Aug 13, 2008

McCain expected to name Paris Hilton as his running mate

An unnamed source close to the McCain campaign, who wants to remain anonymous, has confirmed McCain plans to announce Paris Hilton will be his running mate in the next couple of days.

The source said the heiress brought so many things to the table she was the obvious choice. Her energy plan, that mirrors Sen. Barrack Obama’s plan, was one major reason for the choice.

“Who knew she knew so much about energy,” said the unnamed source. “Now, we can call Obama’s commons sense plan our own.”

Hilton also adds some much needed youth to a ticket that has caused many people some concerns, especially recently. McCain would be the oldest U.S. president if elected. To be elected president, the U.S. Constitution says you must be at least 35 years old, but there is no such requirement for vice-president.

Hilton is also a favorite of Cindy McCain, saying Hilton reminds herself of her when she was younger. Hilton, like Cindy McCain, is a rich heiress who has never had to work a day in her life. They also share a brush with the law and an addiction.

The cash-strapped McCain campaign is also welcoming with open arms the influx of cash the Hilton candidacy will bring.

To quote Hilton in the now famous video - no, not that one - that won her the spot: “See you at the debates, bitches.


liberalshateusa said...

And Omama is naming Carl Marx

Communications guru said...

Wow, hate America; is that your lame attempt at humor and insult? Sure, the VP choice is a non-citizen who has been dead for 125 years. You should crawl back under your rock until you can do better, if possible. I think Paris Hilton is a good pick for Grampy McSame.