Mar 10, 2008

Republicans cheer for Gov. Eliot Spitzer

The news today that New York Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer was picked up on a federal wiretap arranging to meet in a prostitute disturbed me, and I knew right-wingers were going to have some fun with it.

That is until I began to think about it. The Democrats have a long way to go before they can equal the scandals of the Republicans. In light of what we learned what the Bush administration will do to go after political foes after the Federal attorney firings, it seems suspect that it was a federal wiretap that brought him down.

I just wonder if Spitzer will get the same reception as U.S. Sen. David Vitter got after his involvement with prostitutes was revealed. The Louisiana Republican got a standing ovation from the Republicans in the Senate when he returned. I guess after Sen. Larry Craig’s troubles Republicans were so happy Vitter’s troubles were with females they just had to break out in cheers. When the so-called party of family values is involved in a sex scandal instead of the usual money and bribery scandals it’s news, but when the sex scandals do occur they usually involve sex with underage boys.

At any rate, Spitzer will be welcomed on Faux News. It welcomes criminals with open arms, such as prostitute toe-sucker Dock Morris, convicted felon Oliver North and racist cop Mark Furman. But in truth, he probably will not be welcomed there. They already have their token non-conservative in Alan Colmes. Maybe if he hated the Clinton’s like Morris does Spitzer will be welcomed at faux.

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