Jan 17, 2007

The Michigan Democratic Party points out Anuzis' whopper of a lie on robocalls

The Michigan Democratic Party called out Saul Anuzis, chair of the Michigan Republican Party, on the lie that the state GOP did not use any of the recorded, computerized "robocalls” in the last election cycle that annoyed and angered so many voters.

Anuzis told the whopper before a friendly audience of Republicans at annual Fourth District Republican Roundup in Clare last week, according to a Jan. 17 press release by the MDP. Unfortunately for Anuzis, there was also a reporter from the Midland Daily News in attendance at the friendly pep rally.

Now, I know he’s lying because I actually received some of the calls from them. But, of coursed, I don’t expect anyone to believe me or the party, so the MPD provided sources and links to the instances where he admitted using robocalls. I checked them out, even the MIRS example, and the quote is in a story about the Michigan Youth Correctional Facility (MYCF) in Baldwin, “In the meantime, Michigan Republican Party (MRP) Chairman Saul ANUZIS is making robo-calls into the area that slam Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM for closing the MYCF in the first place.”

It doesn’t surprise me at all that he lied, nor does it bother a whole lot. We have all come to expect that. What really caught my eye in the Midland Daily News story was a blurb that said his “Blog” “gets 300 to 500 hits a day.”

My first question is how can you call that a blog? Three’s no mechanism in place for feedback or comments, so in my book it’s not a blog. Stop calling it a blog, or allow comments.

You should be able to let people say, “hey, Communications Guru, You’re an idiot,” and believe me, running a liberal blog in Republican-dominated Livingston County I have been called that and a whole lot worse. You should be able to defend what you write, or don’t bother writing it. I try to respond to everyone who posts, no matter how vile, and I enjoy defending my position and hearing other viewpoints.

It doesn’t even bother me that much to be insulted, although I did take offense to a recent commenter on a rightwing blog where I was called a “gutless, spineless, little anti-war pussy” who is responsible for troops dying in Iraq, and he used my real name. It led to one of the most embarrassing situations in my life.

But that’s another story, and I will relate it soon when my embarrassment subsides a bit.

That’s all, folks.

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