Jan 26, 2007

Amway guy to set up pyramid scheme for MIGOP

LANSING – Hoping to cash in on the pyramid scheme that made the DeVos and Van Andel family billionaires, the Michigan Republican Party named defeated Republican gubernatorial nominee Dick DeVos – AKA the Amway guy - the Finance Campaign Committee vice chair, according to subscription only MIRS.

In that position, the Amway guy will lead the GOP’s fundraising operations through 2007, or at least until he follows his normal public job pattern and quits. The Amway guy conducted the most expensive gubernatorial campaign in Michigan history last November, raising a staggering record $42 million for his failed campaign. Of course, $35 million of that stash came out of his own deep pockets. He paid $26 for every vote, but it was not nearly enough to unseat Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Unfortunately, we may not have heard the last of the Amway guy, and his pockets may be deep enough to make another run at buying the governor’s chair in 2010.


bluzie said...

Oh I don't the Michigan GOP will have him run again. He was a horrible candidate.

It would be delightful to have him run again for the Dems but, it's not going to happen.

Communications guru said...

I think he will run again; rich people like him do not like not getting their way. I agree he’s a horrible candidate, but money can do strange things. He will be an even worse governor, and he will set this state back years if he is ever elected. The only saving grace is that he, like many other trust fund kids, grows easily board with things, and he will most likely not serve a full term. That’s his record to date.

bluzie said...

Well I hope he runs again, it would be fun to clean his clock, AGAIN!