Mar 14, 2008

The comedy styling of Saul Anuzis

I enjoy laughing and comedy. That’s why my favorite radio show is the “Stephanie Miller Show.”

Usually it’s not a good thing to generalize, but. Liberals are actually funny. Conservative's lame attempts at comedy almost always fall flat. For examples, we just need to look at “comedians” Rush Limpbaug and Ann Coulter or the Faux attempts at the Daily Show rip-off, the Half-Hour News Show. Limpbaug and Coulter are hilarious if you are a racist homophobia.

In addition to my daily doses of Stephanie to make me laugh, I also have Michigan’s Republican Party Chair Saul’s Anuzis’s daily dose of spin via what he calls “Articles of Interest” on his “blog.” It’s not really a blog because he does not allow any comments. I guess I can’t blame him because of the crap his staffers write, but he should not call it a blog. But I guess if I wrote that stuff I would not want to have to try and defend it. You find the kind of humor there that makes you say, “is he for real.”

Today, he is enjoying the fact that Kalamazoo businessman Jon Stryker is under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department. This is the same Justice Department that fired U.S. attorneys because they refused to investigate and make up charges against Democratic politicians. The same Justice Department that for the first time in history has been politicized and used as a weapon by the bushies. Nixon used the IRS to go after his enemies, but Bush used a department that is supposed to uphold the law to go after enemies. I guess former Nixon aide John Dean had it right when he used the title “Worse than Watergate” for his book about the Bush Administration.

And why do Anuzis and the GOP hate Stryker? What is his crime? He contributes to Democrats. In his daily does of BS, Anuzis claims that Stryker “spent more than $5 million of his own money buying a majority in the Michigan House of Representatives.” I hope Anuzis keeps believing that was the reason.

But the funniest line from Anuzis is this one, “”After spending millions of dollars to buy Governor Jennifer Granholm’s re-election…” That’s’ one of the sickly, funny lines. Hey Saul, did you forget who your candidate was in 2006? Your candidate's only qualification for the job was that he inherited millions of dollars from his family’s pyramid scheme. He spent millions of those inherited dollars trying to buy the seat.

Stryker is a rarity among Democrats who happen to be rich; he inherited his business that makes him rich. Almost every conservative billionaire has inherited their money.

The hatred of billionaire philanthropist George Soros if a perfect example of the misguided GOP hatred. Here is a man who escaped Nazi-occupied Hungary as a teen with nothing but the clothes on his back, and he managed to become a billionaire with his wits and hard work. He gives millions to charity, he helped end apartheid in South Africa by giving money for scholarships to black students there and he helped end Communism by funding dissident movements behind the iron curtain. You would think he would be a hero to the right and a model of what they say they stand for. No. Why? Because he contributes to liberal causes, he's the devil and evil. They call him the liberal sugar daddy.

Contrast that to the conservative sugar daddy – the one they hate to talk about - Richard Mellon Scaife. He got his money the old fashioned way, he inherited it by being a principal heir to the Mellon banking, oil, and aluminum fortune.

Scaife is the class act that bankrolled the conservative hit magazine “The American Spectator,” and he also financed the so-called” Arkansas Project” that paid people to come up with dirt on President Bill Clinton.

For an excellent story on that you should read “Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative” by former American Spectator writer David Brock, who now operates the web site that Bill O’Reily calls the “Left Wing Smear site Media Matters.” All they do at Media Matters is post his words and actual videos.

No wonder billo hates them.


Anonymous said...

Liberals are funny.

Are you kidding me or is your idea of funny is ruining this country.

If so then you are funny my friend or should I say comrade.

Communications guru said...

I see why you post you post anonymously. I will assume by that lame post you can’t dispute anything I wrote. As for liberals “ruining this country,” I’ll make the same bet with you that I make with all of my republic party friends. I will bet you $100 you have a relative or friend who has a better life today because of a liberal program, such as Social Security or Medicaid. So far, none has taken me up on the bet, but they still keep spewing that ridiculous shit that liberals are “ruining the country.”

It makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Comrade you and your liberal friends have ruined this country.

They would have had much more money in their bank accounts than then pittance that they receive from SSI if they were able to have invested the funds themself.

I will bet you $100 just as I have bet my Democrat friends that if they believe that socialism is such a great political philosphy then move to Cuba.

Once you have proven that you have moved to Cuba I will gladly send you $100 dollars.

NONE have taken me up on that.

Wonder why?

Communications guru said...

First, I don’t think I am your “Comrade” because you dot not even have the courage to identify yourself, so I have no idea who you are.

What a ridiculous uninformed statement. I’m sure the working poor, the widows, orphans and those injured and unable to work are investors. Why are you refusing to take me up on my bet that you have a friend or relative who has a better life because of a liberal program? Here’s another challenge. How have liberals “ruined the country,” and how have conservatives made it better?

Let’s see if I got this right. I’m supposed to take bet that I believe the same thing as your alleged “Democrat friends” do, but you don’t even have the balls to identify yourself Get real. Sure, I’ll take that bet anyway. I don’t believe socialism is “such a great political philosophy (sic).”

I have no intention of moving to Cuba. Why should I? Actually, I did want to live there once, but I never got orders to the naval base. Again, why should I leave the country I love. I’ll bet I have done more to defend it than you have.