Sep 15, 2008

Free Press columnist documents more harm the Gang of Four has brought

Detroit Free Press Brian Dickerson provides one more case study on why the Republican majority of activist judges on the Michigan Supreme Court known as the “Gang of Four" needs to go.

Dickerson's Sunday column outlines the case of West Bloomfield resident Julian Wendrow who was unlawfully jailed for the alleged molestation of his teen autistic daughter. Only after the investigative work of a pair of Free Press reporters did the case get dropped and he was freed. It was nice to see the corporate media do what it was intended to do and why I became a reporter to begin with.

The Free Press published videotaped excerpts of an abusive, two-hour police interrogation of Wendrow's 13-year-old son, who has a form of autism known as Asperger's Syndrome, where he was badgered to implicate his father.

Last week, Wendrow sought justice thorough the courts where justice is supposed to be blind, and he sued a long list of officials, including Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca, Sheriff Mike Bouchard and West Bloomfield Police Chief Ronald Cronin.

To do so, Wendrow has to prove that those officials acted with reckless disregard for the plaintiff's welfare or constitutional rights because government employees are protected against lawsuits for doing their job unless they acted with reckless disregard; which evidence indicates they did in this case.

The problem is that the Gang of Four has expanded government immunity so much that government cannot be sued.

Cliff Taylor is the leader of the Gang of Four, and Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Diane Marie Hathaway is running to unseat him and restore balance to the court.


the truths hurts said...

Only Voter Fraud In MI Perpetrated by Democrats

Biden tries to divert attention away from Left's voter intimidation

ST. CLAIR SHORES, MI - The only voter intimidation and fraud being perpetrated in Michigan is being carried out by organizations with close ties to the Obama-Biden campaign.

The Detroit Free Press reported Sunday that the national Left-leaning, community organizing group ACORN is flooding local clerks offices with duplicate and fraudulent voter registration applications in an attempt to register voters in multiple jurisdictions. ACORN used similar tactics in 2004 and 2006.

“Senator Biden is trying to distract attention away from the voter fraud and intimidation tactics of groups supporting the Obama-Biden ticket,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saulius “Saul” Anuzis. “ACORN has a long track-record of careless disregard of election law and outright voter fraud in Michigan and across the country. Senator Biden is attempting to divert attention away from the Democrats’ voter fraud that is occurring right now and was exposed yesterday by the Detroit Free Press.”

Communications guru said...

Is it so much to ask that you comment on the subject? Or perhaps you can't read?

The problem with hiring people to collect signatures and completed registration forms and paying them for each one is you are going to get signatures and registration forms that are false. This in no way comes close to the fraud committed by leon drolet and his crew in Rep. Andy Dillon's recall attempt. Granted, there were people just making up false signatures, but actual organizers copying them from the phone book is complete, intentional fraud.

the truth hurts said...

Records show McCain more bipartisan

Sen. John McCain's record of working with Democrats easily outstrips Sen. Barack Obama's efforts with Republicans, according to an analysis by The Washington Times of their legislative records.

Whether looking at bills they have led on or bills they have signed onto, Mr. McCain has reached across the aisle far more frequently and with more members than Mr. Obama since the latter came to the Senate in 2005.

In fact, by several measures, Mr. McCain has been more likely to team up with Democrats than with members of his own party. Democrats made up 55 percent of his political partners over the last two Congresses, including on the tough issues of campaign finance and global warming. For Mr. Obama, Republicans were only 13 percent of his co-sponsors during his time in the Senate, and he had his biggest bipartisan successes on noncontroversial measures, such as issuing a postage stamp in honor of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

With calls for change in Washington dominating the campaign, both Mr. Obama, the Democrats' presidential nominee, and Mr. McCain, his Republican opponent, have claimed the mantle of bipartisanship.

But since 2005, Mr. McCain has led as chief sponsor of 82 bills, on which he had 120 Democratic co-sponsors out of 220 total, for an average of 55 percent. He worked with Democrats on 50 of his bills, and of those, 37 times Democrats outnumber Republicans as co-sponsors.

