Sep 6, 2008

Party faithful gear up for historic election at MDP convention

LANSING -- Gov. Jennifer Granholm hit the nail on the hard when she questioned the RNC’s convention theme of “A change is going to come” when GOP Presidential nominee John McCain voted with current President George Bush more than 90 percent of the time and has been in Washington for almost three decades.

“We have John McCain out of his own mouth saying he voted with George Bush 90 percent of the time,” she said. “But there he was in Sterling Heights Friday running away from the Republicans.”

Granholm gave a signature fiery speech at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention Saturday at the Lansing Center before an excited crowd.

Granholm said the absence of George Bush, the leader of the Republican Party, and Vice-President Dick Cheney spoke volumes. McCain said he would put the country back on the road to prosperity, but at the same time wholeheartedly supporting Bush’s failed economic policies. He stole Barack Obama’s change theme because he is trying hard not be Velcroed to the failure of Bush.

“People will remember when the country was prosperous a Democrat was in the White House,” she said. “The Republicans are putting on a mask because they are trying to fool the American people.”

Granholm talked about the latest Jobs Report that showed the U.S. jobless rate jumped to a 5-year high at 6.1 percent, and the leading job losses were in the manufacturing sector, automotive and auto suppliers.

“Who gets hit by that, Michigan does,” she said.

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero welcomed the Democrats to his city, and he outlined how the failed Bush policies have hurt the Capitol City.

“Cities are under siege,” he said. “Cities are canaries of our economy, and they are hurting.”

Bernero said he didn’t watch much of the RNC convention on TV, but it only took him a few minutes to know it was the same old Republicans rhetoric.

“I watched and listened, and I hear the same old thing; get government out of the way,” he said. “They got government out of the way by deregulating the financial industry that led to the foreclosure crisis. They got government out of the way for criminals by getting rid of police and killing the COPS program.”

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow talked about McCain’s chief economic advisor, the same guy responsible for deregulating the financial industry, who said the recession was a “mental recession” and we are a nation of whiners: former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm.

“Now I ask you: when you lose your job or your wages go down, are you just hallucinating.” Stabenow said. “America is not a nation of whiners, it’s a nation of workers.”

Sen. Carl Levin said the excitement, hope and inspiration generated by Barack Obama’s campaign reminds him of the first political campaign he participated in: President John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign. He said reception Obama recently received by one of our best allies, Germany, demonstrated that Obama can repair our tarnished reputation around the world.

“Barack Obama is greeted by 250,000 cheering people: George Bush is greeted by violent protests,” he said. “That told a lot pf people in this country that our reputation can be won back.”

Longtime U.S. Congressman Dale Kildee introduced the Democratic Congressional candidates, including State Sen. Mark Schauer, who is opposing the most extreme member of Congress; Tim Walberg in the 7th District.

“The Club for Growth certainly got what they paid for, but the people of the 7th District did not, “ he said.

Schauer said he has unseated a Republican incumbent before. He highlighted some of Walberg’s more extreme positions, such as saying everyone has healthcare, they just have to walk into an ER; he wants to drill in the Great Lakes; he voted against Head Start and he believes Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks.

“It takes a grassroots effort to win an election,” Schauer said. “That’s how I beat an incumbent Republican who was also out of touch.”


Brett said...

I have to admit, there is no better person to speak on the subject of a bad ecomony, poor economic outlook and high unemployment rates than our own Jenny "blow you away" Granholm. She's led us into the one state recession that has now lasted for five years.

Communications guru said...

With the limited resources governors have to effect the economy, she has been battling to overcome the failed Bush/McCain economic policies. She is bringing new, non-automotive jobs to the state. Just imagine if the Senate Republicans would pass a real Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) how many green collar jobs that would bring to the state.

Brett said...

Granholm's answer to economic problems. Raise taxes. Raise fees. Increase regulation, and what happens? The one state recession goes on for five years.

She talks about new jobs, but they go to Alabama and Mississippi. She talks about new workers, but they left for Wyoming.

This country recovered from September 11, 2001 and the economy began growing in 2002. The country recovered from Hurricane Katrina and the economy began growing again after a lull due to the hurricanes.

This governor has failed. The country has grown economically and in jobs until last November. Since November, it's been in a downturn. While the country has grown for 8 years despite terrorism and natural disasters, the State of Michigan has been in free fall.

The record speaks for itself. She not only blew us away after five years, she blew people out of the State.

And Democrats party.

Communications guru said...

No, Granholm has cut spending every year she has been in office. Engler cut taxes but very little spending.

Again, this one-state recession is a talking point. Please tell me how the Governor can control the falling market share of its largest employer? She has to change the Michigan employment landscape that has been the same since Henry Ford first rolled the first Model T off the line a 100 years ago in just eight short years with limited powers to address the economy.

