Sep 7, 2008

Hathaway set to unseat the leader of the Republican majority of activist judges known as the ‘Gang of Four’

LANSING -- Democrats at the Michigan Democratic State Convention Saturday demonstrated democracy in action when they chose Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Diane Marie Hathaway as their Supreme Court nominee in a close floor vote.

Hathaway just edged out fellow Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Debra Thomas by some 200 votes, and she earned the right to run against incumbent Cliff Taylor. He leads the Republican majority of activist judges known as the “Gang of Four.” Groups like the Michigan Justice Caucus have made it a major goal to unseat Taylor

“It’s time to make a change on the Supreme Court,” said Sen. Buzz Thomas, the co-chair of the convention. “The future of our children and a free society depends on it.”

Despite the close defeat and the effort Thomas put into the race already, she was quick to endorse Hathaway.

“We both believe in fairness and justice,” she told the convention delegates. “Cliff Taylor has to go.”

Under Taylor’s leadership, the court has gutted consumer protection laws, watered down environmental protection laws and weakened individual rights. The doors of justice have been slammed shut in the face of ordinary citizens and swung wide open for insurance companies and corporations. No individual has won a case against an insurance company in more than a decade.

In May the University of Chicago Law School released a study that rated the Michigan Supreme Court dead last in effectiveness under Taylor’s leadership. The study cited a lack of judicial independence as the report’s most glaring finding, and it said the Court seems to be especially supportive of businesses.

Michigan Lawyers Weekly began an online poll shortly after Hathaway announced her intention to run, and lawyers of all stripes chose Hathaway overwhelmingly 91 to 9 percent.

“He is against everything Michigan stands for, except insurance companies,” Hathaway said. “If you see justice in the name, he really belongs in the hall of shame.”

It’s difficult to unseat an incumbent justice, and it has been estimated the Justice title can be worth up to a 30 percent edge in the vote. Taylor has been on the state Supreme Court since 1997, but he was appointed by Gov. John Engler to fill a vacant seat. He used that title to be elected in 1998.

Hathaway pointed out one of Taylor’s many conflicts of interest. His wife, Lucille Taylor, was Engler's legal counsel. She still does work for Republican Attorney General Mike Cox.

“Cliff Taylor is a walking conflict of interest, and he has got to go,” Hathaway said.

Hathaway grew up in Detroit as the daughter of a 30-year Detroit police officer. She was a Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor for six years, and she has been a circuit court judge since 1993.

Supreme Court races are on the nonpartisan part of the ballot, and many people do not continue on to that part of the ballot., In fact, it’s estimated there is a 37 percent drop off on that part of the ballot.

“You have not voted all the way, until you have voted Hathaway,” she said.


Brett said...

Gallup has McCain/Palin leading by 3 points.

Zogby has McCain/Palin up by 4 points.

USA Today has McCain/Palin up by 10 points.

MSNBC has removed Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman as anchors because MSNBC has turned "too liberal". Their new anchor will be David Gregory to give them that milder liberal look.

Communications guru said...

What does this have to do with the Michigan Supreme Court Race?

Stay on topic or don’t post. Better yet, post it on your “blog.”

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It’s pretty simple. Stay on topic or don’t post. Plus, you said you weren’t going to post here because you had no respect for me. What happened to that promise?

Brett said...

Joe Biden's daughter arrested over the weekend. His spokesman said that she would have no comment that it's a personal family matter.

Nice to know that they do believe that what happens with a candidates children shouldn't be a reflection on the candidate....although that only applies to the third most liberal in the Senate.

Sarah Palin's daughter seems to be open season with the liberals and the liberal media.

Once again, it's proven that the liberals have a double standard. In the meantime, the writer of this blog continues to tell lies. I guess it's true that a leopard can't change its' spots.

Brett said...

Oh yes, the blog writers lies. I guess I should prove it. This is what he thinks means that I'm done commenting here...

Brett said...
I only attempt debates with people I respect. Can't respect someone that puts children, women and elderly at risk. Nor one that lies and is perverted.

I reckon all of that leaves you out.

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Communications guru said...

First, what does this have to do with the Michigan Supreme Court Race? Stay on topic or go away.

Second. I answered this once before on another thread. Post it on your “blog.”

Third, the media is not liberal.

Fourth, I have never lied, and you have never proved I have. The Republican strategy of telling a lie often enough is not going to work.

Fifth, I thought you said you were done with me and would not debate someone you did not respect. Is that another lie?

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Those Republican judges love to stick it to the consumer don't they?

Republicans don't want a Democracy or a Republic. They want an oligarchy, with themselves as master.