Aug 20, 2008

Share history with fellow Democrats at convention watch party

Next Thursday will be an historic night when Sen. Barack Obama will accept the nomination of the Democratic Party for President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on his way to becoming the first African-American president.

American will be glued to their TV sets to view history, and Livingston County Democrats will have the opportunity to share the moment with fellow Democrats. The Barack Obama Campaign for Change is inviting Obama supporters to gather at Memories Lounge and Restaurant, at 7 p.m. August 28 to watch Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Livingston County Democratic Party Chair Judy Daubenmier said Memories will have two large-screen televisions set up for people to watch the convention proceedings. Also, Obama field organizers will be on hand to speak as well. Memories also has a bar and full restaurant menu.

Memories is located at 1840 S. Old U.S. 23, in Brighton Township. Reservations are not necessary, but the party wants to give Memories an estimate of the attendance. To RSVP call (810) 229-4212 or email at


Brett said...

Don't count your chickens before they hatch. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Clintons pull something to try to wrestle the nomination from Barack Hussein Obama. Now THAT would be historic.

Other than that, I don't see anything historic about his nomination. Another liberal Democrat running for President. Now just how is that historic?

After Obama's gaffs with the Russia/Georgia situation, and his whining about wanting McCain to give credibility to Obama by stating that Obama is a patriot, and Obama's poor performance at Saddleback, I'm looking forward to Obama's citizen of the world part 2speech to see how it falls apart on him.

It's looking more and more like McCain is going to win. While that doesn't comfort me, it's a much better sight than an ultra liberal somehow winning the election.

Good thing that Memories will have drinks. The liberals in Livingston County can get loaded and say what they think they heard rather than hear Obama say nothing of substance.

By the way, I enjoyed the line in your piece that said "American will be glued to their TV set...". I'm anxious to find out which American will be glued to his TV set.


ka_Dargo said...

Yet another post illustrating his name instead of his positions.

YOU are truly WEAK, Brett.

Also, we shouldn't forget about McCain's Georgian relationship. Just an FYI to the purposefully ignorant among us.

Communications guru said...

So wrong again. Anyone who has delegates has the right to put their name into nomination; nothing historic there. Dark horse nominations have been made at conventions in the past; nothing historic there. Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. That’s historic.

If you don’t see anything historic about the first African-American U.S. President I can’t help you. Now, I have seen some racist BS floating around the internet saying Obama is the third or fourth black president or some other claptrap. Of all the Obama smears that hot in boxes everyday this has to be the most ridiculous.

I have seen no gaffs from Obama on the “Russia/Georgia situation,” but the most appalling thing about that situation is that Grampy McSame’s chief foreign policy advisor is a lobbyist for Georgia. That speaks volumes about McSame. I don’t really know much about this Saddleback stuff, nor do I care.

In most of the polls Obama is winning, and I am confident he will be the next president. The only real question is how big will the margin be. This country cannot afford another Bush term. Obama is not ultra anything.

You should watch an Obama speech; there’s no senior moments, nor does the press cover up or edit out gaffs for him like they do for Grampy.

What Americans will be glued to her TV sets? The majority.

As for ka_Dargo. I hope you attend, and I look forward to meeting you. My wife and I will be attending. This has been great for us. My wife was raised as a Republican. In fact, her father was once the chair of the Livingston County Republican Party, but she is firmly behind Obama. We should have our picture taken together to show we are not the same person.

ka_Dargo said...

He's a true believer. If I attended and we took a photo, he would claim one of us was a double.

Besides, we have nothing to prove to him.

Communications guru said...

Again, you are correct, but I still look forward to meeting you anyway. Heck, we may already know each other.

liberalshateusa said...

This is what his chosen running mate(Biden) has to say about his could be boss.Maybe McCain should have picked him

Communications guru said...

I didn’t bother to read it, but thanks for posting. What your opponent in a primary race says needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Plus, since then, Obama has demonstrated why he will be the next President. That’s why he won the primary.

How about not duplicating posts, hate America?

No, Grampy McSame needs someone younger. Paris Hilton is a good choice for him. It will give us some comic relief because it does not matter who he chooses. Plus, she has a better energy plan than he does, and she is a y9nger version of Cindy McSame, minus the drug problem, of course.