Jan 18, 2007

The power of the press rolls over GOP chair

Ah, the power of the press.
Just three days after a story appeared in the Midland Daily News where Michigan Republican Party Chair Saul Anuzis claimed the state GOP did not use any of the recorded computerized "robocalls” in the last election cycle that annoyed and angered so many voters Anuzis was forced to take back that fish tale.

However, the less than honest chairman did some serious tap dancing, and he claimed he “spoke too broadly,” it was a “mistake” and “too broad of a blanket statement.” How about, I lied?

Anuzis told the whopper before a friendly audience of Republicans at the annual Fourth District Republican Roundup in Clare last week, and the vigilant Communications Team at the Michigan Democratic Party quickly picked up on it, and it sent out a press release on Jan. 17 citing links and references where Anuzis not only admitted using the calls but bragged about using them.

With MDP chair Mark Brewer armed with campaign finance reports actually showing the Michigan GOP paid for the robocalls Anuzis was forced to come clean. Good job to Communications Director Jason Moon for spotting the lie.

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