Mr. Obama, meanwhile, sponsored 120 bills, of which Republicans co-sponsored just 26, and on only five bills did Republicans outnumber Democrats. Mr. Obama gained 522 total Democratic co-sponsors but only 75 Republicans, for an average of 13 percent of his co-sponsors.

An Obama campaign spokesman declined to comment on The Times analysis.

McCain campaign surrogate Sen. Lindsey Graham, though, said the numbers expose a difference between the two candidates.

"The number - 55 and 13 - probably shows that one has been more desirous to find common ground than the other

the truth hurts said...

Sorry forgot to paste the source of the above numbers

It was in the Washington Times today

the truth hurts said...

CNN's Roberts Refers to Democrats as 'We'
By Noel Sheppard (Bio | Archive)
September 12, 2008 - 10:09 ET

It now makes more sense why CNN's John Roberts didn't want to talk about liberal media bias with NewsBusters at the Republican National Convention last week, for while discussing the state of the presidential campaign with former Clinton administration advisor Paul Begala Friday morning, Roberts referred to Democrats as "we." [audio here]

I kid you not.

At 6:57 AM, after showing a video of Barack Obama saying, "I don't care what they say about me, but I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phony outrage and Swift Boat politics. Enough is enough," Roberts said to his guest (video embedded right, downloadable video available here, file photo):

You know, this almost looks like what happened in 2004 where the Bush campaign was very, very good at defining John Kerry in their own terms, and he was on the defensive, and he was always trying to fight back against them. Do we risk, or does the Democratic Party here risk Barack Obama becoming John Kerry II?

Do we risk?

Wow. Thanks for telling us what we already knew, John.

Watch the video at:

Communications guru said...

Again, what does that stuff have to do with the Michigan Supreme Court?

Jed said...

Agree... out off topic.

Activist Judges? Those would be LIBS. Current judges are strict constructionists... quite different.

Somehow linking "abusive, two-hour police interrogation" to the state supreme court is a stretch... even for you.

I will commend you on one thing. Your blog isn't like most typical liberal blogs where comments get deleted simply because they don't like them. What's up with that?

Communications guru said...

I have to disagree. The Gang of Four fits the very definition of Activist Judges. They have taken hundreds of years of accepted case law and changed it so it benefits corporations and government against the individual.

I never linked "abusive, two-hour police interrogation" to the Supreme Court. What I said is because of their rulings the victim will not be able to seek justice for being wronged.

I know of no liberal blogs that delete comments. I must admit I do for one person, but I don't really want to do that. He knows what he has to do to get that to stop. I was banned from the leading rightwing blog for reacting to the constant attacks and name-calling aimed at me by calling that person a name too.

Jed said...

No liberal blogs that delete comments? Try and dailykos. They have this +/- system. If someone does not like the post, they - it. I believe once it hits a certain threshold, it gets deleted.


Communications guru said...

I'm not aware of that practice at Michigan Liberal. However, I have first hand knowledge of the treatment of anyone with a different point of view at wrongmichigan.

Anonymous said...

To those readers voicing concerns that the Wendrow lawsuit will be tossed due to the immunity protection built into numerous public offices. In the case of the prosecutors that immunity can be challenged in the Federal Court. In another lawsuit blanket immunity was been successfully challenged as contrary to constitutional law.

In the case of the prosecuting attorney's team of Gorcyca, Carley and Dean all three have previously been named in lawsuits citing zealous prosecution including overt lies and ignoring judicial orders. Pleas to the Michigan Bar and Attorney Grievance Commission's Robert Agacinski to sanction Gorcyca, Carley and Dean were ignored as far back as 1999.

There is at this point significant evidence that other cases (including James Perry) were knowingly pursued with false information forming a significant majority of the charges.

It is sickening that Oakland Circuit Court has been degraded to the point the American Bar Association website includes the word bizarre to describe this trio of law professionals yet no action is to be taken against them?