Mar 13, 2008

Film production incentive package is fast-tracked through the Legislature

LANSING –Both the Michigan House and Senate pushed through a package of bills on the fast-track Wednesday aimed at luring film production work to Michigan.

House Bills 5841-5855 and Senate Bills 1168-1172 include a wide variety of tax breaks and incentives intended to make Michigan attractive to filmmakers. The hope is the package will mean jobs and millions of dollars of investment in the state. SB 1168 was passed on Thursday by a vote of 34-1 after Sen. Nancy Cassis, R-Novi, raised concerns about the refundable credit provision of the bill.

“We have the opportunity to do something that will have an important effect on our economy,” said Rep. Andy Meisner, D-Ferndale, one of the sponsors of the bipartisan, bicameral package of bills. “We can expect to see increased film production in the state this year.”

The Governor is expected to sign the bills as soon as possible.


Jack Binder said...

Michigan Film Production Incentives will propel Michigan Film Crew to the forefront of U.S. Production investment. Congratulations to the Governor, Jennifer Granholm, Janet Lockwood - Director Michigan Film Office, Rep. Andy Meisner, Rep. Bill Hizuenga for successfully transforming the American film community by reversing the outsourcing of the film industry. For more information on Michigan Film Production contact

Communications guru said...

Thanks for posting. It has some exciting possibilities. I was wondering. Are you a Michigan government or a private entity?