Jan 5, 2007

Livco Democrats exercise their core values with donations to local community food bank

BRIGHTON - Needy people and the hungry in Livingston County will receive more than 11,300 meals in the coming weeks thanks to the efforts of the Livingston County Democratic Party and their supporters.

Party Chairman Matt Evans said Thursday that local Democrats had collected more than $700 in cash and 100 pounds of food to feed the hungry. Party officials delivered the donations to the Gleaners Community Food Bank distribution center in Brighton on December 28th.

Evans said plans are to make this effort by Democrats to remember those in need during the holiday season an annual event. Evans said compassion for those who are less fortunate is a core Democratic value, and this fund drive on behalf of Gleaners gave local Democrats a chance to put their values into action.

Gleaners is the third-oldest food bank in the United States, and it distributes 25 million pounds of good annually, equivalent to 65,000 meals per day. It is the only source of emergency food for persons in need. Gleaners officials said the food bank can convert each $1 donated into 16 meals -or 16 pounds of food - by buying food wholesale. Using the Gleaner’s formula, the $700 donated by local Democrats amounts to 11,200 meals, and the 100 pounds of donated food represent another 100 meals.


Anonymous said...

Guru, Guru, Guru...

A couple weeks ago, you ripped the county Republicans for being publicity hogs for raising money to buy toys for the Salvation Army.

Then you devote space on your blog to laud the county Democrats for doing pretty much the same thing for the food bank.

To semi-quote that guy in the McCarthy hearings: "At long last, sir, have you no shame?"

Red Or Dead said...

Guru, This is truly a noble gesture, but I fail to see how $700.00 and 100 pounds of food will equal 11,300 meals. It sounds like fuzzy math.

liberals Hate America said...

I agree with anonymous, you are a liberal hypocrite.

Communications guru said...

Who-ever-you-are, who-ever-you-are, who-ever-you-are. Here’s the difference. This is my blog, not the front page of Livingston County Daily Press & Argus that you smear as the liberal media. I am a member of the Livingston County Democratic Party. We raised more than $700 compared to just $500 by the republicans. We will do it every year, not just when we think we can get some publicity. Do you see a staged photo?
As everyone tells us, we are the minority party in the county. Unfortunately for Livingston County, our Congressman, our state Senator, our two state Representatives, our entire Board of Commissioners and all the partisan offices except two – I believe – township board members are republicans. Now tell me. How hard is it to raise $500 when you have that many republics in the county? Hell Chris Ward could have given some of that more than $10,000 the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association gave to him last year alone for trying to get a bill passed for them that rips off consumers in favor of them.
For us, $700 is a little harder to raise.

Communications guru said...

I don’t know what’s fuzzy about it. Gleaners says $1 can be converted into 16 meals. If by multiply 700 by 16 you get 11,200. What’s fuzzy about that, Mr. Communist?

Communications guru said...

Thank you, hate America. I love to be called names by you. If you did not I would know I was doing something wrong or lying, and if you don’t stoop to name-calling then I would be scared.
Hey, hate America and Communist. Why doesn’t the Livco republican party match the $700 and 100 pounds of food? If each of you gave just $1 you should be able to do it easily, and the real winners will be the food bank and the people your policies have left hungry.

republic said...

I think its great.

Does it really matter what the reason is behind why someone does a good thing?

Anonymous said...

A few points, Guru:

1. Publicity is publicity. You ripped the GOP for getting publicity for its good deeds. Then you gave publicity to the Democrats for their good deeds. That makes you a hypocrite.

2. You've been trying to tell us that there are a lot more Democrats in Livingston County than anyone knows, and now you're trying to say that there are only a handful of you, and it's a miracle you were able to raise $700. Which is it?

3. Whether they gave $500 or $500,000, why can't you just be happy that the Republicans helped out needy kids? There is plenty to criticize them for, but when you criticize them for their good deeds, it just makes you look desperate and petty.

Communications guru said...

1. You are correct. Publicity is publicity, but if you go back and read the original post, you will find I was questioning why that was front-page news in a medium you scream at the top of your lungs is liberal, and I was also surprised $500 was the best they can do. I never “ripped GOP for getting publicity for its good deeds.” I questioned why it was front-page news with a photo, and I still wonder why that is. This is my liberal blog, and as such I have no intention or obligation of being fair and balanced, and the chances are about 50/50 this could be the only publicity we get. Having you call me a hypocrite is just music to my ears, who-ever-you-are.

2. Yes, there are a lot more Democrats in Livingston County than anyone knows, but go back and read my reply to, I guess it was you, at 9:49 a.m. Then, look at the campaign finance reports of Rogers, Garcia, Ward and Hune, all county residents. How well was the food drive publicized before it happened? Did you see anything in any of the newspapers that cover Livingston County? Did you hear about it on the radio? Did you read about it on this or any other blog? For us to raise $700 is more of an accomplishment than the majority party to raising $500, and we are also have a full-time office we maintain.

3. Again, I don’t think raising $500 rates a front-page story and photo and another photo on the jump page, and I think that is what’s petty. I am happy that the GOP managed to cough of $500, but I challenge them to do better. Considering how their policies contribute to the increasing poverty in this country that’s the least they can do. You are correct, there is plenty to criticize them for, but I just find it hard to believe that you think a one-time $500 gift is a major accomplishment and one that warrants the coverage it received.

I hope the local paper picks on this annual contribution, and gives it the same coverage. If so, then I will concede the $500 one-time GOP donation was worth of the coverage it received.

hold_potus_accountable said...

The actual amount came in at over $1000.00 ... there was an additional donation made on December 29th.

More than DOUBLE the republicans effort.

Communications guru said...

Thanks for the update, hold_potus_accountable. That’s really amazing. As I’m sure you can read, I got hammered to dare publicizing this effort by our party. I’m still waiting for the alleged liberal newspaper to run the story on the front page, and I also challenged the Republicans to match what we raised. I’m still waiting for both events to happen.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Guru!

The Argus ran the story today about the Democrats donation.

We await your apology.

And I'm sure the Republicans will match your donation to the food bank just as soon as you match their donation to the Salvation Army.

Communications guru said...

You’re joking right? Apparently you can’t read very well, who-ever-you-are. You will get no apology from me because it doesn’t meet the criteria I set for an apology. This is what I said:

“I hope the local paper picks on this annual contribution, and gives it the SAME coverage. If so, then I will concede the $500 one-time GOP donation was worth of the coverage it received.”

You can’t possibly believe a two-sentence mention in a sidebar story is the same coverage as a separate front-page story with a photo and another photo on the jump page? So much for this political strategy/smear campaign abut the so-called “liberal media.”

Like I said in December, many individual Democrats donated toys to the Toys for Tots drive without any fanfare, and we will continue to do so next year.

BTW, the Argus does not exist, and it has not existed for almost seven years.

Anonymous said...


Communications guru said...

Thank you for the compliment, afraid-to-identify-yourself, but what is you basing that great rebuttal to my post on, genius?