Jan 21, 2007

High school students shrug off abuse to stand up for what’s right with anti-war protest

There is hope for the future in Republican-dominated Livingston County.

The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus reported on an anti-war protest by a small but hardy group of students from Pinckney Community High School.

Congratulations to junior Chris Dzombak, who organized the protest in the village square in downtown Pinckney. It takes a lot of initiative for anyone to brave the cold temperatures, let alone teens that usually have better things to do than try and change things for the better on a freezing early afternoon off from school.

They also have to have some very thick skin to take the abuse from the people who blindly follow the President’s failed Iraq policies, despite mounting evidence that proves the folly of that invasion. In fact, they are getting more vicious as the tide turns and more people realize the folly of that disaster.

The protest group got some honks of support from passing motorists, but received more than its fair share of extended middle fingers and fists clenched in anger.
"It's been kind of both ways," senior Brian Corwin said.

I can only imagine the abuse these young people took for standing up for what’s right.


Elaine said...

I hope the students keep up the educational protests. They will be the true leaders of tomorrow, since they took a stand.

Communications guru said...

Welcome to the blog, Elaine, and thanks for your comments. I’m happy to see you finally found your way here. I could not agree with you more. I hope you will continue to post your insightful comments.

Chris said...

We are planning to hold another protest today, May 2, to protest against the war and specifically Bush's veto of Congress's war spending bill.
We will meet at 3:30 PM on the sidewalk in front of the town square, along M-36, in downtown Pinckney.