Aug 26, 2008

The good news keeps on coming for the Schauer campaign

State Sen. Mark Schauer's, D-Battle Creek, campaign for the 7th U.S. Congressional district against Tim Walberg received some good news yesterday.

A new poll released by EPIC-MRA for Detroit News/WXYZ puts the race between the Senate Minority Leader and Walberg is a statistical dead heat. The independent poll released Monday showed a statistical dead heat with Schauer at 40 percent and Walberg at 43 percent, well within the 4.9 percent margin of error.

"This poll reflects the momentum we've been seeing on the ground for the past several months," said B.J. Neidhardt, Campaign Manager for Mark Schauer's campaign, in a press release. "People simply aren't buying what Tim Walberg is selling, and Mark has the message and the momentum to win this race in November."

It's always a question on how much endorsements help in any race, but the endorsement of former Republican state Representative Paul DeWeese demonstrates Schauer's ability to win over Republicans, something he has also demonstrated in winning his West Michigan Senate seat. DeWeese, am emergency room physician, also ran for the very same seat in the 2004 primary. Voters in Livingston County will remember DeWeese from when he represented the western half of Livingston County in the 67th District in 2000 before the GOP gerrymandering.

"The people of Mid-Michigan are ready for change, and Mark Schauer is exactly the kind of leader we need right now to make this state more competitive," DeWeese said in a statement. "Unlike his opponent, Mark would never vote against healthcare for kids, and he would never tell his constituents that people without health insurance should seek basic treatment in the emergency room. You don't have to be an ER doctor to understand that this only drives up costs for everyone else in the system. The 7th district deserves a Congressman who will fight to fix our broken healthcare system, and Mark is the best man for the job."

People are also putting their money where their vote is, and in the second quarter, according to subscription only Gongwer, Schauer's campaign out-raised "incumbent Walberg for the fourth straight filing period, bringing in more than $427,000. Over the course of the campaign, Schauer has brought in more than $1.33 million and raised more than Walberg's total contributions for the entire 2006 election cycle.


Tim said...

I just don't trust Schauer.

Communications guru said...

Why is that? I disagree. His former role as the executive director of the Community Action Agency of South Central Michigan and coordinator for the Calhoun County Human Services Coordinating Council make him a strong advocate for children and families; don't you agree?

Republican Michigander said...

DeWeese is a nice guy, but a big spender. Schauer is a big spender and raised taxes to go with it.

Not to mention a weasel.


Communications guru said...

Your boy Walberg says Sadam financed 9/11 and tells the 47 million people without health care to go to the ER if they need treatment, and Mark is a weasel? Please. DeWeese, the ER doctor and Republican, knows what he’s doing when he endorses Schauer. As for spending, those appropriations bills have Republican votes too.

I agree wit your last statement, GO WALBERG!! Go home to Tipton.

Henry said...

Schauer does not support bills that support parents and children.

Communications guru said...

And you're basing that lie on what, Henry? It seems to me your just promotion your blog. And if House Bill 4564 is "a very popular shared parenting bill," like you claim, then why is it still in committee and why among the 22 sponsors and co-sponsors there is only one a Democrat, and a conservative Democrat at that?

This bill has never left the House, so he has not voted on it. Plus, no one in the House has even voted on your alleged "very popular shared parenting bill." Give me a break with your false propaganda.