The majority of new jobs are going to China, not other states. We are in a recession, and there is no doubt about that. What jobs there are, are seeing wages fall, are costing more for benefits or have no benefits.

And Democratic Party.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I saw this over on Fark...McCain got RickRoll'd.

Red Or Dead said...

I like this one better

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I love CCR, however, the song was spoiled by the devil imagery, not to mention the 101st Fighting Keyboarder's associated lies.

Nice try, though.

Brett said...

Another lie. Granholm hasn't cut spending. You'll have to prove this. You can't. Once again, you're nailed as a liar.

Increase in taxes last year, increased spending again.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Governor Blown away is more unpopular in Michigan than Bush?? I hope the Dems put her on the Obama campaign circuit hard and heavy. Maybe Monica Conyers and Kwame Kipatrick can join her!!

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Nonny mouse speaks!

Communications guru said...

The Governor has cut more from the state budget than any other Michigan governor in history. She has already cut more than $3 billion in state government spending to resolve more than $4 billion in overall budget deficits.

She has cut spending every year she has been in office. We are at the point where local fire and police are being cut because of cuts in revenue sharing. You said, “Increase in taxes last year, increased spending again.” The first part is true, second part is false. By saying again, you are implying she has increased spending in the past not true. This is from the Heritage Foundation, It’s old, but it disproves your BS about “increased spending again.”

“This is from Governor Granholm has also cut spending instead of raising taxes. In her first year in office, Granholm slashed $1.5 billion to balance Michigan's budget.?

I am so happy you will no longer debate with me, and even more happy you hate me and have no respect for me. Bye.

Brett said...

Senator Joe Biden's daughter was arrested in Chicago for obstructing police in the performance of their duty. She was released three hours later and has a scheduled court date of September 20, 2008. Asked for a comment, Joe Biden's spokesperson said that it was a "personal family matter" and that she'd have no comment.

How long will it take for the liberal media to ask "how can Joe Biden be Vice President and manage a family at the same time?

Interesting also that this was a personal family matter when it's regarding a 22 year old, but the liberals think it's okay for a 17 year olds pregnancy to be a matter of national concern.

Brett said...

Senator Barack Hussein Obama committed a "freudian" slip today on ABC's this week with George Stephanopolous when he said "my muslim faith".

Later on the same program, for the first time that anyone is able to discover Obama claimed that he wanted to join the military after high school but that we weren't at war.

He's never mentioned this publicly in the past and didn't mention it in either of his two books that he wrote about himself.

This is the first time in modern history that three candidates out of four on the two national tickets have only had one person (John McCain) that served their country in the military.

Now alas, we have Obama pulling a Hillary Clinton (who said at the beginning of her run for the Presidency that she'd always wanted to be in the marines), by claiming he "wanted" to join the military.

Communications guru said...

No possible president’s life is private. She knew that going in. It’s the hypocrisy that bothers many people. Can you imagine if this happened to a Democrat? We would hear this shit about “liberal; family values.“ Your party lectures other people about morals, and then we get this. Neither Biden or Obama ever brought the situation up, the corporate media did; just like it reported on Biden’s daughter, if it’s true. You probably just made it up. Palin can also decline to comment on it.

The media is not liberal. I have not heard the media say "how can Sarah Palin be Vice President and manage a family at the same time?” Joe Biden’s children are grown and do not live at home, if I am not mistaken.

It seems funny that a rightwing tool like Bill O’Reily says Jamie Lynn Spears’ parents are “pin heads” and its her fault she got pregnant, but not the Palin parents.

This is not the same at all. When a woman makes a private personal choice on whether to take a pregnancy to term or have an abortion, the government should not interfere in that private choice. What right does Palin have to say it’s a private family matter, but she refuses to allow other families to have the same privacy.

I thought you were through with me?

Communications guru said...

I know you can’t make this BS up yourself. Are you really going back to the lie he is a Muslim? Try some new lies.

I thought you were through with me?

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

YEP, he sure did. Take things out of context much?

Also, I don't care what religion he is.

The 101st Fighting Keyboarder's distribution list must have been ON FIRE today!

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Here's a little context for you.

However, don't expect to see it on Faux News, or hear it on Hannity's or LimpBalls radio show.

ka_dargo_Insane said...

Did you hear the ABC News' George Stephanopoulos interview on "This Week interview were Nobama said My Muslim Faith and George had to correct him and say Your Christian faith

Communist Guru said...

Ya I saw it Insane, them damm Republicans will not stop picking on Barry. It is always the race card they want to play. Don't they want change. Communism is a good change don't you think Insane.

Communications guru said...

Wow. That’ clever. ka_dargo_Insane and Communist Guru. I won’t stoop to your level. I guess when the issues aren’t on your side this is what you have to resort to.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...