Sep 14, 2008

Mid-Michigan military veterans back Schauer

State Sen. Mark Schauer picked up the endorsement of a group of mid-Michigan military veterans in his race for U.S. Congress from the 7th Congressional District.

According to the press release announcing the endorsement, “Veterans for Schauer" is a constituency group committed to electing Schauer. The group, co-chaired by Brigadier General Bob Secrist and U.S. Navy Submarine veteran Fred Strack, will reach out to current and former members of the armed forces and mobilize support for Schauer's campaign.

"When the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base was facing closure, Mark Schauer helped rally the community and worked with people like Carl Levin and Joe Schwarz to keep the base open," Secrist said. "Mark has a strong record of standing up for our men and women in uniform, and will be a powerful voice for veterans as a member of Congress."

This is in sharp contrast to his opponent, who voted against the expanded GI Bill. Apparently, Tim Wahlberg supports the war but not the troops. Perhaps his healthcare plan for returning veterans is the same one he prescribes for the 47 million Americans without healthcare: go to the ER.

"Mark understands the serious challenges facing Michigan veterans, and has a strong track record of fighting for military families," Strack said "When it comes to jobs, affordable healthcare and keeping people in their homes, veterans can count on Mark Schauer to stand up for our values.”


ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

As recently as August 14, overseas troops were voting with their wallet at a 6 to 1 ratio over McCain.

Anonymous said...

I'm a veteran, Republican and a big supporter of John McCain. I will however also be voting for Mark Schauer. Walberg represents the very worst in politics. He voted against funding the W.K. Kellogg Airport, but says he supported is. He has been AWOL in doing anything for Battle Creek's military. He deserves to be booted. Schauer will be more effective in his first month in office than Walberg has been in two years.

It's time to send Walberg back to his narrow minded pulpit.

Communications guru said...

That's a good news/bad news post. I am also a veteran. I'm disappointed you are a Republican and a big McCain supporter, but I'm glad to hear you're voting for Mark. I just wish you would look at McCain's record on veteran's issues, especially the new GI educational bill before you make that decision. But thank you for supporting Mark Schauer.