Aug 22, 2008

Republicans cancel Senate session

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, canceled the tentative session day set for next Wednesday Aug. 27.

The Governor hoped the Senate would get off its duff and take up the legislation dealing with utility regulation and the use of renewable energy so the House could at least begin action on the final package, but that did not happen. The energy bills are in a joint House-Senate conference committee to iron out the differences between the two versions.

The Senate continues its summer vacation while some 15 House Republicans are copying their fellow minority U.S. House Republicans in Washington, D.C. with their juvenile stunt to try calling the House back into session.

Earlier this month, the state House Republicans held a press conference to urge the Democrats to call the House back into session from their summer break and accuse them of vacationing while the state suffers. This lame campaign stunt ignores the fact that the Republican controlled Senate is on the same vacation, and all 110 House members are up for election.

Both the House and Senate will return to session on Sept. 9.

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