years ago, and Bishop received a 59 percent positive job approval rating. However, this past survey gave him the biggest downward swing with only 28 percent who now think he's doing a positive job. That cannot bode well for his bid for Attorney General. The fact that the GOP Senate caucus has blocked any meaningful legislation and his refusal to compromise to accomplish anything has a lot to do with the rating.

His counterpart in the House, Speaker of the House Andy Dillon, D-Redford, received a 43 percent overall positive job approval rating.

In a demonstration that the buck stops at the top and the person in charge gets the blame, Gov. Jennifer Granholm received a dismal rating of just 16 percent. But the good news is that 80 percent of the insiders believe Lt. Gov. John Cherry will be the Democratic nominee for Governor next year.

The Republican side is very muddled, but Attorney General Mike Cox is the leader with just 24 percent. In second place was Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land with 17 percent, along with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who has said he is not a candidate. U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Holland, was in third with 16 percent.


kevins said...

I don't expect much logic or fairness on this blog, so imagine my surprise when guru admits that insiders find Gov. Granholm to be incompetent.

Guru leads that Bishop is incompetent based on his ratings from a survey of "insiders" that quite clearly includes a lot of Democrats. This survey, which includes executive office employees, rates Granholm far lower than Bishop.

Since Guru says the results show that Bishop is incompetent, he is clearly saying that Granholm is more incompetent.

He tried to bury his conclusion toward the end, but let's give him credit for his candor.

I'm not saying that Granholm is incompetent. I don't have to...Guru said it for all us.

Way to go guru. There is hope for you yet.

Communications guru said...

If there is no logic here then why can’t you ever win a debate, brett?

The person at the top will always get the blame, but people are finally catching on to what a roadblock Bishop is. He is also trying to run for statewide office, and he will bring that lack of skills to that office. The fact is Granhom’s rating took a dip because of the economy no governor has much if any control over; Bishop’s rating nose-dived – the biggest drop of all leaders – because people are catching on to what he is all about.

Tell you what, brett: I will not vote for Jennifer Granholm in 2010, nor will I vote for Bishop.

kevins said...

Took a dip? She's at 16 percent. Heck, not even her friends and relatives could have voted for her to get that low of a number.

16 percent. That's atrocious. that's because she's been a complete failure as a leader. Abysmal record. This isn't a vote of the dissatisfied public...this is a survey of insiders, many of which are Democrats.

16 percent.

As you said, she's incompetent. Even you had to come to that conclusion.

Communications guru said...

Not only can you not write; you can’t read very well either, brett. Let me give you this quote again, brett: “This past survey gave him the biggest downward swing with only 28 percent.” Like I said before, brett, The person at the top will always get the blame. The fact is Granhom’s rating took a dip because of the economy no governor has much, if any control over. If it will make you happy, brett, I’m not voting for her in 2010.

kevins said...

Again, I'm happy to see that you think the governor is incompetent. But you don't have to keep repeating it; you made your point.

Communications guru said...

You might want to consider taking a reading comprehension course, brett; maybe math, too.