Jan 11, 2007

Gleaners Food Bank donation coverage helps illustrate the conservative media bias

As was first reported here last week, the Livingston County Democratic Party raised more than $700 and 100 pounds of food for the Gleaners Community Food Bank distribution center in Brighton as part of an annual drive to feed the hungry. Since then a couple of things have happened. First, a late contribution put that total at $1,000, and I got hammered and called a hypocrite because last month I called out both the local newspaper and the local Republican Party over a $500 donation for Toys to Tots.

The fact that the majority party in Livingston County that holds the Congressional seat, the state Senate seat, the two state House seats, all the nine Board of Commissioner seats and control of all 16 of the township boards in the county can only raise $500 after the campaign season just a month ago where their candidate for governor spent a record $42.5 million to buy the seat seems a bit cheap to me.

Rep. Chris Ward could have given some of that more than $10,000 the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association gave to him last year alone for trying to get a bill passed for them that rips off consumers and local wineries that favors the association. He could have directed a fraction of that money to the cause.

However, what really raised my ire was the coverage the donation received. The story received front-page coverage in the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus with a front-page photo and another photo on the inside jump page. This after all we hear from them is their smear campaign disguised as a political strategy called the “liberal media bias” myth.

I told commentators here that if the donation that the party I am a member of gets the same or similar coverage from the newspaper I would apologize. Luckily, that will not happen now. Here’s what we got. A mention in a sidebar to a story on the inside of the newspaper is the coverage it received.

Also, the Livingston County Democratic Party gave $700 in cash and 100 pounds of food this month. Democratic officials said the donation will become an annual event.

The constant cries of “liberal media bias” lie in an era when almost every newspaper in America is owned by a huge corporation has swung the pendulum to the right so far it’s ridiculous. This is a perfect example.

In today’s edition, the OP-ED page featured an editorial on the main story about the Gleaners food drive. Jack Berry, a county resident and co-founder of the Pet Supplies Plus pet store, organized a food drive for the food bank. It’s an admirable job by Mr. Berry. He paid for a fundraising campaign that inserted pre-addressed envelopes into the newspaper to send to the food bank.

Now, I’m sure I’m going to be called cynical, a hypocrite and lots of other names for bringing this up, but one of the biggest benefactors of that campaign is the newspaper, unless they waived the insertion fee. I don’t know if that’s the case.


Anonymous said...

The Guru's Ten Dumbest Beliefs...

3. If something is on page 3 of the newspaper, it's not really in the newspaper.

We'll be up to 10 in no time!

Communications guru said...

How did you reach that idiotic conclusion and misrepresentation of my position, afraid-to-identify-yourself? Are you honestly telling me you believe the two stories got equal play? Do you honestly believe the “liberal media” bias lie after this?
I know why you don’t have the courage to pick an identifying screen name with idiotic posts like that, you’re an imbecile. I know I’m stooping to your level by name calling instead of trying to refute what is written, but I know it does not matter with you because you’re just too stupid to make a real case for you positions.